May 12, 2020

Organic Transitioning Tips for Pets

If you are going organic and have a pet, it is easy for them to go organic too. They may appreciate the move as well since this means they may be getting more raw foods. Most pets consist of either cats or dogs. So lets go over our furry friends organic needs.

Cats and dogs are both meat-eaters by nature, so eating raw meat should naturally be part of their daily diet. Eating the meat raw, gives them the nutrients they need. Raw meat has natural enzymes that are healthy for their digestive system. It also contains many other vitamins and minerals that cooked meats do not.

Dogs need a lot of grains and vegetables in their diets as well as the meat. Unlike dogs, cats do not need a lot of vegetables and grains in their organic diets. So if you choose to buy your organic food, then make sure it is a protein filled diet. Switching your cat or dog to organic food has a lot of benefits.

#1. They will have way more energy than they once did. If you have a senior cat/dog, they will soon be acting like puppies again chasing after their toys.

#2. Your pet will no longer suffer from the dry and irritated skin and allergies. Some ingredients in the store bought pet food can irritate their skin and give them bald spots. Since the food is all natural, the skin will clear up and the hair will grow again. Since it is natural, it will also build your pets immune system and clear the allergies up.

#3. Your pet will have a healthier weight. The natural foods will help keep their weight in check. You can also feed your cat/dog according to whether they are inside or outside. Since they have all the extra energy, it also helps them lose weight.

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#4. They are more likely to live longer and have a happier life. The organic foods are not filled with all the extra chemicals that the store bought foods are and you know what your cat/dog is getting. With all the extra energy and with a healthy weight, they have a happier life to live.

#5. Their digestive systems will be healthier. Since they are getting natural protein and grains, they have a better digestive system. It also is not working harder to digest all of the questionable properties of the store bought foods.

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#6. Their immune systems and health will be better overall. Since they are eating natural foods, they are not suffering from diseases like obesity, diabetes, or other health problems. It is not a sure protection, but it is better than that store bought food.

Lets keep our furry friends with us longer and feed them that organic food. It has a lot of benefits for them and even you in the end. With a healthy and energetic pet, it will keep you moving as well. This will keep not only them healthy, but you as well.

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