May 12, 2020

How pregnant women can stay fit

Want to know how to maintain a good figure during and after pregnancy? Read on…

We understand that as a woman you want to look beautiful all the time. Even during pregnancy, you may notice other pregnant women able to pull off that great natural pregnancy beauty. Obviously, this is tough. With all those changing hormones, tummy kicking, morning sickness and a growing belly, it’s just tough. Despite all this it’s possible to look and feel great even when pregnant and after giving birth.

Diet is essential to maintaining beauty during pregnancy

Giving birth to a healthy child hinges a lot on your dietary habits. Obviously, if you can maintain a balanced diet filled with all the essentials you’ll stand a good chance. This will help you maintain your own energy, vitality and beauty as well.

First, why worry about gaining weight? You’re going to have a growing baby in there anyway. Getting bigger is part of the process. It’s to be expected. Considering this, it’s important not to start dieting and trimming down on your diet. If you’re gaining weight slowly and steadily through the pregnancy process this is actually a good thing. It’s a sign that your baby is developing normally and in a healthy way.

Another downside to strict dieting at this time is the risk of slowing down your metabolic rate too much. This is the absolute antithesis of weight loss. Do it and increase your chances of unwanted weight gain.

When putting together a diet plan, think of quality and not the amount of food you’re getting. Typically, a lady that is pregnant requires approximately three hundred calories on any given day. These should be made up of nuts, fish, fruit, veggies, dairy and meat. Serving sizes should be around the six to eleven serves of grain based food, between two and four fruit serves, at least 4 of veggies, 4 in the dairy category, and 3 from the protein area which can include meat, eggs, nuts, fish.

Craving anything sweet? Don’t worry about it. In fact go for it. Just take care to keep it within reason. As they say anything in moderation is okay. However, you do want to keep a lid on saturated fats and sugary stuff as much as you can. Eat regularly. Preferably between five and six smallish meals on a 2-3 hourly rate. This is important to maintain even if you don’t feel hungry. Your metabolism will fire up more and your body with thank you for it.

Being pregnant can be tough especially when your energy is easily drained. This is also why it’s crucial to eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Supplements that are geared toward optimizing the body of a pregnant woman are good too. These include prenatal vitamins and minerals. Remember not to replace your diet with these though. They should be used only to fill gaps in your diet. Make sure you seek professional advice before taking any of these kinds of products as well.

This might seem obvious but unfortunately some people either aren’t aware or they just can’t help themselves. Stay away from caffeine, alcohol, cigs, and dangerous drugs! If you feel like a coffee or tea make it decaf. Remember your nurturing both yours and your baby’s’ needs as well.

Essential exercise for pregnant mums to be

No you don’t need to rest all the time when you’re pregnant. In fact, this isn’t ideal for your health or that of your growing child’s either. View pregnancy as an ideal chance to get fitter than ever before. That way once you have the baby you’ll have enough momentum to keep going and prevent that unwanted post-pregnancy weight.

Exercise during pregnancy can improve blood circulation, posture, energy, body weight, flexibility and strength. The stronger and more energetic you are throughout the whole process the easier it will all be. Again, it’ll ensure you’re able to prevent post pregnancy weight gain.

The hormonal release that occurs during pregnancy actually make your muscles more pliable. This is to make it easier during the birthing. This is also why it’s important to not do any sudden jerky workout routines or movements. Doing so could result in unwanted injury more easily than if you were not pregnant. We want slow controlled movements instead. Use light weights, or low resistance.

We think it’s a really good idea to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise regime. It’s even more imperative while pregnant as much more can go wrong.

Use low-impact aerobics for better fitness during pregnancy

Low-impact aerobics are fantastic for women who are pregnant. There aren’t any sudden or jerky movements involved. You are not required to do any step routines, jumping or running. Instead the exercises typically involve movements where you keep one foot on the floor and one off the entire time. You can pick up DVDs that contain these kinds of workouts everywhere. In fact Amazon have some good ones here (link). Speak to a personal trainer at your local gym as well. They will likely have classes designed specifically for pregnant women.

Aqua based fitness

Swimming is great to do during pregnancy. It’s a completely impact free form of exercise. This makes it safe for your joints, and the soft muscle tissue we mentioned earlier. It doesn’t involve sudden jerky movements but applies a low resistance form of muscle condition all the same. Typical exercises here are water running, aqua aerobics, or just normal swimming like backstroke, breaststroke and so on. Below is an example of aquatic fitness for pregnant women…

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Walking while pregnant

A daily walk is great because it is so accessible and can be done anytime. It’s also great for staying in shape when your pregnant. Make it easier and go with a mate, or walk to the shopping mall and get yourself a treat. You may even go for a walk when your partner gets back from work. Great thing about walking is it’s cheap, easy and just outside your door.

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Resistance bands for better fitness

Strength bands are suitable for people of any fitness level and experience with exercise. They’re usually the first step to condition the body for heavier resistance. They are also safe for pregnant women to use. They involve light to mid resistance levels. They also allow you to get the benefits of resistance training without having to lift any weights. They come in different levels of stretch and resistance allowing you to work your way up gradually. Exercises typically don’t involve jerky movements but gradual ones. They’re pretty cheap. Ranging between six and twenty bucks. Buy some here at Amazon.

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