May 12, 2020

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While the steam mop market is full of contenders, Haan’s steam mop is a market leader. It would be surprising if you have not heard of Haan, as it an extremely popular brand name and a best-selling brand. This article will review the features of this product line that helps make it such a great choice.

This is environmentally friendly cleaning at its finest. One of the best advantages is the lightweight design, weighing only three pounds. The Haan steam mop is easy to use. The steam mop cleans without chemicals, removes dirt, kills 99.9% of dust mites and bacteria such as e-Coli and salmonella, and has significant advantages. If conservation of power matters to you, you will be happy to know that it only needs 800 watts and heats the water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of three minutes. You can expect 20 minutes of use before needing to refill it with more water.

Don’t let the weight of this mop fool you as it is fully loaded with features. It cleans more than floors. By using the attachment, you can clean all parts of your home, including carpets, kitchen counters, drapes, mattresses… Well you get the picture.. There are steam mops with one steam jet and there are steam mops with more. Haan actually has 15 steam jets to ensure you get the job done right the first time. A telescopic handle makes for easy storage and the power cord is plenty long enough for almost any application at nineteen foot eight inches.

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The S shape helps you to propel the mop with ease and you don’t have to worry about the trigger as you do with other products on the market. Just glide it over the surface and watch the grime vanish before you. The manual was written well and is extremely easy to follow and it goes without saying that Haan has a great reputation and a history in the steam cleaning industry. With the steam mop, you will receive the following items: A sanitizing tray, a resting mat, two multi-layer microfiber pads and a filling cup.

Haan designed the pads to provide less friction. The microfiber pads are actually two layers thick, yet will dry quickly after you have completed the job. Velcro is used to attach the pads to the steam mop. With this mop, you can clean your home without chemicals and feel confident that it has a lot less germs living in it!

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As with any product you are looking to buy, it is always a good idea to shop around a bit. The Internet provides you with a great tool. You can find many people’s prices within minutes, so it is a great time saver. In fact, you may even be able to locate a deal with free shipping if you give it a try. Mop heads and accessories are often times less expensive when you buy them online. We built our Site to help you find a great deal on the Haan Steam mops. You will see several links to advertisers selling the product on the Website. Our goal is to help you save time searching.

Domestic goddesses, have a look at our website for complete details about the advantages of using a Haan steam mop, now. You can also find more information about the Haan steam cleaner, today.. This article, The Haan Steam Mop Is Your Cleansing Technique has free reprint rights.

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