March 24, 2020

The Last of Us: Part 2, All We Know

We review all the information that is known about the expected sequel

The Last of Us: Part 2, to the last detail

The Past and a few days from the PlayStation Experience 2020 for many one of the best editions that remember the exclusive annual event of the Sony ecosystem. Little by little we are digesting ads as expected as the expansion of Uncharted 4. The remake of the original trilogy Crash Bandicoot or protagonist and is now maintaining a common axis with the other titles mentioned, Naughty Dog, which provided us with a spectacular trailer with Ellie playing guitar: welcome to the Last of us: Part II.

Intending to gather all the information known to this day about this sequel. Whose existence had no need for a certain sector of the fanbase of the saga? Let’s review the most important details about the development and future of a Title that, at least, we will have to wait to see on the shelves of stores at least twenty months seen.

The Last of Us: Part 2 will come to PS4 framed in a context where the current generation of Sony already has more than 75 million consoles, pulling softly. So the expectation will be massive. Emulating the own title, it will mark the end of the Californian company with this hardware so that all minimum and will require the parents of Nathan Drake and company is that we offer a polished and pampered product could be. We have no doubt that it will be so.

Survival story? Best chronicle of an advertised revenge

As for the argument, we do not have many surprises along the way; Let’s say that this “Part II” that accompanies the name of the game perfectly fulfills its meaning. It is a direct continuation, a new chapter within a book with an unfinished story. The driver of the PlayStation Experience said that the development is now very green, with the idea based on the table, but it is a sculpture to be polished. Why was he introduced then? Obviously, people asked for it. There was no other advertisement that could steal more prominence than the coming announcements of the very Sony with PS4; In addition, the absence of a certain Santa Monica was forgiven with the reinterpretación of the adventures of Kratos.

Ellie will star in the sequel. The roles have changed; And roles, therefore, too. For the young Ellie to take the helm of this ship it takes maturity to accompany her being, and it seems that it will be. Less than a minute of the trailer has served us to be able to see on his lips a tenacious hunger for revenge, the intention to “kill each and every one of them.” Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog creative director, and Troy Baker asking confidence In this regard. Our main character will now have 19 years, confirming that both have gone through several winters since the events of the first half. The tension is felt in the environment; The pain, reprisals, and compensation, are heard in the bars of the melody that accompanies his guitar.

The team behind The Last of Us: Part 2

Shortly after this first trailer, we knew that Halley Gross Will co-script the project with Neil Druckmann. Now, who is it? To give merit to his name, we will say that he is one of the creators of which is next to Game of Thrones the most recognized series of the current panorama on HBO: Westworld. Gross has starred in such films as Snow pile or the Emerald City series.

But it will not be until now that he will put all his knowledge and experience in front of and behind the cameras in a video game. Is expected to be unveiled soon who is responsible for the direction of the playable section of The Last of Us: Part 2. As Bruce Straley, who served this task in Uncharted 4. The outcome of the Thief and the first episode of The Last of Us. Is separated from its work with this cultural medium due to a well-deserved hiatus. A sabbatical period that does not know many details.

Ending with what we know for now of thinking brains behind the project, mention Gustavo Santaolalla, the Argentine composer of the soundtrack of The Last of Us first and cinematographic films the likes of Babel and The Book of Life. We will, therefore, listen to his compositions in our flesh whenever we play this title. Also, Joel and Ellie will again be played by  Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in their Anglo – Saxon voices.

Ellie and Joel, overcoming the last stone of the road

But to realize The Last of Us: Part 2 was not as easy as convincing and self Sony Naughty Dog; Was not to recover a material and begin to work on it. Not at all. The problems have been several, and maintaining a philosophy based on the pursuit of excellence and the very validity of excellence. Druckmann acknowledged in an interview that they were about to throw in the towel. The story was not attractive enough, the pieces did not fit the smoothness they intended.

“As many of you do, we are very fond of the world of The Last of Us as well as its characters.  We were aware that creating a sequel to the title needed to have a story to match. A story worthy of characters likes Joel and Ellie. After spending several years in different ideas (and about to give up, throw in the towel). We finally found a story that was special enough, a story that submerges us on an epic adventure, “said  Neil Druckmann.

It is not the first time that Naughty Dog has threatened to pour into the trunk of oblivion some of his work; So much so that Jak 4 ended up wrecking nowhere and never saw the light on PS3. Hopefully, although at Christmas of 2020 or even 2020, we can show off that popular saying: “the good is made to wait”.

A tattoo with thousands of hidden stories

And we got to the point that everyone is talking about: the tattoo. Within the nonverbal language, there are many representations, iconographies, and symbology. Stamping on our skins a drawing with ink that will remain there all of life usually carries with it a meaning in the person who wears it. But not in all cases, it is by will. In the case of Ellie, it does not seem to have tattooed “it” on their own initiative. And there are many canals appeared following the trailer and recent official statements by Naughty Dog.

To this day we can tell you that this tattoo has a reason for being and had an arduous process of development in the real world. The name of the artist, the person who received the order is Natalie Hall. From California they contacted her to make this picture, and once both parties were satisfied with what they had. Stamped design in a real arm to see how it could be in the forearm Ellie for The Last of Us: Part II

In the words of Neil Druckmann, the tattoo was forged with ” an innovative new scanning technique”. They chose the arm Alexandra Neonakis, Artist, and designer of Naughty Dog, someone in the house. Once drawn we had to move it to the three dimensions of the game, and in that they are now immersed. Waiting for that trembling hand of Ellie to become the answer to all our questions.

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Rumors, theories, deaths; The end of Joel?

Leaving the notice that from here may be important spoilers. We can not fail to mention the almost uncontrollable shake of Ellie’s hand in the trailer. Tension shows insecurity, nerves, nonconformity. Fear is projected on his face but materializes in his hand. What can it be? The latest rumors suggest that the side effects of Cordyceps could be doing that she can not live normally. Despite still immune to the disease. In addition, it seems that in the past the Fireflies could have caught Ellie temporarily. But Joel would have saved her shortly afterward until the present time.

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Here the road forks and open two fronts. The first is that the tattoo is done so the Fireflies to “seal” on it the metaphor of the “pursuit of light” of this organized gang. While, on the other hand, is also the option that an ally person has tattooed. That drawing on the arm to cover a bite or indication that it has been attacked. By hiding under the ink, no one could discover that it is immune. So is Joel’s image in the trailer a mental representation, pure imagination, of the figure of Joel? Has he already died and Ellie is only preparing his revenge in the face of adversity?

The Last of Us: Part II is at an early stage of development and reaches PS4 sometime in the future. Meanwhile, we have to wait until E3 2020.

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