May 12, 2020

life in the FAT lane

“Tomorrow” has been awhile, huh?

I had planned on trying to blog daily, but I just about had a computer meltdown of sorts and decided to buy a new system.  And, I went to the dark side and iMac w/ i7 processor, 1 TB hd, 16 gig ram and then I bought an external hard drive.  Actually, I bought 4 external hard drives… and then 4th one actually ended up working with the system.  It’s been a long past two weeks and I got behind in some projects, so I had to sacrifice writing.  I’m catching up, so hopefully this final stretch I’ll be able to blog more.

On April 21, Allen and I went to IKEA (got a new desk and some other stuff!)  I cooked my food in the morning before we left and brought both meals with me and ate them- I didn’t cheat at all.

Something wasn’t feeling right towards the end of the day.  I’ve had problems with stomach blockages and it felt like I had something caught.  By our last stop at Target, all I wanted to do was get home.  I was feeling miserable.  I thought if I could puke or at least try to puke, my problem would be solved.  I got some water in Target, drank it as I was headed to the car and it wouldn’t stay down- immediately came back up.  At that point, I knew my stoma was blocked (stoma- the hole from my stomach to my intestine, created nearly 11 years ago via my gastric bypass).  It’s been blocked numerous times before and I’ve had to have it surgically opened back up 11-12 times previously (I’ve lost count…)  The last stoma blockage resulted in a stay at the hospital for about 4 days.  I couldn’t let that happen!

We arrived at home and I started drinking water as fast as I could, hoping to make myself sick and unlodge whatever it was down there.  I HURT!  But… I was successful.  I unblocked it without having to go to the hospital.  Sure enough, I had a piece of leaf lettuce, probably covering the passage from the stoma to the intestine.  I felt soooo much better!  Let me explain what it feels like to get something stuck: it feels like I’m having a heart attack. No, I’ve never had a heart attack, but the pressure that eating or drinking exerts on my chest- it seriously feels like a freight train has hit my chest.  I experienced this for the first time about 15 days after my initial gastric bypass.  Rather, I finally called the doctor 15 days after my bypass.  I couldn’t keep anything down for about a week and it felt like I was having a heart attack any time I would eat or drink.  I was certain that I had been doing something wrong- like not chewing my food good enough or trying to eat too much.  So, I tried to remedy the problem myself by chewing better and eating less.  Still, everything would come back up.  I finally called the doctor about 7 days later and told him what was happening and his response was, “you have a blockage.  Go to the ER immediately.”  And, I did.  The next day I was scheduled to be opened and… problem solved.

The next day, Friday April 22, I got up sooo weak and stark-raving mad HUNGRY.  After all, everything I had eaten the previous day was never digested, but was lying in the trashcan.  I couldn’t WAIT for lunch and stayed on protocol.  As the day wore on, we decided to order pizza for the kids.  I kept thinking about the pizza and how great it would taste.

You know that saying, “nothing tastes as good as thin feels?”  Well, whoever came up with that has NEVER:

  • Eaten mine or my mom’s cooking
  • Eaten LaRosa’s Hawaiian Deluxe Pan Pizza w/ extra cheese, focaccia sauce and well done

Because, you know… there’s some stuff that tastes a whole lot better than thin feels.  And that night, I consciously made a decision to order and eat some of that LaRosa’s pizza.  I ended up ordering from Domino’s for the kids (Brooklyn style cheese pizza), Donato’s for Allen & Coliya (The Works w/ extra sauce, extra cheese and cooked well done) and LaRosa for me, mom and dad.

Now, on that evening, did I cheat?  NO I DID NOT CHEAT. Cheating implies that I did something wrong. It implies that I was deceitful for my own gain. I was neither wrong nor was I deceitful.  Instead, I made a conscious choice to not follow a plan that I had previously been following.  I was in control,  for a change. That evening, food did not control me.  I controlled the food.

Before eating, I made a preemptive strike to minimize the damage to my weight loss, via info from The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. If you haven’t read the book, get it and read it.  EXCELLENT and confirms everything I’ve always thought about metabolism and the body.  In short, before you eat an indulgence meal, you do 60-90 seconds of squats and presses against a wall and drink 8 ounces of grapefruit juice.  That’s the simple version.  I did it.  The next morning, I was only up by .4 lbs.  YAY!  I just knew I had gained 5 lbs. (seriously!)

Saturday came and I ate a couple of pieces of candy, but otherwise stayed on protocol.

Sunday came and ate Easter dinner with the family- a bit here and a bit there.  I also ate a few pieces of candy.  Nothing extreme, nothing excessive.  But, I have to say, carbs are not my friend.  I ended up feeling really bad.  Ugh!

By Monday, I was up 3 lbs. total.  Not too bad, considering what I had eaten.  Of course, I had a tinge of regret when I saw the scale, but I didn’t beat myself up.  All was well and I vowed to get through this 40 day cycle (I think.. ha!)

I had been reading on some HCG boards about tweaking the protocol for greater losses.  I decided to do what is called a “steak day”.  There aren’t any steak days during Phase 2, just in Phase 3 and Phase 4.  Steak day normally consists of eating nothing all day long, drink as much water as you can and at dinner time, eating the biggest steak you can find and hold (1-2 lbs.)  You also eat a tomato or an apple.  The next morning, you normally are down 2-3 lbs.  I decided to try a modified steak day.  I ate nothing all day, drank a ton of water and at 5 pm (I was literally counting down the hours!), I ate 8 ounces of a ribeye I had smoked earlier in the day and then broiled with a bunch of seasonings.  It was soooo delicious.

I was anxious for the next morning to arrive to see if it had worked or if I had royally messed up.  The news?  I had lost 2.8 lbs.  WOOHOO!  SCORE!

With further research, I decided to try something different yesterday as well.  A lean protein day.  So, I ate 17.5 ounces of broiled tilapia throughout the day.  I was hungry last night as is evident by the groceries I purchased last night after Bible study…

So, how did that work out for me?  I’ll let you see the results…

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And here’s a screenshot of my stats…

NET LOSS: 21.8 lbs

TOTAL LOSS: 22.4lbs (including the .6 lbs I gained on the gorge days; 23.2 lbs including the scale change, even more considering what I gained and then re-lost)


AVERAGE DAILY LOSS:  .66 lbs daily

How many “diets” can you lose .66 lbs daily on?  Answer: just about zilch.

And, more impressive.. the measurements…

18.25 TOTAL INCHES LOST (in case the screenshot is too small for your eyes!)

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As you can see from the above chart, I have 6 days of injections left.  I think I actually have 7 injections from this vial, so I think I’ll probably go 41 days depending on how I continue progressing.

I’ve not yet decided what to eat today.  I’m not sure if it’s a modified steak day again or if I am going to do a beef day- all beef, all day, up to 500 calories.  Whatever I decide, I’ll be anxious for morning to come..

Until then…



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