May 12, 2020

Increase Social Media

The online environment seeks to change every  day in order to offer a flawless working experience to every single user. Various tools have appeared on the market, measuring the ranking of a page among others and analyzing the manner in which audience can be converted into possible clients.

These methods are very useful not only for analysts but also for page owners and administrators because it gives them a glimpse of the way Google chooses its prey. Recently a study has been made in order to discover what brings pages into the high ranking system and what differentiates them from other cases.

You are probably wondering what factors were used for this study and how you can improve yourself. The answer comes right now, so stay tuned!

Ranking Factors

1. Keywords links and domains. Comparing them to the previous year, the importance of these factors has dropped. You have probably noticed that the system of introducing excessive keywords next to keyword links and backlinks does no longer apply. Google wants something more natural, link profiles that do not seem forced. So it is important to remember this ranking change as it can improve the way you work significantly.

 2. Quality content. Finally someone understands that is not about quantity but about quality. You need to write good and consistent content if you want to be taken into consideration as a reliable site. Ranking is important in this case.  So an URL which wants to be ranking high needs to include good (and a bit more text), an internal link structure and some extra media integrations.

 3.Brands. When it comes to Google, brands seem to be the exception to the rule. The same as last year, their position is still a great one and they enjoy the luxury of having more backlinks with the name of their brand (brand links). This doesn’t bring them negative ratings so why not take advantage of it?

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4. Social signs equal good ranking. Through this study it has been confirmed that the URLs that are positioned accordingly have better chances to receive more likes, tweets, shares etc. and they differentiate themselves with the help of the social signs.  This leads to 2 important things: the online activity is constantly growing while the content which is shared often is strongly related to positive ranking.

 5. On-page technology. The on-page technology, especially the one referring to the technical part of designing a website remains one of the most important factors in raising the rankings of a particular site.

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Google ranking is an important list that clarifies the way in which websites are positioned online. As a business owner or administrator, this listing is vital in handling a brand or a business. Everyone seeks to have their sites in the highest positions in order to get more visibility. Thus, try to keep in mind the tips mentioned above and fight for the first positions in the world.

Google ranking is important.Do you find it useful for your site or not?

Source: Searchmetrics

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