May 12, 2020

It’s not always about the ‘inner work’

I am a self-help junkie. I’ve been DIY-ing my life for years. In the last year or so I’ve gotten more into what I call the spiritual self-help world. My inbox and Facebook feed are regular filled with women like Danielle Laporte, Marianne Williamson, Kris Carr and my new favorite Tara Bliss.

Words like universe, light, energy, resistance, ego and love come out of my mouth on a daily basis and are frequently used in everything I read.

I usually see Jina once or twice a week and she’s my first friend who is also in that world so I am surrounded by it, consuming it and breathing it in ALL. THE. TIME.

I love it! It’s my new life. It’s who I am now.

Lately I’ve been taking stock on how this new way of thinking is showing up in my life. What are the small changes I’ve made and what have been the results?

I’m meditating almost daily (thanks mostly to Jina) I feel myself judging and experiencing judgment less. I rarely experience guilt or anxiety. I find myself smiling more and I’ve noticed my shoulders aren’t as tense. I’m doing yoga on an almost daily basis. (An indirect result of the meditation. Hey, I’m already on the mat!)

Overall I just feel and show the love more.

If those aren’t enough reasons to check out anyone listed above then I don’t know what would be.

But. And this is a big BUT.

What I’m learning lately is that although this stuff, journey, path, way of thinking is all VERY important to me and VERY beneficial…

It’s not always about the inner work.

Choosing to see things differently doesn’t help me when I banged my knee after tripping over the shoes in our tiny entry way.

Trusting the universe doesn’t get me to my meeting any faster after getting a late start because I couldn’t find notebook.

And all of the meditations, visualization exercises and soothing yoga sequences are MUCH harder (if not nearly impossible) to do when I can barely find space to roll out the mat and then I step on a sharp dog bone that sends sharp pain straight to my brain.

Sometimes your external environment needs to be addressed before anything else.

And I don’t just mean cleaning. Although it helps it’s not the solution.

At Lifestyle Design Camp I focus a lot of time on teaching how the importance of your external environment. And by external environment I mean everything outside of your body, but within your control that you encounter every day. Like your home, car, office and purse.

These things trigger emotions constantly. And depending on what emotions they trigger your external environment can have a huge impact on your day, mood, health, relationships and the person that you become.

Think about all of the times you feel frustrated, annoyed or overwhelmed by something you encounter daily. That’s an external environment trigger that makes it THAT much harder to be the loving, kind and accomplished person you are trying to be.

That’s why I think it’s vitally important to address your external environment… as if your life depended on it. Because, well, it sort of does.

THIS is your whole life. This is MY whole life.

I don’t want to spend it in a negative state when I have complete control over SO many things.

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The deeper and more faithful I get in my self-care, spiritual life journey the lower my tolerance is for external triggers that take away from my peaceful, loving and productive life.

It’s about time we all took back control over our environments and stopped allowing them to sabotage our potential. It’s time we raise our standards for what a good day feels like. It’s time to say I deserve better to the idea that it’s normal to spend all of your time, energy and money just getting through each day.

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Because you do deserve better. We all deserve better.

Let’s say yes please to the inner work and realize that our homework is making our HOME WORK.

So my question to you is:

What’s one area in your home that triggers a not-so-positive emotion? Share below.

P.S. If you’re ready to work on your external environment you don’t have to guess where to start. that walks you through EXACTLY what to do. No paint gallons or design skills required.

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