February 20, 2020

LastPass – Secure Tracking multiple passwords on multiple devices?

LastPass – Secure Tracking multiple passwords on multiple devices?

Every time I talk about different passwords for different websites and how it is important to ensure that all such passwords are hard to guess (and conversely hard to remember), draw many people’s hands in frustration.

too much to remember, too many to keep track.

These days, I LastPass because not only all the things to remember for me, do it safely through all myputers and equipment. And has an additional assurance that I have not seen elsewhere.

Installation and configuration of LastPass

on the desktop, is primarily a browser add-on. As we shall see in a moment, is integrated into the browser, so you can record the registration for you to remember and automatically provided when used later.

When you install LastPass, for the first time, creating a LastPass account with your email address and password.


Note: This password must not be forgotten. This is important because this quote from LastPass page:

Do not forget that you never know what is your master password LastPass LastPass – you are the only person who knows. If you lose or forget you can not your LastPass master password to retrieve it for you. It is therefore important that the LastPass master password never forget.

Yes, that’s right, LastPass do not know your password . I’ll think about that explain in a moment.

your master password can be up to something like 255 characters, although in practice more than 32 characters is not much to add to the security.  Horse Battery Staple.

These references – your e-mail address and the LastPass master password – password to access vault where all account information can be stored.

As you remember passwords

Get references login and password information in LastPass is simple: go to any site you want to remember. For example, you can now access your Hotmail account and login.


After LastPass detects that you have connected successfully, a message on the top of the browser window will ask you if you remember this password is displayed. Click Site Store to change or extend the information stored (if desired), click In the dialog box, and you’re done.

How do you go about your day session in the different sites that you use, you will remember the option login information for each. Press each LastPass database is all you remember in the street.

(LastPass also previously saved import your browser and other password management tools.)

How to remember passwords

There are two ways in which the information is used usually remember LastPass.

When to visit the login page for a service, simply fill LastPass for you:


Note that the username and password shown in red and have red LastPass logo on the right side. That LastPass work.

In this case, as long as you are connected to your LastPass vault, logs are stored anywhere can be as simple as a visit to the website and click on Login .

The other option, your LastPass Vault (adding accessible via the LastPass icon that the browser menu or toolbar) is shown:


, click the site you want to register (“login.live” in this example corresponds to the site to my Hotmail account) and LastPass to open a new tab, go to this location, log, and

All with just one click.

LastPass with other

We have a lot of focus on the storage of user IDs and passwords with LastPass and tools like, but really, the same technology can be used for many other interesting and useful.

LastPass contains what they call Form Fill profiles.

The same technique that is used for filling in the application forms, can actually fill othermon used forms.

The best example would be your name, address and phone number. Often when shopping online, we have this information. Create a profile on LastPass fill with this information, and in many cases offer LastPass those pesky forms to fill for you.

The same is true with credit card information.

Do not forget about LastPass salvation is secure. Completed exactly as your login information, load profiles fit can be used to obtain information about the store credit card. Well, if you ask on a site for your card to arrive, a few clicks later LastPass ready for you.

What do you safer? Leaving a lot of online shopping sites remember random information from your credit card or remember a place under his control with LastPass?

You can imagine what I choose, LastPass.

Why LastPass is secure

One. The criticisms that is often mentioned with online services that, because the data is stored online, self-service access to the data encoding, but

Not so with LastPass.

Your LastPass master password never leaves your machine. All encryption and decryption is performed locally in are of the machine, and when you visit your LastPass vault view. Only the encrypted data transmitted over the network, and only the encrypted data is stored on servers LastPass.

Data is encrypted so even LastPass not know the password. If you lose your master password … But . In any part of the response is the ability to retrieve or reset it for you.

Think of it. As an encrypted file with something like 7-zip or TrueCrypt, and load it Who has the file simply because they are not given the password.

What this means is that all the data stored in LastPass can not be accessed by employees of LastPass. This also means you do not have the means to get around to everyone who asks is legal or not.

Your data is only available on devices that control, and only the master password to keep safe.

Why is LastPass Safe

As big as your encryption approach, there is a feature available with LastPass Premium ($ 12 per year and worth, in my opinion) that. The deal for me

The two-factor authentication.


When enabled, because on my portable devices, including my laptop, LastPass asks for a code from the Google Authenticator app on my smartphone runs every time when I used to connect to.

I have discussed , but what it is important it is not enough for my master password for my LastPass Vault Opening know – must also show that my phone cause in my possession any code that Google Authenticator screens account on my LastPass . Without both my password and my phone, I can not <span > 3

Premium Besides using the Google Authenticator LastPass supports several options, including and a multi-factor, which can be run from a USB stick.

I have two-factor authentication in other applications, and particularly appreciate LastPass Password Vault range of possibilities for this extra security.

It was not hacked LastPass?


As I discuss in , the answer is an emphatic no.

Something like a few years ago, LastPass informed users that had “unusual traffic” experienced in his net.

That’s exactly what it was, and that’s all it was.

As a precaution, people are advised to change their master passwords, although There is no reason, . There was no evidence of actual infringement of the data, and even if there were, your encrypted data would still assume that you selected the appropriate security master password. Remember, never LastPass, so it was never in danger.

They erred on the side of caution by open about it. I applaud your opening, and I felt safer with .

In particular LastPass

LastPass is free. It can be used on your PC or Mac without any restrictions.

LastPass Premium, as mentioned above, is $ 12 per year, as I write this. Worth it for the extra security options.

> LastPass Premium versions for almost any platform you can think of:


  • > iPhone & iPad
  • > Android
  • > BlackBerry
  • > Dolphin Browser
  • > Firefox Mobile
  • > Windows Phone and Windows Mobile
  • > Symbian S60
  • > HP WebOS


> In other words, LastPass is in almost everything.

> LastPass hiccups

> LastPass is not without occasional failures or inefficiencies.

> The biggest problem I have with LastPass is personally feel that from time to time I have a website where I need to go to enter my login information, but it is not. I realize that this part of theplexity web design, or rather try all the possibilities of a site for a password amodate may ask, is so cut me some slack. I have seen many times in other password manager, so I know this is not clearly attributed to LastPass.

> If you have a large collection of references, it can quickly clear which session for this location is. The “login.live” situation that we have seen above, is just one example, but actually saved a my Hotmail account. Although LastPass does not allow editing of the description (ie, you can use the “login.live” shown as “Leo example Hotmail account” using settings), you are required to actually do. I would definitely recommend that. After using LastPass for a while and have collected a few items that range and maybe clean the displayed descriptions and consider the grouping function LastPass to help keep track of what’s what

> LastPass use

> In my time with her, I have great faith in any system LastPass password management on the other. I know that there are many good products, but my experience and understanding of how LastPass makes me set it as my password manager of choice.

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> the password and form filling of the features that I have, and additional security features and platform independence took it offers premium LastPass LastPass Store includes additional features such as sharing passwords, import and export of data, an optional on-screen keyboard , passwords, and even tools to create a security audit that reviews what. good and bad about your own collection of passwords and login information

> If you’re serious about security, and I hope you are, then I suggest you use some sort of password vault to keep the load many different passwords that are really loose encouraging > with > different strong passwords for different websites that you can have accounts.

> My choice > .

> I rmend.

> Forum LastPass this post> , where an administrator document this.

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> 2: For a more detailed investigation of the LastPass security model, read (or listen) > . About half-way approach Steve Gibson LastPass security checks.

> 3: It’s not quite right. If I lost my phone, I should be able to. With a single password that was activated when creating two-factor authentication Obviously, one-time passwords safely stored elsewhere. It happens that a file is a TrueCrypt volume in custody.

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