May 12, 2020

Wii Fit Bundle with and without Nintendo Wii Console

We show a wide variety of Pre-Built Nintendo Wii Fit Bundles as well as individual Nintendo components that you can use to make your own custom Wii Fit Bundle. Please click on the most relevant category below based on your specific needs and a new window will open up showing you more options.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but there are still some deals that are pretty decent.


As we have seen in the last couple of years, prices of Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Boards, Wii Consoles and Nintendo Wii Bundles sky rocket after Christmas (if they are in stock at all). Therefore it's highly advised that you grab the special prizes before they vanish into thin air!

You NEED to GRAB them if the Deals are still LIVE!

Here are some other hot pre-built Wii Fit Bundles available

As you will agree, the pre-built bundles are much more expensive than when you purchase individual components.



5-in-1, 6-in-1 and 7-in-1 Wii Bundles w/o Console However, if you are looking for Nintendo Wii Fit Bundles without the Nintendo Wii Console, we have a bunch of them listed on a different page of our site.


Thank you for visiting our website Wii Fit Bundle. Before talking about Wii Fit Bundles, let's talk a little bit about Nintendo Wii in general.

As you may be already aware of, Nintendo Wii was the hottest selling game last Christmas. Its sales beat the previous record also set by a video gaming console from Nintendo, the Nintendo DS. There is absolutely no doubt that Nintendo Wii Fit is extremely popular in the USA and world over among people of all ages.

If you are completely new to Nintendo Wii, then you cannot start to play without buying a Nintendo Wii Console. This is the most expensive piece of equipment. Together with the Wii Console and Wii remote controller you will be off to playing Wii Games in no time. However if you want to play Wii Fit Games, then you need to get yourself a Wii Fit balance Board also.

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If you already have a Nintendo Wii Console and you want to start on Wii Fit, then you only need to get a Wii Fit Balance Board to get you started. However, if you don't have a Wii console and want to join the 'Wii Fit' club, you have the option of either picking individual components or buying a whole Wii Fit Bundle.

Nintendo Wii Fit Bundles come in all shapes and sizes. For example, a basic or starter Wii Fit Bundle may only have the balance board and the console whereas the most sophisticated Wii Fit Bundle can have many additional components. We cover various types of Wii Fit Bundles from the different online stores mentioned above.

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We have typically seen that Amazon offers the best price for Wii Fit Balance Boards and Wii Consoles while DDRGame offers the widest variety of Wii Fit Bundles. Amazon and Walmart also offer a basic type of a Wii Fit Bundle, but we have also seen that these Wii bundles tend to go out of stock not too long after they become 'in stock'. This is especially true with regard to, and at the time of writing this post. The great thing about is that almost always you can find a Free Shipping deal.

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