March 25, 2020

This is My Brain on Overload

Oh man. My brain is oozing out my ears today.

Please let me know if you ever feel this way because lately I think everyone seems to manage their lives and their families sooooo much better than I can.

Here’s what’s rattling around in my brain:

The LOML’s birthday is tomorrow. On the agenda: homemade lasagna (his favorite) for dinner followed by going to see Megamind. We have a free ticket around here somewhere…where did I put that?

Shop for the LOML’s birthday. Hopefully without kids in tow because that is just miserable. Therefore, shopping needs to take place from 9:00 -11:45. Most stores open at 10:00. This leaves a short window for shopping. This window is also occupied by getting work done while the kids are in school. I need a picture window of time and only have a tiny bathroom window of time. Not good. This likely means shopping with kids. Oh, no.

I carpool today. This means I have to pick up two more kids besides my own and bring them home.

My other friend is picking up M3 from school so he can go play at their house.

I will call this friend at around 2:00 to check the mood meter on M3. If he is all good, he can stay. If not, he will need to be picked up before I get the other kids at school. Bless my friend for taking him today because of the other thing in my brain:

I have to bring (make it first, mind you) a soup for the teacher luncheon tomorrow. I was told this. Not asked if I could. I was told this was my assignment for the luncheon. Don’t get me started.

I have to shop for the food for the soup and the lasagna. (See paragraph above about shopping with all three boys in tow.)

Tomorrow M1 is getting an award at school. This takes away more of the shopping window time because the awards assembly is at…wait for it… 10:45. (Of course it is.) Which means my shopping window has now shrunk to the size of a window in a bathroom on a cruise ship. (Really small.)

I have work to do. Work that I actually get paid for and people are counting on me to get it done.

I messed up an email communication so badly about a progressive dinner in my neighborhood and I had no idea if we were talking about a Friday night in December or a Saturday night in November. And I get paid to communicate with people. Grrrrrreeeeaaaaaat. My friends are patient and tolerant. And they make me laugh. At myself. Bonus!

I completely forgot about M3 going over to the friend’s house today until I got a text from my friend asking if I remembered and told M3 he was getting picked up by her today. (She’s awesome and understands brain ooze. This is why we are friends.) I am heading over to his school to let him know he will be going home with the friend. Right before I get to the shopping.

M2 has soccer practice today. Remember to bring $10.00 to pay for the trophies. (This means I have to remember to get cash in the first place and not just a $20.00 from the ATM, but a break-out of $10.00. Maybe I can remember to get cash back when I go shopping for the lasagna and soup ingredients. Right. Like that will happen.)

Talk (discreetly) to the other parents at soccer practice about a gift for the coach that I’m in charge of getting and organizing. (I know…I know.)

Go to the meeting at school tonight for the fundraiser at M1 and M2′s school.

And now I’m writing this blog post instead of getting it all done. But I had to do this. I’m hoping it will Stop The Insanity.

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I’m wondering what would happen if I used more than the 10% that humans use of their brains. Would I just have more to ooze or would I be able to filter and sort through all this stuff? Who knows.

I’m also wondering if I’m all alone in this feeling. Please humor me. Tell me I’m not alone. Or tell me what works for you to keep all this stuff together in a nice, neat stream of events in your brain instead of this big heap that lives in mine.

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You can go ahead and tell me that maybe I should work to get these things done sooner and you’re right. But then I will remind you that Halloween was four days ago. That’s a bit time-consuming for this family. And then there’s the part about when I get things done early (like shopping) and then can’t find what I bought. And I end up looking for the things I bought which takes two hours which then totally defeats the purpose of trying to save time by buying things early.


Now I’m going to hit publish and as soon as I do I’ll remember something else that I’m desperately trying hard not to forget….

Oh wait…did I mention my house is a mess and I need to do laundry? I figured that would just be assumed.

Thanks for listening. I feel so much better now.


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