May 11, 2020

Six Pack Abs

The Best Way To Lose Fat & Get Sexy


Foxy lady has a mid-section to die for

There are so many myths, misconceptions and sometimes, straight up lies about how to get six pack abs.

The infomercials for ab machines on TV tell you that these machines “Give you Abs”. That is such a whopper of a lie it is almost ridiculous it is allowed to be on television

Diet pills, supplements and shakes are often promoted as being the secret ingredient or miracle that only certain actors, models and bodybuilders have been using to get their ripped abs and low body fat percent.

Ronaldo - bringing new meaning to six pack abs and coolness

None of these things will bring you any closer to have

visible abdominals, but this:

The truth is, everyone already has abs.

The abs are our stomach muscles, everybody has stomach muscles.

This is what every single human midsection looks like if you take away the skin and fat - it is the amount of fat on your body that determines how visible your abdominal muscles are

Yes, some people have stronger ones than others, but everyone has them, the truth about abs is that most people just have a layer of fat covering those abs.

When you tense your stomach muscles you can feel that somewhere in there is a hard section, these are your abs.

If you also grab other areas on your body such as your chest, hips, butt, thighs etc, you will see that what you have between your skin and your muscles and bones is fat.

We all need some fat on our body, but most people have far more than they need to be healthy let alone look good!

This is what a human can look like if they eat too much of the wrong food and fail to exercise - it is now up to you what you want to look like. This or one of the other pics?

So, if you are wanting to get those visible six pack abs, no matter who you are, you can, you just have to get rid of the layer of fat on your stomach that is covering them.

Don’t let people tell you that it is just skin – skin is only about 1.5mm thick.

I always thought that there was some secret I didn’t know, and that the extra wee layer on my belly was just skin, not fat!

How naive I was.


Burning Off That Fat To Reveal Abs

There are so many ways to lose fat, some illegal, some boring, some

Josh Dunamel shows off his hard work - the reason so many celebs have amazing bodies is simple: if they get fat they lose their job!

slow, some straight out just don’t work…

That is what I am going to help you with here.

If you want to get those lean, cut looking abs, then let me show you the absolute best way to lose body fat and get those abs to become visible.

There are two main parts to losing body fat and getting a flat stomach, and believe it or not they don’t involve diet pills, ab machines or any thing that vibrates, rolls or shakes your body.

These two components are nutrition and exercise, and they are literally the ONLY way to get visible six pack abs and a lean body. NEVER let ANYBODY tell you that there is another way to get six pack abs.

The professional bodybuilders, actors, fighters, fitness models and supermodels of the world know these “secrets”, it is just that the average person who wants to lose belly fat and get abs doesn’t want to have to do any work – they just want to pop a pill and hope the fat disappears overnight, so just let them.

You on the other hand are different.

You are searching for the right information in the best place.

But I digress,


Using Nutrition + Exercise To Peel Off Fat And See Your Abs

Using nutrition and exercise combined is the only way to get those ripped, washboard abs, but you know that now don’t you?

God Alba is so damn hot - you can get the exact same results if you do your time in the gym & kitchen

If you are ready to learn exactly how to get those abs, then stick with me a moment and I will show you the exact process your body goes through, and you will have on of those “Aha” moments where everything falls into place and you get exactly how it works.

Below is the link where you will get access to my free guide that shows you EXACTLY what to do, what order to do it in, AND how to do it.


This guide calls for no special equipment, no money, no experience, no knowledge of and type of fitness. I have literally designed it it be able to be used by anyone.

I have decided to not put this information right here on the website for these reasons:

  • a. People have taken it before and just copied it onto their website and claimed it was theirs.
  • b. You will be much more likely to get great results if you let me send you this book straight to your email address – you can then easily print it off
  • c. It is a proven fact that people just hop, skip and prance around the internet, and then forget where the good stuff was that they saw. This is the main reason, because nobody else gives as much value as Johnny boy and I want to make sure you remember who I am and where I’m at so you can hit me with any questions and then show me your great success story.


What you REALLY want to know

There are of course different stages that different people can start at,

Denise Richards shows off her sexy body, and she has had two kids. What is your excuse?

for example a 60 year old exercising for the first time in 20 years will start out a little differently to a  21 year old male who just wants to trim off 10 pounds of the ripped six pack look.

This course has been designed for both male and female, with the only real differences being that a male has the physical capabilities to (sometimes..) lift more weight, and in general be able to do more “work” during a workout than a female of the same experience.

If you are worried about getting junk mail or anything else that is sadly now the norm on the internet, then fear not my friend.

I use Aweber email communications to send emails, they are THE most respected email company on the planet and they allow nobody but me access to your email address.

I can also get sued by this company if I give away your email addresses or spam you, so I think I will just stick to giving you the best advice I can.

If it is solid information on how to get six pack abs, how to lose fat, sculpting the exact body you want and how to be healthier, have more energy and sleep better, then you HAVE to pick yourself up a free copy of this course now.

If at any stage you are unhappy with it, you can delete it!

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Through a lot of trial and error I have also found that some people will download a book, and then forget to read it, but more commonly, they don’t put it into action.

To help make sure that you get started losing body fat and getting the head turning body that you want, I will send you emails a few times a week to show you how to best achieve your goal and keep you from failing.

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Normally these emails will include motivation tips and messages, workouts you might enjoy, new foods to try and recipes and other information to keep you on the level so you are educated as well as healthy as well as looking far more cut and defined than the average gym moron.



Grab Your Free Copy Of Johnny’s Fat Loss Report & Motivation Tips To Start Getting Sexy, Lean & Strong Today.

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