May 12, 2020

The father who tried his best

Once upon a time there was a strong man who lived in a village not so far away from somewhere named King. The village was a very active one, one that many villages grew envious of over the years.

This strong man was a visionary who kind of looked into the future and saw things others could not. With this gift, that actually anyone could have, he sharpened his saw as they say and made sure he was on top of his game.

He was the envy of the village, but he did not care, he saw it was a means to become a better person. He heard all his envious critics well, he made a note in his mental diary, as no PDA’s were available back then. He worked on what he thought was legit and threw the rest by the bundle in the trash can.

The secret

His secret was no secret, he was just smart and knew what to work on. He managed in no time to become one of the wealthiest business people in town. He traveled and took life threatening journeys into the wilderness and came back scar faced and hurt but with many bounties.

He made sure he understood his peoples needs before he left, and always brought back what they adored, loved and wanted and much more. he opened there eyes to new things and new tastes, he made them know what they never knew before.

All this and still the envious crowd grew more and more jealous and wanted to get rid of him. He knew of their plots and left to a near by village where he was greeted and welcomed as his famous journeys and bravery preceded his arrival. It was as if he was at home, only this time they all loved and cherished his presence.

King was was so rich now, he started to help the needy and establish learning centers and small shops he supervised and shared the profits, they say those were the early franchise systems, no mcdonalds but many similar ideas.

He dines daily with guests, the rich and the not so lucky. he heard from all and took everyone seriously and respected the elderly. He was graceful in all details, before he went to sleep at night he would revise the day and think of tomorrow then gradually let his subconscious mind take over and call it a day.

He remembered all the bad treatment and scrutiny he faced in his old village, but had a big heart and forgave them all, for they never knew.

The visitor

One day as he was about to call it a day and leave his shops a young man approached him and asked if he could have a talk with him, he accepted with a smile. The young man told him they met five years ago and he gave him some of his wisdom and a bag of money to start his life because he saw he had what it took. The young man had made it big he pointed out.

King was happy to hear the good news but felt something was bothering the young man. When he asked, he got the picture. The young man was part of a business organization in the old village and they wanted King to come back and help them sort out the corruption that became a brand for the village.

The young man told him all the village except the normal Nay sayers wanted him to take over the village and maybe combine it with this one? never had he imagined a day like this would ever come, never in his wildest dreams as he was not after power, he was after leaving a legacy for his family and loved ones one day, leaving a legacy in times like these was almost impossible, but with this news, I think I can! he thought.

He accepted and invited the young man to stay a few months to plan the idea together and make him his right hand. He told him it would be dangerous but fun and very rewarding both mentally and financially. They studied and planned and worked their plan while everyone around went about their days in a very narrow minded fashion.

The Kingdom

Thinking big has its rewards to those who perceiver in the face of ambiguity and fears.

They made it. They combined both villages. New villages saw the prosperity and peace that took over the combined villages and wanted the same. Soon it grew to twenty odd villages and became a small kingdom and King was its ruler.

One would be foolish to think that the negative and hidden criminals disappeared into some distant land…no they blended with the crowds and awaited another day. King new they lived amongst his people, but he said let them be, maybe one day they too can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but some people are born and die blind.

The marriage

He married a beautiful lady from some distant land he travelled to, they say it was love at first fight. The story goes he wanted a fair price for her produce, but she was a wild cat and a smart one too, she knew who he was in disguise and made him pay full price and a bit more.

After he had packed his caravan with her produce he told her he was short a few bags of gold and said one day he would pay her back, she refused and started taking her things off his caravan, he told his men to stand and not interfere, she snapped and flipped like a crazy girl on drugs, he was astonished at how she fought for her old fathers produce.

When she finished she was looking like a poor beggar in her dirty dusted clothes but still her beauty screamed in his face. She told him to get lost, he never could take his eyes off of her. He held her hands hard and pulled her inside the shop to where her father sat counting his daily income.

To her father he said the following words as she tried to free her hands from this strong mans grip” Sir.. I have witnessed today something I have not witnessed in a long time, only this time it is caused by this beautiful girl of yours. WIth my knowledge and wisdom and the fight in this woman I am sure to bring you the most beautiful and smartest grandchildren in the valleys, l ask you to accept me as a son in law and marry me your daughter” The girl was now losing her brain!

The old man had heard of his legacy and looked at his daughter and asked her “ what do you think dearest jewel?” silence and red cheeks was the reply he got.

