May 8, 2020

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Not Selling Enough?

Not Selling


How Would You Like To

Increase YOUR Sales By 88.2%

Increase The Number of Actions Visitors to YOUR Site Take By 84.6%

(like signing up to your list, giving you a call or buying through your link!)

Decrease the Bounce Rate on YOUR Site by 25.6%, and

Kick Panda In The Nuts!

All In 4 Simple Steps & Without Any ‘Tricks’?

Listen, the gurus keep telling you:

“Hey, it’s easy! If you want to get

  • hoardes of of visitors,
  • tons of FBlikes,
  • masses of “real” backlinks and
  • torrents of cash in your account …

then “all” you have to do it

Put Out Real High Quality Content

your visitors devour, share with all their friends, bookmark like hell and backlink to like it’s going out of fashion …

Look, of course – on the one hand – the gurus are right:

these days with all the information available and all the competition out there, if you don’t immediately engage a visitor to your website, more likely than not, they’ll hit the backbutton (and bypass the popup) faster than you can say “bouncerate” and take their business elsewhere.


  • No Sales
  • No Calls & No Referrals
  • No Social Bookmarks
  • No Backlinks
  • No Time On Site
  • and A High Freaking Bounce Rate.

Exactly what the Google Slap-Bots are busy sniffing out right now!

“Well, thank you Mr Guru for that great piece of advice, but …”

… if it were that easy to create these magical lead/backlink/money-magnets, you’d freakin’ be doing it, right?

Let me put it this way:

most people know they *should* engage visitors and have an incentive, give visitors a reason to take action …

… but for someone new to this whole Internet Marketing game, it’s just not that obvious how to create an engaging killer incentive, a lead-gen piece that gets people signing up to your list, freely sharing the good news with others, happily accepting YOU as a trustworthy source of information, right?

In other words, the question I keep getting over and over again:

How The Heck Do You Actually Build a Killer Lead-Gen Piece ???

Where Do I Start?

Well, how about with

The Engage & Incentivize Blueprint

Here’s what I’ve got for you today:

The Engage & Incentivize Blueprint is a short course on how to

  • quickly and easily create killer lead-gen pieces your human visitors lap up and that
  • makes them take the action YOU want them to take!
  • whilst making Panda a happy clappy teddy!

In less than 2 hours from now, you can have a killer lead-gen piece up on your site to increase signups, the number of people who call you, boost your sales & referrals and get all those lovely signals the Google bot likes to see!

The Engage & Incentivize Blueprint consists of 4 Modules

Module 1 – blah

Module 2 – reputation mgmt pre-sales, evil sales-psychology

Module 3 – blurh

Module 4 – yikes

What Sort Of Results Can I Expect?

[alright, time for a big FTC pleasing disclaimer: I'm not making any income claims, I'm only suggesting that if you follow this blueprint, you're very likely to increase the engagement of your visitors which may (or may not) lead to increased conversions!]

Here’s an example of a real application where I’ve recently implemented the Engage & Incentivize Blueprint.

The niche is the “yeast infection” niche and the product I’m promoting is Linda Allen’s “Yeast Infection No More” (incidentally, she is fabulous to work with and she really cares about getting great outcomes for her customers and her affiliates!). If you’ve promoted her product, you’ll know that her Clickbank ID is ‘index7′, which you’ll see in the screenshots below.

Before Using The Engage & Incentivize Approach

So, before I used the Engage & Incentivize Blueprint on one site, in the last 3 weeks of February, this site had 246 hops with an average earning per hop of $0.88. (the first week of February I did a PPV experiment which did NOT work at all, so the stats are totally screwed for the first week) During this period, the site had an 82% bounce rate (ouch, NOT good in the eyes of Panda) and visitors took on average 1.3 actions.

After Using The Engage & Incentivize Approach

Then, beginning of March, I implememented the Engage & Incentivize Blueprint, and in the first 3 weeks of March I had about the same number of hops (240), with an average earning per hop of $1.74. That’s right, the ONLY thing that changed was the engage & incentivize piece on the site, and the earnings per hop went up by 88.2%

Not bad for 2 hours of work, right?

