May 12, 2020

Lenovo ThinkPad X 220 Review

The ThinkPad X 220 is plain and simply have the best 12-inch business notebook that we previously reviewed.


Buttonless touchpad can some docking station pass through to interfere with the optional slice battery UsersNo. Lenovo’s latest 12-inch business notebook, the ThinkPad X 220, offers the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors, a high-quality IPS display and battery life, which is so unbelievable, you have to see it to believe. Keep reading to learn more about what sure is very popular to be a laptop for business.

Our review unit of the Lenovo Thinkpad X 220 has the following specifications:

Intel Core i5-2520M dual-core processor (2.5 GHz, 3 MB cache, 3.2 GHz-Turbo frequency) Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) 12, 5-inch premium HD (1366 x 768) LED backlit display (IPS) integrated Intel HD graphics 4 GB DDR3 (1333MHz) 320 GB Hitachi Travelstar hard drive (Z7K320) Intel ® Centrino ™ advanced N 6205 (Taylor peak) 2 x 2 AGN wireless CardIntel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet720p high definition WebcamFingerprint reader6-cell battery (63Wh) and Optional slice battery (65Wh)-Abmessungen: 12 (L) x 8.2 (W) X 0, 5-1, 5 (H) Customs with 6-cell BatteryWeight: 3.5 pounds with 6-cell battery4. 875 pounds with 6-cell battery and optional external battery SlicePrice as configured: $1,299.00 (from $979.00))

Construction and design Lenovo has recently announced their latest ThinkPad line of business notebooks, but you had another surprise in store: the ThinkPad X 220. If you have never “heard ThinkPad brand” then I’m glad that you finally, that cave links, that you since the mid-90′s in have lived. ThinkPads have long viewed was, as some of the best business laptops thanks to a trusted combination of State of the art performance, sound quality, excellent keyboard, precision build trackpoints (, that red dot in the middle of the keyboard) and to support fantastic guarantee. The previous generation of 12-inch of ThinkPads, the ThinkPad X 201, widely considered the best 12-inch business notebook on the market.

Can the X-220 do better?

At first glance that has outside of ThinkPad X 220 only a few minor changes from the X 201. The location of several ports has to have been mixed, but you have combined is still the same proven boxy design with durable magnesium alloy and design in matte black rubberized color covers. Lenovo offers still essentially a full size keyboard on a 12-inch ultraportable notebook, but the larger keyboard comes at the expense of the address space for the Palm rests. Although very well is on the X-220 not your wrists have ample space with the fingers in the traditional type position.

Regardless of the compact design, the X sets 220 Lenovo trend of “business robust” on laptops. This ThinkPad is Milspec tested (physical shock, thermal shock, altitude, dust, vibration, humidity, heat and cold) for proven durability. Translation: mobile professionals need handle to this laptop with kid gloves. In your car, take the X 220 or let the flight attendant, the it in a locker jam. The X-220 takes that hit and keep working.

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The majority of Lenovo business that customers order, that your notebooks as pre-configured, you you want. However, Lenovo facilitates still relatively easy for the customers who want to upgrade the X-220 on their own. The hard disk is easy by removing the single screw on the side access panel replaced. As far as RAM is concerned, there are two slots are located under the main access plate on the bottom of the notebook. Our review unit came with a single 4 GB memory module installed, so it would be easy by installing a second 4 GB RAM stick upgrade to up to 8 GB storage capacity.

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Ports and features The ThinkPad X 220 has what can be described only as the most robust port layout, we have seen on any electricity Gneration-12-inch notebook. You will receive two standard USB 2.0 ports and your choice either an “always on” USB 2.0 port (USB device charging, when the notebook is off) or a USB 3.0 connection for high speed data transfer. The X-220, also comes with a VGA port, display port connection, Gigabit Ethernet and a SDHC card reader. Oh, and the engineers of Lenovo also managed to squeeze in a full-size-54-mm ExpressCard slot for accessories and port expansion. If that is not enough ports a docking station connector on the bottom of the notebook, so that you can turn this 12-inch laptop in a desktop replacement.

: Installation loudspeaker

Back: AC power Jack and battery

Links: USB 2.0 port, VGA, DisplayPort, USB 2.0 port, Express card slot, and Wi-Fi/off switch

Right: SD/SDHC card slot, optional “always on” USB 2.0 port or USB 3.0 port, Ethernet, headset jack, and security security lock

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