The three children

The marriage resulted in three children, a girl named fair, and two boys one named balance and one named more. The girl was attached to her father and the closest and the most that took care of his personal and most delicate affairs. Balance was a creative young boy who wished he was left alone and obeyed his fathers orders to the last detail. He always asked questions and got the whole picture before he spoke.More was one that wanted it all, and a bit more. He was smart and devious and always got his way in the end. He kind of worried his father, but not that much for he had a big heart.

The later years

As king grew older and wiser, he started to think of his legacy and his children and their children and his people.


He needed to make sure that everyone was ok, an almost impossible task to any man in any age or time. He knew his children and watched their every move and loved what he saw. He never seemed to please more, for he always wanted or expected something more. Fair loved her father to death and had him as her idol, she teared when he caught a fever or cold and slept at his side bothering her proud mother in bed.

The mother was the rock of the family and reported everything back to her King.

One day when they were dining at night with royal guests a close friend of King approached him and whispered something that changed King’s mood. His son had rebelled against him in some far away land and was plotting to take over the country.

He called his wife and two children to the private office and told them of more’s plan and actions. HIs mother cried and screamed in anger!

Relax my dear wife he comforted her. I shall meet him half way. After the meeting he came back to his people and pointed out that his son more, is no longer part of his Kingdom, he wanted to build his own empire, so King gave him three large villages on the outskirts to start off and never to come back.

Three years later he threatened his father again and wanted much more. He gave him more and his people. More had managed to pull out all the nay sayers, all the envious people and all the secret haters in Kings land. Like a magnet he pulled them closer to his sides.


More lived a lavish life with everything he had ever wanted and more, he even called his country MoreDom.He was still never happy and got drunk one day and decided with his people to topple his fathers country and take it all. That day his mother woke up and told his father she had a bad nightmare, sleep my angel were his comforting words.

I want it all, everything, every single thing there is I want MORE!

Little did he know that in his closest people laid his worst enemies waiting for a time to attack. He had no close ones, for greed is a lonely animal. His father had a country of lovers watching his back.

The final countdown

As the years flew by and King grew older and was about to name his daughter the Queen of his kingdom he heard his son wanted to meet him and battle him in public, he was outraged as he had so much love for him but More never knew the meaning of love, it was always material and much more.

He accepted the challenge for he was no loser even to his own son who threatened his family, he was born with a lions heart and knew he would die with one.

The day came and everyone was wondering of the outcome of this deadly dual, fear and sorrow filled the lands.

More was ready. King was ready. Fair & balance were terrified but knew they could not change their fathers stubborn mind. Lovely, his wife was torn between two loves and never left her chambers on that dreaded day. The enemy was ready to pounce at the opportunity.

Two eyes locked in front of each other in an empty battlefield. A fathers watery eyes mixed with love, fear and affection and the agony of what he must do to ensure the safety of his people. The eyes of a greedy young son, fearless and needing more no matter what the consequences. The eyes of the vultures and hyaenas waiting for the right moment. The heat of the moment.

As the son approached his father as fast as his horse could run his father stalled and awaited his death, for he was too kind to kill his own flesh and blood. As the son was about to strike his sword on his father neck a hundred or so arrows attacked him from every direction and he fell like a rock to the ground drowning in his own blood.

King rushed to his sons side and looked in anger at his guards to capture all the bowmen and execute them now in front of his eyes. They screamed not guilty, he heard nothing as they were executed for their treason of his son, imagine his own sons people wanted to get closer to King by killing him!

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As more looked at his fathers eyes he asked forgiveness for his foolish life and promised never to do it again. King pulled him closer to his heart and screamed and roared like never before as his son’s final breath left his soul.

The following day a royal funeral was in place all the country was there. King gave one last speech before he handed his thrown to his daughter, this is what he said:

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“ Yesterday I was a nobody, just like many. Then I chose to be somebody just like many. Yesterday I had nothing just like many, then I had some, just like many. I had a dream, just like many, I followed my dream just like many. I too wanted more, just like many, I got too much but not like more, for he needed more. Today I leave it all, for I have delivered, just like many. Today I give it all back, not like many, for I have lost more, and nothing can bring more back to me, I forgive him, for he did not know that true happiness and prosperity is a state of mind, I give you Fair to rule you, and Balance to guide her while I spend my final days with lovely my wife. Dream big dreams. Seek and you shall get. Hide and you shall perish. Play and enjoy life for it will pay you back with more of the good things when you love for others what you love for yourself. Give and you shall receive back. Enjoy your earthly possessions with your loved ones for you will not take any with you to your final destination. I only ask one thing from you my people, to pray for me.”

And they lived happily ever after.

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