Over the same time, the bounce rate went down by over 25% to about 60%, and it’s now hovering at a steady 50%!!!

Now that’s MUCH better in the eyes of Google, and I didn’t even need to use any “tricks” to achieve it.

What’s more, the number of actions went up to now a steady 2.4 action per visit, one of which I’m happy to report is signing up to the newsletter.

Say What?

People are giving out their REAL email addresses in an ‘embarrassing problems’ niche?

Yep, they are! And I know this because I’ve actually got people sending me emails, thanking me for the information in the report and asking for further advice!

Alright, But Is This Going To Work Outside The Embarrassing Problems Niches?

Glad you asked!

Turns out I learned and applied the engage & incentivize approach in the real world of selling first and I’ve applied it in both “offline” and “online” settings.

In fact, I wasn’t sure this was going to do anything in the yeast infection niche, because I *thought* nobody would give me their email address. Turns out I was wrong, which goes to show how powerful this approach is!

So, this does work in pretty much any market where people are looking for information!

Who Is It For?

Pretty much anyone who’s got traffic but it’s not converting as well as it could.

Ok, let me be a little more specific:

If you’ve got traffic where you’d like to

  • do some sort of preselling (without having to resort to made-up “buuhuu, I’m just like you, I used to be 3 feet short with sweaty feet, halotosis and acne on my dingli-dong, but look at me now…” nonsense) and/or
  • establish yourself as a trustworthy expert and authority on the subject

then the Engage & Incentivize Blueprint is perfect for you:

  • You started curating sites and not sure what to do with the traffic that’s now pouring in for all kinds of keywords? Engage & Incentivize them!
  • Want to sell your own product? Do your own “reputation management” by blowing them away with a killer engage & incentivize piece!
  • Want “local clients” to call you, instead of you calling them? Set yourself apart from the sharks who are all fighting over the ‘seo-scraps’ and become the go-to expert who gets business through referrals.
  • Want to sell affiliate products? Engage & Incentivize them! They’ll trust YOU as an authority & follow YOUR advice!
  • This even works like a charm for Adsense or Amazon sites! Instead of plastering your Adsense all over the place (making it an obvious take-down target for the Slap-bots), you engage & incentivize them, and THEN send them to a sequence of pages on your site, each optimized for super-high CPC keywords!

Most Important Question Of All: Is This For Newbies?

Absolutely, positively YES.

I created this course specifically for beginner/intermediate Internet marketers who want to quickly understand

  • the basic principles of what motivates people to say “YES” (over and over again), and
  • how to present content so it appeals to anybody (who is a realistic prospect)

without having to have a PhD in sales-psychology, years of experience as a sales-person and – most importantly – an endless supply of time to go through the material just to find out there’s yet another obstacle that stops them dead in their tracks.

This is a – as stripped down as possible – step-by-step guide, no fluff, no filler.

Go through the short modules on ‘WHY’ this stuff works and HOW you apply it in practice, then it’s time for the WHAT: actually doing it! Fill in the blanks and you’ll have a killer lead-gen and traffic piece in a VERY SHORT time!

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What You Need To Do Now:

Take Action Now, Urgency


The technical bits.


Guarantee 30 day money back guarantee

Take Action Now

All the best


PS:I guess I left the best for the end:

so far I’ve talked about the “lead-gen” part which helps you convert visitors to your site from “maybe’s” to definite “YES’s”.

Here’s something I haven’t told you yet:

The engage & incentivize pieces you’re creating are not only “conversion” pieces, but also

Outstanding TRAFFIC Pieces!

You can (and should) place these little gems all over the web (think press-releases,  PDF, video, forums, guest-blogging,…) to drive traffic that does NOT rely on Google!

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Which btw, is a double-whammy into Panda’s private parts:

It’s been said that when you don’t need Google’s traffic, then you get the #1 spot! That’s right!

Google rewards you for getting traffic from other sources! And this is just the type of content people love, so they’ll follow the links to your site. And that’s what they call “leverage”, this is the best use of your time:

Create Once, Deploy Over and Over Again!

Go check it out now whilst it’s still dirt-cheap:

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