May 12, 2020

TweetMeme Introduction – how your business can benefit from it

If you have not collaborated with social networking sites to promote your business then, it is high time you do so. Marketers are singing praises and now it is your chance to know how you can leverage the advantages of taking your business to the social networking groups. You must have heard about twitter creating a rave in the networking circuit. Everyone you know is tweeting and everyone you don’t know is also tweeting. The twitter is a world within its own and every business, every person and every entity that plays a role online wants a share in this world. TweetMeme which is an offshoot of the site displays the most talked about tweets in the twitter world. So basically TweetMeme tells you about what is hot on twitter. How does this help you as a marketer? Simple, if your content features on TweetMeme people will know that you are making news for the right reasons.

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Social networking has given marketers a lot to think about and some platforms like TweetMeme have added to the functionality marketers can achieve through networking services. For any business, the process of building a brand begins with the attempt to create awareness. Advertising on the internet making use of various channels helps but very soon the impact created by the ad fades off. What happens in conventional means of promotion is that a browser comes across your message and then goes back to his business unless the ad has something interesting to offer in terms of fulfilling his need. When this happens, the chances of your ad getting noticed become very weak, instead if you use social networking media to convey the same message, you connect with your target audience at a more personal level. Through blogs you create curiosity, address the consumers’ queries, collaborate with your partners and in the process reach out to more people. By installing the TweetMeme button on your website you can actually share your blog’s content and this way you can generate interest among your target group.

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One of the many marketing objectives that online marketers wish to achieve is to increase traffic and sustain it. When your blog goes viral using the TweetMeme services people who take interest in your content can actually comment on your blog. This will not only help increase awareness through increase in traffic but will also give you a chance to know what your prospective customers think about your products and services. And the search option enables you to track your performance and know where you stand in the race. This happens in real time and gives you the scope to rework on your marketing strategies so that you take control of the situation before it goes out of your hand. One of the most pronounced reasons for the growing popularity of social networking platforms like TweetMeme is that it costs you nothing. You just have to invest in the basic marketing setup and you are all set to launch yourself.

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