February 22, 2020

My review of online learning resources 2 – IBM and SPI podcasts

This is the 2nd post of the online learning resources series. In the last blog post, I reviewed the benefits I received and continuously receiving from Mr. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income (SPI) blog. Just in case you missed it, please check the following link for more details:


To continue, I want to switch to another channel that people often overlooked – listening.

Why listening instead of reading?

I don’t know about you, but for myself, I feel terribly sorry to overuse my eyes every day. Seriously, at least 10 hours sitting in front of a computer, I don’t think any part of my body is working as hard as my eyes (except for my brain maybe). Sometimes my eyes are “complaining” – I can feel that, because they are very sour. In order to get more chances to rest up my eyes, I decide to utilize my ears more often.

I started the ear learning journey by listening to audio books. It’s definitely an efficient way to learn, but I found it is hard to concentrate on the content while I am driving or walking. In addition, I prefer to take notes while reading books (in this case, I am listening the books, same idea), so unless I am home sitting at my desk, I try not to “waste” my audio books. Luckily I was introduced to podcast, something I never had experience with in my life before.

What is a podcast?

For those of you who have no idea what podcast is, here is the official definition from Wikipedia,

“A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio radio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device.”

The type of podcast I listen to the most is a series of audio radio. The duration of each episode of a podcast is usually under 1 hour and some short ones can be as short of 15-20 minutes each.

My two favorite podcast

SPI Podcast

The first time I get to know podcast is through SPI blog. Pat Flynn did not adopt this media channel until more than one year after he started SPI, but very quickly it becomes the main channel he is using to attract audience. By the time I started listening to it, SPI podcast already had total 48 episodes with total duration longer than 40 hours, but it only took me a little bit over 3 weeks to listen to all of the episodes. I had to say, I totally enjoyed every single one of them. With all the great information, I can image how much efforts Pat was putting into his “shows”.

There are two types of episodes within SPI podcast:

  1. Solo show: only with the host , Pat and there is no guest;
  2. Interview: between Pat and one guest  

In solo shows, Pat shared lots of his personal experiences on how he got started and becomes a very successful Internet marketer and blogger in last 5 years. His summaries are very detailed and easy to follow. Up to this point, I have not found anybody else showing the steps to achieve certain goal with so much patience. With all my appreciation, I want to shout out, for the second time, to Pat Flynn, “Thank you for your hard work! You indeed make Internet a better place.”

In the Interviews, Pat chats with many successful entrepreneurs and asks questions to have them share their successful stories. The best part I like in the interviews is how these successful people overcome their challenges because I learned some many tips to help me in the future. They are in different industries, but in order to pursue their dreams, they choose to become experts of Internet marketing. With these many good examples, I have one less excuse to stop doing what I have passion about.

IBM Podcast

First of all, be aware there IBM stands for Internet Business Mastery. IBM was introduced to me by SPI blog as Pat Flynn is a previous member of IBM Academy and he always considers co-hosts, Sterling and Jay of IBM Academy his best friends and mentors.   

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When I talk about podcast, I do not think it’s fair to give all the credits to Pat Flynn because by listening to IBM podcast, I learned lots of methodologies I never heard about. If you have been reading my blog posts for a while, you probably remember a term, just in time learning from one of my previous posts. That’s by far the most useful methodology I learned from IBM. I had to confess that when I first got started with Internet business, I was so overwhelmed by too much information from the Internet and felt like I need to grab everything. I still remember early days I was busy all the time on learning different “cool stuffs”, but barely put anything into actions and waste more than 3 months of my time. Since I learned “just in time learning”, I have been able to manage my schedule better and only learn new techniques when I actually need them right away.

SPI and IBM podcast are very popular on iTunes and I highly recommend you to give them a try and share your opinions here.

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I guess I will stop here today and the next post should come out soon.

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