May 12, 2020

Is it Easy to Learn French 11/01/12

Is it Easy to Learn French

Learning a new language can be extremely fulfilling for both personal and career reasons. Whether you simply want to master a new skill, are planning a trip or have professional reasons to learn a new language, it is always a challenging and rewarding endeavor.

Is it Easy to Learn French

French is a beautiful and useful language, and you may be wondering “is it easy to learn French?” The answer is yes and no. There are aspects of French that are quite hard for English speakers, and others that are easy. And of course it will take time, dedication and plenty of practice, but the rewards you will reap from learning French will be well worth the effort. How easy it is to learn French is a question on many learners’ minds, and luckily French is one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn. In fact, French can be easier than learning English or learning Spanish!

Understanding the French Language

Nonetheless, there are some potential difficulties for new learners. French is a Romance language (also called a Latin language, Romanic language or Neo-Latin language), which is related to other languages that are derivatives of Vulgar Latin. They belong to a subgroup of Italic languages, which are part of the Indo-European family of languages. As a Romance language, French has more verb forms – 17 of them to be exact, while English has only 12 verb forms. The nouns are gendered (i.e. depending on if they are male or female), unlike English. These are important issues to keep in mind when asking “How easy is it to learn French?”

Pronunciation of the French Language

Pronunciation can also be hard for English speakers, in particular the silent letters and vowel sounds. Nonetheless, French is not generally difficult for English speakers because, like English, it derives from Latin, so a lot of the vocabulary is not very different from English. In fact, about a third of English words have been influenced by French, so lexically speaking they are quite similar. This makes learning many French words easy for English speakers.

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How do I start Learning French?

“How easy is it to learn French?” is thus not an easy question to answer. Once you begin learning the French language, you will soon go from asking yourself “is it easy to learn French?” to knowing that certain aspects of the French language are easy to learn, such as vocabulary, while others are more difficult, such as correct pronuciation and pronoun usage. A good start is to find the right resources. We would recommend a world renown online french program. This program is great for all speaking levels whether you have minimal knowledge in French, a working knowledge or even if you are an advanced speaker. They break it down into a few sections.

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  • Audio Lessons
  • Voice Comparison
  • iPod/MP3 Compatible
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Conversation Practice
  • Culture Lessons
  • Games
  • Online Quizzes
  • Progress Tracking

The thing that makes this program stand out is that you get all of the resources you need for the rest of your life! Whether you want to add some of the help tutorials onto your iPod, smart phone or just to work on it slowly at home, there is something for everyone. We were able to work out a deal with the developers and to have the price lowered down to $99.95 for a lifetime membership!

The most effective ways of learning French include computer programs, audio and visual aids, workbooks and by practicing with native speakers. If you don’t have the time to take a real life course, the online course is a great option for you.

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