May 12, 2020

What Asian Countries to Choose for Your Honeymoon Trip ?

Asia is a very special for us . Impossible not to feel disoriented, and in any country. Asia is the landscape of dreams: the paradisiacal beaches of Thailand, the volcanoes of Indonesia, the temples of Angkor or Bagan, the high peaks of Nepal, rice paddies of northern Vietnam, karst rocks in Laos … and we could still continue this list for a long time … Every country has given us unforgettable places.

In Asia, tourism is one of the most important sources of revenue. Not always easy to find genuine small corners and often we feel that it is writ large “MONEY” on our forehead. Between children who beg, multiply the price by 10 when we see our head white tuk-tuk t ‘”host” to exit the bus, vendors necklaces, postcards and souvenirs of all genre, the nerves are severely tested, but often with a smile.What is certain is that Asia remains a continent super affordable and it is easy to afford a nice trip for a reasonable price. No wonder, for then, many choose as a destination for their honeymoon, one of those countries.

And you wonder if there is one that is preferred or we advise you for your honeymoon?

Well no. Sorry to disappoint you but not for us to tell you which is the country that we were most marked or that best suit a honeymoon. Each country has its own characteristics and offered a special experience. It all depends on your needs and your desires …

So here’s what we advise you if:

You want to dream beaches: Take in the south of Thailand, of course! If you fancy a little wild island and not breath through tourism, Koh Yao Yai is perfect. But there are plenty more! Otherwise, Indonesia with all its islands is also a destination of choice for beaches. Us, we had a heart for Gili Air.

You are athletes and want to move (some) your butt for your honeymoon: For major sports, trekking and rafting in Nepal is a must. Indonesia with its many volcanoes not offer a lot of opportunities (in addition, you can easily finish your trip in relaxation mode on a paradise island!). Otherwise, in every country, it is always possible to go on a trip or several days. Thus we walked two days in the Cambodian jungle and we went three days / two nights to trek to Inle Lake in Myanmar. In northern Thailand, there are also means to do a lot of activities like rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, ..

You feel like eating: Vacations are good blowouts for you? You will enjoy some Asian countries. Go to Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia for the best food, and why not take a course or two? Vietnam, also some culinary specialties test.

You want to feel alone in the world: Hop on a bike and go to Laos, the least tourist country where you went. Overall, the bike allows venturing into places where few people do go, even in the most visited countries.

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You do not have a big budget but still want to indulge yourself: go to Laos and Cambodia, the two least expensive we visited destinations. With a small budget, we were well housed, well fed, and you could even afford regular massages! And really if you want to idyllic beaches, it’s easy to combine your stay with a week in the Thai islands.


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