March 25, 2020

One Last OohRah!

“The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow.  In that lies hope.”  Frank Lloyd Wright

Today, we not only celebrate Alpha Co.’s graduation from boot camp

. . . we celebrate the calling to become a Marine

. . . the rite of passage from boys to young men

. . . the transformations both inside and out

. . . the deepening connection between loved ones and their Warriors

. . . and next chapters of service and life.

Enthralled is just one of many words I would describe my attention to the countless picture and video posts of Alpha Co. family members descending upon San Diego this week.  All this–in anticipation of seeing their new Marines for the first time since the start of boot camp thirteen long weeks earlier.

While bittersweet for him, I hope and pray my own Recruit was present and accounted for at his bros’ graduation today.  [And, if any Alpha mom or dad was willing and able to snap a pic of my boy, please send it my way.]

Even while my own son heals up in MRP [Medical Rehabilitation Platoon] and recovers strength from his broken leg–two months ago now–somehow I’ve had the unmatched opportunity to live vicariously through many Alpha Co. moms and dads.

As a soon-to-be-MoM [Marine Mom] myself, I am forever changed having been a part of the individual journeys of each of those new Marines and witness to the deepening connections between those Marines and their loved ones back home.

There are many reasons for this post today . . .

  • To inform those of you who may not know the sentimentality of a Marine Corps. Boot Camp Graduation celebration.
  • To celebrate the title earned for each new Alpha Co. Marine.  #oohrah
  • To thank to all of Alpha Co. for allowing me and my Recruit to remain part of your military family.
  • And, to let go of yesterday and to keep that present shadow moving towards tomorrow . . . for when my own Recruit Moreno continues his training [with another company] and earns the title Marine.

I remain committed to letting you know how my own Recruit is progressing towards his goal in the days and weeks to come.  I’m feeling the message in this song today:  There’s Hope In Front of Me


MOTO Run Yesterday morning, Family Day began with a motivational run referred to as the MOTO Run.  With family and friends lining the streets to cheer, all graduating recruits ran a 4-mile course singing cadence marking the successful completion of Recruit Training [boot camp],

Here’s an example of this type of run that took place, the first time family members laid eyes on their new Marines . . .

Family Day Yesterday, Family Day was the best day to be had so far at MCRD!  The new Marines were given on-base liberty during the day to spend time with families, to introduce them to fellow Marines and DIs [drill instructors], to show them the non-restricted areas of the depot, to demonstrate proper liberty behavior, and to share their unforgettable personal stories of transformation from civilian to Marine.

Graduation from Marine Corps. Boot Camp This Friday morning, family and friends of Alpha Co.’s Recruits attended the graduation ceremony for the announcement that their Recruit has earned the respected title of United States Marine.

Scroll through what a typical Boot Camp Graduation Ceremony is like, just before the graduating Marines are dismissed for a 10-day liberty [time off]. 

Thank you ALL of Alpha Co. for allowing me to ‘adopt all of our boys as my own’ throughout boot camp and for sharing the joys and challenges of boot camp together.

Thank you to the MoM [a Marine herself] who tucked us in at night with her inspiring daily Facebook posts . . . with her written words of hope and encouragement for our young recruits.

Thank you, specifically, to the Platoon 1011 MoM [my Recruit’s former platoon] who made me feel we weren’t forgotten by sending a personal Facebook message to me last night . . .

“My Private First Class spoke very highly of Alex.  He says he’s a ‘damn good soldier’ who deserves the title of Marine.  My son said he has nothing but respect for your son and how he tried to push forward being in that kind of pain.  He really liked him.”

Thank you to the moms and dads who snapped photos of recruits [and posted on Facebook] at the ceremony today . . . just in case a loved one would get a glimpse of their young man and claim them from back home.

Thank you to the new Marine who described his transformation in his own words yesterday and whose MoM and her son allowed it to be shared with you here . . .

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We’re sitting on the mountain, Looking down on all Marines, Working ’til exhaustion, Still performing like machines.

In humans God has questioned, Oh, what have I become. With Marines he never questioned, For He knows what he has done.

They serve to fight and conquer, To protect this place, their home, For no one can contest them, While in the combat zone.

Marines are fierce and lethal, They’ll never lose a fight, Though they are quite brutish, Most are very bright.

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Marines don’t need an army, All they need is two. That’s just how they’re trained, And that’s what they’re made to do.

~Written by new Marine, PVT Walker, of Delta Co.

Always faithful,

P.S.  You just have to see this!  What young men must DO to earn the title MARINE:  The Title Earned

P.S.S.  Here’s how this adventure all began.  The post from the first day at boot camp: 

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