May 12, 2020

How much can I make from my catering trailer sales..?

By Mike Carter

catering trailer sales

Catering trailer sales depend on many factors. If you want to know how much money you can make from catering trailer sales, you need to first understand the business. Most businesses don’t run smoothly in the beginning and most fail within the first five years. You will have many obstacles along the way, but if you have a strong foundation and understanding of the catering trailer business principles and use the systems and strategies that successful food vendors use, you too can earn a small fortune.

Mobile food businesses operate under tight schedules, and WILL include times of stress and pressure. You’ve got to make your food look delicious, served hot and fast, at a good price, at the same time as keeping everything clean within your local standards of food hygiene, and of course, keeping your customers HAPPY.

Catering trailer sales and the mobile food vending market have shown no sign of slowing down. People will always need to eat, and mobile food businesses offering good food at a good price served quickly will always be in high demand, ESPECIALLY in harsh economic times.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make from My Catering Trailer Sales

The amount of money you can expect to make from catering trailer sales will depend on your work ethics, business sense, and determination to work hard and smart. You can expect to work long hours in the beginning. Your time isn’t just spent selling your products, but cooking food and preparation, and storing and cleaning when you finish each day.

Some mobile food vendors are happy to earn a decent living of around $10K-$50K from their catering trailer sales at weekly markets, roadsides or industrial areas. Other vendors simply trade part time on the weekends to supplement their income. While some are happy to ‘make a living’ and earn a decent income part-time or full-time, there are many mobile food entrepreneurs who earn small fortunes.

The mobile food business is no stranger to newbies starting out from a small food unit and building a $1M+ dollar empire in just a few short years by expanding their operations into new locations, markets, festivals, outdoor events and offering additional private catering services to parties and functions etc. Many catering trailer businesses often reach the $100-$250K per year mark from trading at profitable locations within their local area. The real trick is to learn how to find and secure profitable locations and events for your business.

7 Essential Steps to Increasing Your Catering Trailer Sales:

1: Start with a Strong Business Plan – A business running without a good business plan is like a house built upon sand. If you don’t have a strong business foundation set out with a planned strategy and execution, you’ll have a MUCH harder time raising money and getting successfully up and running in business.

2: Start up Capital – A big mistake with many entrepreneurs make is not having enough start up funds. Understand that having enough money to purchase all of your equipment, food, licenses, insurance and your catering trailer is just the beginning. You also need enough money to pay your staff for at least the first three to six months and allow a financial cushion to absorb any ongoing costs for at least the first six months to deal with any slow start-up catering trailer sales periods if you need to.

3: Strong Friendly Work Ethic- Expect to be the hardest working person in your operation. A lot of your business will be built upon word-of-mouth in the beginning. Customers should feel and sense your energy and excitement from you. You’ve got to be enthusiastic about serving other people, if you or your staff seems uninterested in the job you are doing, it will show and drive away any repeat custom.

4: Know Your Competition – Another factor that will help with your catering trailer sales is to know what you are up against. Take the time to observe other successful mobile food trailers, their menu’s, their theme, everything. It’s not that important whether they are selling the same foods as you. What is important is how they MARKET their foods, drinks and business and how YOU can out-sell and out-cool them to attract more custom.

5: Keep a Clean Appearance – If you keep your trailer spotless and your food looks clean, you’re likely to be in business a lot longer and make people happier. Train your staff to keep their hands, surfaces, utensils and everything else as clean as possible because you and your catering trailer are centre stage to a crowd of money-spending word-of-mouth spreading customers.

6: Keep a Journal – A journal or small notepad is an entrepreneurs secret weapon. Many wealthy individuals such as Richard Branson swear by it to their increased productivity and success. Set yourself goals for each day. Keep your tasks prioritized and list things that you need to do every day. This keeps you organized and helps you save time. Most importantly jot down your mistakes and anything that is slowing you and your business down, then write out next to them the action step necessary to correct, improve and optimise your catering trailer sales.

7: Marketing – Ultimately how you market your business will be the make or break of your catering trailer sales and business itself. Learning how to market your catering trailer business and attract customers to your outlet is undoubtedly the highest leverage in your business, and fortunately, one you can LEARN TODAY.

How to Increase Your Catering Trailer Sales Starting TODAY

It took me years of trial and error and thousands of my own money to figure out the systems and techniques that work like a champ in the mobile food business.

You see, most mobile food vendors don’t really ‘get’ this part of the business and fall flat on their face when it comes to marketing their business, attracting money-spending customers and increasing their daily catering trailer sales.

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In my Mobile Catering Mastery program you’ll learn how to literally DOUBLE your business using some unique customer attraction techniques and up-selling strategies that you can copy and paste into your own business to get more catering trailer sales right away.

Inside, I teach everything from the ground up on starting and growing your own mobile food business to the point of success.

You’ll learn the best ways to get into profitable events and locations and you’ll get over 50 pre-made business templates, checklists, forms, schedules and contracts that you can use to get started right away.

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Take some time to invest in yourself today and learn how to literally sky-rocket your catering trailer sales with my quick-easy techniques and systems.

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