May 12, 2020

Snappii enhanced mobile websites for businesses. Mobile Friendly HTML5 web pages can be the customer within 48 hours at a price any business can afford to come

Rochester, NH (PRWEB) 12 September 2020

Snappii a platform for rapid development of native iPhone, iPad and Android without any programming knowledge now adds the ability to create sites for mobile web applications, or also known as HTML5 applications. Snappii now offers a single development platform to create a complete mobile solution for websites, tablets and smartphones.

As the number of smartphones now numerically PCs, nearly 40% of users access the site on their smartphones. The problem is that most sites are now optimized for mobile devices. When users visit sites not mobile friendly, you have to travel a lot and stretch the screen, which is a frustrating experience. That’s why leave 40% of the customers web sites and not come back. Instead, companies have mobile sites optimized’re see 20% of customers, developed any action on their websites.

Snappii now create mobile applications for clients at $ 350 to start and keep it for only $ 100/mo. Guests can also build their own mobile websites (do-it-yourself) free and keep it for only $ 39 per month. Snappii with mobile websites can be created in a matter of hours, not weeks make it affordable even for small businesses.

companies are getting a great return on investment by making their websites mobile friendly, says Alex Bakman, CEO and founder of Snappii. “In tough economic times, every customer who comes to your website is important and losing 40% of them, because the place is not friendly to smartphones is a missed opportunity.

Snappii already web applications developed with the features most desired by over 100 business categories. The most popular restaurants, bars, hotels, professional services, spas, gyms, salons, law practices, retail and medical offices. The templates can be 100% mark for any company in a matter of minutes.

development process is the same as in the preparation native mobile applications. Users get Snappii, he believes test an application, and submit it as an HTML5 app. Once created, the application is ready to install on any device. Just scan the QR code on the screen or enter the URL received in a string to your PC or mobile browser will open a new web application and offer the user the opportunity to share the link with friends or clients. To save Web applications customers time and money because you do not need to join Apple and Google for developers and go through applications for review and approval.

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Another important feature of HTML5-based applications is the ability to work offline. This is very important when the user is not in the big cities, where WiFi is almost everywhere live, have. Users can continue to use forms to fill offline mode when the Internet connection is established, the data will be sent automatically. Web applications are a great solution for people who work in the fields or have a lot of paperwork. HTML5 apps easy instant update.

Do-It-Yourself platform is also the editor Snappii. Companies and individuals are invited to their own native iPhone / iPad / Android and web applications from only $ 39 per month to create. IOS / Android and Web applications can be quickly changed. The CMS allows for immediate updates Snappii and deploy changes quickly across all endpoints.

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Snappii is a platform for the rapid development of mobile applications for non-programmers. It enables companies to create mobile applications faster, better and cheaper. Snappii was founded by Alex Bakman, a successful entrepreneur who has grown many companies from zero to millions of dollars in sales. Snappii publicly launched its services in March 2020. Everyone is invited to try Snappii


Alex Bakman

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