May 12, 2020

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Patrick’s 39 Clues tour was a blast and you can come along with him. While promoting “The Black Circle”, author Patrick Carman brought along a camera and filmed some fun videos of him on the road and at the book signings.

Watch the video series and enjoy the photo gallery at The 39 Clues Video Tour.

Also, if you haven’t already discovered it, we have decided not to remove the Tech Thriller Back Lot. We are keeping all of the videos and photos online with the new Haunted Back Lot.

Now back to editing more haunted videos!

With the Ghost in the Machine Haunted back lot opening this Monday, this weekend is your last chance to go through all of the great material in the current back lot. If you haven’t seen all of the videos and photo galleries this is your chance.

Haunted Back Lot Introduction

The 39 Clues Book 5 has been officially released by Scholastic. Amy and Dan’s secret location has been discovered, and cover artwork for The Black Circle has been revealed. Book 5 of the 39 Clues will be taking place in Russia. The image on the cover is the two headed eagle from the Russian coat of arms.

Patrick Carman kicks off his 39 Clues book tour today with a book signing event taking place at the Kennewick WA Barnes and Noble. You can view all of the event dates at Patrick is looking forward to seeing all of his fans and talking about his new book.

Check out these links:

The official 39 Clues site:

Scholastic Press Release:

Video broadcast investigating Amy & Dan’s secret location:

Patrick Carman’s 39 Clues touring schedule:

The Fifth book in the 39 Clues series will be released tomorrow. The secret book cover will finally be revealed and more importantly, the location where the story takes place.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for the book release.

Patrick sent me this picture of the Scholastic Store in Soho/NY. Click the thumbnail to view it full sized.

Patrick recently got an email from phantomjeff77. Jeff was inspired by the Ghost in the Machine video premiere and created some fan art of Joe Bush in the dredge. Phantomjeff77 also encouraged other fans to create and submit fan artwork from any of their favorite stories by Patrick Carman.

If you would like to sketch any of your favorite characters or location from The Land of Elyon, Atherton, or Skeleton Creek, email your artwork and your username to Your submission will be featured at

Principle photography has finished for Patrick Carman’s upcoming tech thriller. All of the cast headed home last Saturday. Jeffrey and the crew are currently filming effects shots and scenes that don’t involve the cast. I uploaded a final video with a quick message from Patrick and some of the cast. It’s been a great month of shooting and everything stayed on schedule.

The back lot is only going to stay up for a little while longer. We are going to be taking it down until we get closet to the release of the tech thriller. This will allow us to focus more on projects that are close to release. Notably The 39 Clues and Ghost in the Machine.

While the Tech Thriller back lot lies dormant we’ll be putting together a Haunted Back Lot for Ghost in the Machine. It’s going to be full of cast and crew interviews and production stills. I’m looking forward to getting all of the assets from the project together and releasing them for your enjoyment.

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Watch the last back lot video: That’s a wrap!

Patrick Carman will be going on a book tour  to promote The 39 Clues Book 5: The Black Circle.  This is the 5th book in a 10 book story arc written by 10 different authors.

The first event of Patrick’s Northwest book tour is August 11th, 2020 at the Kennewick Barnes & Noble. For more information and tour dates check out Patrick’s latest vLog as well as his events schedule.

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Watch Patrick’s vLog

View the events schedule

Hello everybody. I’m back from my camping trip in California. It was really hot during the trip and sleeping in a tent was less than comfortable. But overall it was a great time.

Now that I’m back I’ve updated the back lot with a new photo gallery and a video.

Both the gallery and the video take place in an enormous warehouse. A lot of filming took place in and around the set.

Production Photos

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