May 12, 2020

Professional Hypnotherapist Course Dates And Details In SG

Take advantage of this opportunity and become a qualified professional, helping others transform their lives positively.

There couldn’t be a better way to help yourself and others than through Hypnotherapy!

With Hypnotherapy you can help yourself and others with:

Depression, anger, guilt, worry, anxiety and other neurotic symptoms Phobias, fears and functional memory disorders Healing grief and loss Self-confidence Creating abundance and joy Smoking and alcohol dependency Eating disorders and weight management Improving memory and recall Self-healing methods Peak physical performance

The applications are almost limitless!

Start building your life of success and abundance through helping yourself and others. Make the decision to become a certified Hypnotherapist now with Regional Hypnosis Center, and live your life with purpose and meaning.

As a Hypnotherapist, what you getting is not just a career but a fruitful and fulfilling life. Here’s an idea of what you can expect as a Hypnotherapist:

  • Earn a professional fee for your services
  • Help others get over their issues effectively
  • Learn the tools not only to help others but also yourself
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your clients, getting over their issues, walking away with a big smile on their face

At Regional Hypnosis Center, we ensure that you are well-trained as a professional Hypnotherapist. We will coach you and hold your hand every step of the way and that you learn hypnotherapy, both theoretically and practically. You will be equipped with not only the necessary life-transforming techniques for yourself, but also many of the powerful and essential processes that you can apply to helping others. You will learn:

  • About the conscious and subconscious mind
  • What hypnosis is and how it works
  • Many important inductions and therapeutic techniques and how to apply them
  • How to help people of all ages, conditions and personalities through hypnotherapy
  • To direct creative intelligence
  • To replace unproductive habits with powerful new positive thought patterns
  • Pain management and rapid recovery
  • How to improve relationships

Our hypnotherapy course will also consists of a minimum of 60 hours of Supervised Practical Live hands-on sessions to ensure that all participants gain actual experience and proficiency.

Our hypnotherapy course conforms to and is certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). We will also teach you the following additional techniques:

  • Intensive practical hands-on therapy techniques
  • Self-hypnosis for self-improvement and eliminating negativities from your past
  • To systematically conduct hypnotherapy sessions
  • To set up your own practice effectively

Upon graduation, you will be provided with at least one year of local support, which includes the arrangement of using RHC therapy rooms and facilities at a small charge, avoiding the big cash layout of your own office and overheads.

Most importantly, you will have easy access to consult and seek advice with your trainers on issues that will make your sessions more effective.

Date Time 10th & 11th May 14 (Sat & Sun) andother dates to be confirm 10.00am to 5.00pm Full Course Fee: S$8400 Sign up now and enjoy the early bird special price of S$5880 instead of S$8400 Please click this link to the payment page. Thank you.

Hi! I’m Nancy Ho! I’m your instructor for the Hypnotherapist Certification Course at Regional Hypnosis Center.I’ve been practising and using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to help thousands of individuals to overcome their issues for many years. I have to say it’s been great! Wonderful! Marvellous! I have used it for myself and for so many others who were struggling with some aspects of their lives and it has worked wonders for them and for me! As a practising Hypnotherapist, I have seen so many people burdened and troubled who have been facing road blocks to their personal development and happiness. I feel so privileged and happy that I have been able to help all of them to face, remove those blocks and to build better lives for themselves. As your instructor, I will be coaching you with a hands-on approach, helping you break through your own barriers, guiding you through the fundamentals of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy so that you can become an effective practising Hypnotherapist yourself.

Hypnosis Has Helped Famous People Many famous personalities and people use Hypnosis to turn their challenges into successes. This list reads like a who’s who of the most famous people in any book of celebrities:

  • Sergei Rachmaninoff, composer
  • Wolfgang von Goethe, philosopher
  • Nikola Tesla, engineer and inventor
  • Henry Ford, automotive industrialist
  • Albert Einstein, scientist and humanitarian
  • Aldous Huxley, philosopher and author
  • Sir Winston Churchill, World War II British Prime Minister
  • Carl Jung, psychologist and psychotherapist
  • The Russian Olympic Team

There are so many more celebrities, actors and entertainers who have benefited from the life-transforming effects of Hypnosis. You can be a part of this exciting technology of helping people achieve the greatest human potential.

