March 19, 2020

Panic Away Review: Panic Away By Barry McDonagh

Do you suffer from general anxiety, phobias, agoraphobia or panic attacks? If so we’ve discovered an exciting new solution that may be just what you were looking for! Read our Panic Away review and learn how you can be anxiety free today!

Panic Away Review

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Panic Away review. I am a real user of the program and want to share what the program is about, what you get but most importantly why choose Panic Away? What makes Panic Away better than other available anxiety recovery programs? Find out in my unbiased Panic Away review..

Overview of Panic Away

Panic Away is an anxiety recovery program that aims to cure sufferers of panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and general anxiety related disorders. The most appealing factor to this program is that it’s a home study course which eliminates the need for ongoing specialist treatment or the use of medications and therapy.

It was developed by Barry McDonagh who himself was a long-term sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks. Barry is no qualified therapist but  through extensive research he managed to cure himself of panic attacks and substantially lessen his feelings of fear and anxiety. Thus the Panic Away anxiety recovery program was born..

Closer look at Panic Away

Panic Away focuses on dealing with the root cause of the anxiety disorder through behavioral modification. It teaches you how to change the way you react to the triggers of panic and anxiety related disorders.

The program itself has three main components which are each targeted towards different forms of treatment. The three core components are trust, accept and persist. There are many individual components to each of the three phases but here’s what you can expect from each phase at a glance:

Trust: the trust phase has been developed to help you eliminate panic attacks. Here you will learn some of the signs of panic attacks and the bodies response such as the “flight or fight” response.

Accept: the accept phase has been developed to help you eliminate generalized anxiety disorder. Here you’ll learn how to manage and counteract any anxious thoughts you encounter.

Persist: the persist phase covers in detail the effects of a panic attack. Here you’ll learn the different effects and sensations you’ll encounter when you experience a panic attack so you can learn to manage them effectively.

What do you get?

Panic Away ReviewWhen I initially signed up I purchased the basic program which is pretty much the meat of the entire program. There are also optional extras which are available via upgrade such as the private 28 day coaching option which gives you access to a coach one-on-one who will offer you advice and resources based on your specific needs.

It’s also worth noting that the program comes in two available formats, either physical or digital. I opted to go for the digital package as it was slightly cheaper and meant that I always had a back-up copy of the program although all the content is available through the members area anyway so I’m not sure it really mattered.

Panic Away contents at a glance

Panic Away workbook: this is a 256 page workbook which has been divided up in to 19 chapters and includes the core components of the program such as the 21 – 7 technique, the 21 second countdown, C.A.L.M recovery, eliminating anxiety, dealing with phobias, dealing with OCD, dealing with insomnia and night panic and more..

Fast Track videos: included here are four videos which further discuss the core treatment strategies outlined in the workbook. The four videos include an introduction, the 21 second countdown, the 7 minute exercise and the C.A.L.M recovery method.

Audio recordings: included here are 7 audio recordings which again further elaborate upon core components of the workbook. The seven audios include an introduction, the 21 second countdown, the 7 minute exercise, the symphony technique, driving anxiety, deep release, end anxious thoughts pt 1 and end anxious thoughts pt 2.

Community Forum: the community forum is a great added extra to the program. Here you will have access to an open forum that has both users and support staff on hand. It’s stated that qualified therapists are on hand in the support forum but I have yet to witness this and assume you would need to open a ticket to get direct access.

Why Panic Away?

There are no shortage of programs that claim to cure you of your panic attacks and related anxiety disorders. I myself had invested in more than one of these programs only to find that they were more targeted towards coping with anxiety and panic attacks when they occur as opposed to dealing with the root cause of the disorder.

One of the more prominent programs available was the Linden Method which I invested a lot of time and energy into. The program was good and went deeper than most but it was lacking in support! Even getting refunded after not being happy with the program turned out to be an ongoing nightmare!

I’m not saying Panic Away is perfect but it has helped me develop coping strategies and more importantly has helped me understand a lot more about my disorder. I found the support to be good (although not perfect) which is hugely important when going through a program that’s dealing with personal health related issues.

Pros VS Cons


  • Deals with the root cause of your problems and not just “coping” strategies
  • Content is broken down well with workbook, audio and video lessons
  • No medical professionals required, 100% learn at home program
  • Decent support team on hand and community forum


  • Extras will require an upgrade (not clearly explained upfront)
  • Time that must be invested in program is not clearly explained

Barry McDonagh's Panic Away Review


As a first hand user of the Panic Away program I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to understand more about their anxiety related disorder. Although I still have the occasional episode, as a whole I now manage my anxiety much better and have learned to read the tell-tale signs of a panic attack.

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The coping strategies for dealing with panic attacks in particular have proven to be effective for me although I still succumb to the fear and anxiety in my mind from time-to-time, I guess I feel more in control.

To sum up I would say Panic Away is not a miracle program that will eliminate your anxieties at the click of a finger! You may read Panic Away reviews that make ridiculous claims of miracle recoveries but the truth is these people have probably never even had a panic attack or experienced any form of anxiety relate disorder.

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I can’t say that Panic Away will be as effective for you as it was me but of all the programs I have invested in I have seen the best results from Barry McDonagh’s Panic Away. I hope you found this Panic Away review helpful, if you are a user of the program and have a different story to tell then please forward us so we can update accordingly.

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