May 12, 2020

They Died From Cancer After Following All The Doctors Suggested

I am sure many of you, like me, have been shook up just a little by the passing of Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, at the ripe old age of 56. Now, I never met this man, but he did make a major contribution to the technologies we use today. One could say he totally changed our way of life with his innovative ideas.

I was shown a speech he made at Stanford University where he makes some inspirational points, one of them is about living each day as if it were your last and daring to dream. During the speech he mentioned pancreatic cancer, and that he had beaten it through an operation. This is what he died from!

Gavin Larking is an Australian, and while not on the same scale as Mr Jobs, has done amazing things with his life. A high flying Advertising Executive, he single handedly set up an annual event called, “Are U OK day”. He rub shoulders with celebrities and many of the wealthy people in Australia. He was subject of Australian story only two weeks before he died. He was 42.

Best Of Medical Care

The story of Gavin Larkin detailed his battle against cancer. He always thought he would beat it, and has an iron cast will. He followed the Doctor’s advice starting with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, then stem cell transplant, bone marrow replacement and finally palliative care. One would assume that with his money, Steve Jobs would have access to every available medical option.

My own father in law went through a similar sequence to Gavin Larkin, and in the end told me that palliative care was not pain relief, but torture.

I know that Doctor’s do the best they can. My Tennis partner is head of the Respiratory unit at the local hospital. He is a caring man and always telling the smokers they should be nice to him, because one day they will turn up on his watch! The question is, are they open to anything other than the proven medical route? In most cases the answer is no! This guy will not even look at anything that doesn’t have a bit pile of double blind studies published in medical journals on effects on specific conditions.

My Medical Experience

When our daughter was born, my wife had some complications. They were life threatening, but I don’t want to go into details. I spent 10 days on a camp bed living in the hospital, doing my best to support my family. The day after the birth a conference of the best specialists our area had decided to whisk my wife to a larger hospital in Sydney, and she sped off in an ambulance running red lights in the process. The specialist came in to examine her at 11 pm. Once again, you can’t question their motives. We were told that when would need a major operation that would alter her physiology forever, and that she would need to take drugs for the rest of her life.

Now, my experience is that all drugs are toxic and if you take enough of them you will end up chronically ill. Many suffer from this fate due to the great medical care system we have. Organs such as the appendix, and tonsils, perform major functions in removing toxins and protecting us against invaders, and they are routinely removed. Every time we visited the specialist he would tell my wife that sooner or later he would have her on the table for an operation! That was nearly 6 years ago, and she does several high impact fitness classes every week and is in great shape.

What Do You Do?

I understand it is very difficult for anyone with a long term illness, especially a life threatening one, to go outside the medical model. I have seen many benefit from getting toxins out of the body and taking high potency supplements that help the immune system function better. The good thing is that most of these do no harm, are non toxic, and the only concern is spending money on something that may not work.

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Contrast this with the medical system that provides toxic solutions. At the very least, adding supplements means that you can reduce the toxic effects of the drugs, and have an easier time of it.

I am nearing 60, and since I distanced myself from the medical system over 30 years ago, have had no major health concerns. I had plenty before then. IN recent times, even my teeth have improved, something I battled with all my life.

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So now you know why I am still excited about Zeolite after nearly 6 years. I am convinced by the Science and personal stories, that removing heavy metals and toxins from the body can produce an amazing improvement in health over time. This has been the case with me. Yes, I promote the safest, most effective form of “Liquid Zeolite”, but I do so for a reason – I believe in it!

You can get more information by downloading our “Liquid Zeolite White Paper” You can get it by filling in the form on this page. You can contact me at or Skype john_gaydon I will get back to you ASAP.

I trust you find this article thought provoking and useful.

You can view Gavin Larkin’s story at

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