Hypnosis Has Treated Shell-Shock Victims Today, we know that shell-shock is one of the most debilitating afflictions on soldiers thrown into war but during World War I, many psychiatrists and doctors of the day treated the symptoms of shell-shock in soldiers as cases of male hysteria or malingering. Some of those poor soldiers had terrible convulsions and couldn’t sleep or speak.

William Brown, who had seen 3,000 cases of shell-shocked soldiers from the trenches, successfully treated a large number of them with Hypnosis, helping them to eventually regain their physical and mental health.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Works!

According to the journal Alternative Medicine, 93% of patients using hypnotherapy have reported success within 6 sessions. Scientific studies conducted by the British Medical Association (BMA), American Psychological Association (APA) and American Medical Association (AMA) have all concluded that HYPNOSIS WORKS!

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully by professionals in sports and financial trading markets to bring them to the pinnacle of their performance.

Thank you Nancy – I have finally managed to sleep after suffering from insomnia for 15 years. Now, I can focus on my work and cope with an intense working schedule which requires me to travel 3 weeks in a month in the region.

I now sleep deeply and soundly regardless of time zone and wake up refreshed and energised. In fact, I just got a promotion because I am more effective and efficient now.

With love & gratitude, M. Smith

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am now a free person, free from being a slave to the poisonous tobacco. In fact, you have saved me from my failing marriage because of the constant fights with my husband of my being a smoker, an image which he could not accept.

He is so proud of me being a non-smoker and all it took was only 4 sessions to stop an ineffective habit that enslaved me for 12 years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Nancy! Sally T.

Hi Nancy, I have lost 5 kg already and feeling super strong. With your help of hypnotherapy, I now eat healthier and in smaller portions and that makes me feel so good. I also exercise regularly with ease.

I am so thrilled that I have the discipline to live a quality life. I do not have any cravings from all those bad food and am even more motivated as a person. Of course, your Proellixe vibrational platform helps me to be toned.

Thank you so much, Jenny Yiu

Thanks a million for the session on Friday – it was so relaxing. I didn’t believe I had been hypnotised. However, I was so calm all day and did not even react to the problems created by my mother-in-law.

I came for my anger issue and I am confident that Nancy, you are able to help me and I am on the right Path. I know there is more work. However, I know there is light at the end of the tunnel with your Professional help, I will have arrived.

May Peace Be with you, David W.T.

When I first came to see you, I was so sceptical. Thank you for your professional advise and care; I was willing to use hypnotherapy to resolve my low self-esteem issue. Just after the first session, I already feel so calm and peaceful within myself. For the first time after a long, long while, I am positive and I know that I can do it.

It has been 2 months and I have made tremendous improvement. My health has improved and I have doubled my income. Nancy, you are a wonderful hypnotherapist because of your warmth and care. May God bless your journey to heal mankind.

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Thanks, you are an angel! Narwani R.

Wow! It has been a year and I am still feeling fantastic. I notice I’m living in a whole new way. My confidence has grown and friends say that I am more grounded. No words could express my gratitude. Thank you so much! I really feel empowered.

Thanks again, Zenith Y.P.

I couldn’t get myself to do so many things that I needed to do. I was a terrible procrastinator. I would pay my bills as late as possible, and usually enriched my creditors by paying the late penalties.

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So, when I came to you last year, I was quite desperate. I changed gradually over time after the four sessions I had with you. Through those sessions, I found out where the source of all my problems were. Now, I exercise regularly and I usually pay my bills long before they are due. I want to thank you for helping me and teaching me the 7th Path.

My life looks set to be an exciting adventure and I know I have many issues in my life but thanks to your help and guidance, I am ready to face them and overcome them.

