March 13, 2020

My Stress Problem

I don’t know if it’s possible but this is my goal: To cure my problem without any consensual medication.  If I could wish for one thing, it will be this. I want to be stress free, with no anxiety attacks coming to me with no warning in the middle of the day or night. About one year ago I had a very bad one or two month period of stress condition. And I had panic attacks coming to me almost every day. Now if you have this too, you probably know how it feels. My body is shaking, I fell faint and pale, I can’t think right, I feel this ball of fire going from my stomach and spreading to all of my body parts. I feel like I’m burning from the inside. Everything around me is threatening and scary. I feel great fear. More questions are driving to my brain. Will I be ok again? Will this feeling ever go away? Why this is happening to me? At that time it was before I saw a doctor about this problem. But one thing I needed for sure, I needed to know how to reduce stress. I have an older brother, and since I didn’t want to make my parents worry sick, I went to talk to him, to my brother. I asked him about anxiety symptoms and stress symptoms, to see if I can be sure that this is what I actually have. From his limited knowledge I understood that stress and anxiety is basically what I have. You think “so what? Now you know what you already knew! No big deal!”. Yes, it’s true. But if you never suffer from this you can’t appreciate how good it is when someone, other then you, acknowledges your problem and sympathize with you as a person and not as a serious dazzling disease, like every one else around. Sine my brother, as great and wonderful as he is, is not a professional doctor, we couldn’t really try to cure my problem, so instead my brother talked about how to reduce stress, and which are good relaxation techniques for stress relief. At the time I was sure there must be a way to reduce stress without medication, but deep inside of me I was very skeptical about how effective can those techniques be, since it’s not coming out from hard since. Fortunately, I was so wrong. I found out that Yoga can do wonders, and so a good massage and even a good long walk in the park is a perfect remedy for my problem. And there are more, like working-out, or guided imagination, working in the garden. As you can see, there are plenty of things one can do while having stressed or panic attacks, to help one to overcome it in a natural harmless way, and without any pills or medication. Now, of course I’m not a trained doctor, and I’m sure that a real doctor can have some more ideas about how to handle stress, but as I said in the beginning, I was looking for ways to do that without medication, and that was my goal to achieve. I can’t say that I did, but I think I’m in the right place and will continue to do more and more things that help me keep a good stress management lifestyle. From what I read I understand that some activities are good because they release some hormones in the brain which are responsible and control our moods and feelings. Today I’m very active with sports and Yoga, and few meditation techniques, and all of this helps a lot. I still go for long walks in the park and listen to my favorite music in order to help me reduce stress and anxiety. I love the fact that these anxiety attacks and stress are no longer running my life for me. I am back in charge again, and basically my own master once again. I can honestly say it is a very good and liberating feeling to have. I don’t know if stress condition and anxiety attacks are curable or not, but I know for sure there are things that could be done if your feeling bad and stressed, if fear is all around you.

So, never give up, always believe there are ways out of your situation and your dark place. There are always people around that are ready and willing to help, and are stretching their hand for you. All you have to do is reach out and grab those hands, and then you will see that help is around the corner.

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