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“AWESOME!” Awesome! I got more than I expected from this course. Nancy is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She held nothing back and gave her all and more during the 12 days. What I found extremely useful were the opportunities for practical and hands-on practice. We got to practise “live” as soon as we learnt the strategies. This was an awesome way to reinforce learning. You will walk away from this course confident and ready to receive your first client. - Hansen Bay “Far Beyond My Expectations” The course was far beyond my expectations. The curriculum is fabulous and well structured and provides the tools required to have a successful hypnotherapy’s practice. However, the real added value of the course is Nancy Ho the instructor and the support provided by the Regional Hypnosis Center, Singapore. Nancy is just outstanding in the way she delivers the course; she stimulates the class and mixes the theory and practice with the active participation of the students. - Dr Francois d’Artagnana Nancy is somebody that is so Proficient and Fluent in what’s she’s doing… -Maria “Full and Complete!” Full and Complete and beyond that, as the course provided not only the knowledge and tools but completely prepared us to get started in every way. - Flip “Helped Me Develop the Confidence” Practical and with real live examples, the course provided not only the theoretical aspects of Hypnotherapy but helped me develop the confidence to be a Hypnotherapist. The learning atmosphere gave me ample opportunities to practise and create initial competence. I see Hypnotherapy fitting very well into my coaching. I look forward to being board-certified and also to camp the distance-learning clinical hypnotherapy course.” - James Yip “Life Changing Experience!” “Nancy is totally engaging both as a speaker and demonstrator. She shows at all times, a paternal approach and carries to her students although it’s tough on the receiving end. She is polished performer who knows her subject inside out. Her tireless efforts were highly appreciated by both the group and I. I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy both as a practitioner and a teacher. She is so full on. Where does she get the energy? - Mark Bliss “I’m Very Blessed to Have Attended Her Course” I really enjoyed Nancy’s teaching. She was very generous to share her knowledge and I never got bored during the class. I truly feel that I’m very blessed to have attended her course. - Yukiko Cecilia Mizushima It has been Amazing, it’s Awesome, and it has just changed My Life… - Grace Gan “An Eye Opener” This course helped me to clear all my misconceptions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. The instructor – I sincerely do not know if any other instructors/teachers would have done this any better than how it was done with Ms. Nancy. Totally. - Sasitharan Elumalai “Extremely professionally Tailor-made course”This extremely demanding Hypnotherapist Certification Course was not only intellectually challenging but also one of the most stimulating and rewarding experiences I have personally made as a previous lawyer, senior banker and now cognitive behavioural therapist. Your Certification Program made me cognisant of the importance of hypnosis as an additional therapeutic tool during counselling sessions. With this combined approach, i.e. counselling and hypnosis, I can now serve my clients even better, particularly when it comes to uncovering the client’s suppressed material, which is not always possible when solely applying psychotherapeutic methods. I must applaud you Nancy, for this extremely professional tailor-made course. I’m also extremely grateful that you shared your rich practical experiences with us — a knowledge which one would hardly find in any book. It goes without saying that I strongly recommend this Hypnotherapist Certification Course to anyone who is seriously interested in the health and wellness business. Dr. W. Auer von Herrenkirchen Counsellor (MA) and Certified Hypnotherapist “Way Exceeded My Expectations” It way exceeded my expectations both in terms of knowledge and information and the generosity of providing us the knowledge and skills. - Fadjar “This is The Best Course that I’ve Attended in My Life” Brilliant! Practical with very usable and useful skills. Instructor – Best in my history of course taking. Has participants interest right at the top of her priorities and is committed to that. Also, very practical orientation focusing on what is practical while providing necessary theoretical underpinnings. Nancy, thank you very much! Privileged to have been trained under you! - Loh Lean San “This Hypnotherapist Course will help you transform as a person…” - Joseph Tay “Extended Beyond Merely the Lecture Sessions”By the end of the course, I became very certain and confident in my ability to work with people using hypnosis. With the support and encouragement from the trainers that extended beyond merely the lecture sessions, I was equipped with all the skills needed to be successful. More than simply all the skills, I learnt to be flexible, creative, compassionate and caring for persons coming to me for hypnotherapy. All these will undoubtedly make me a successful hypnotherapist. - Noor Azman Haron Physical Education Teacher and Certified Hypnotherapist