May 7, 2020

How Did Taylor Lautner Get His Abs?

I would rather watch anything but some faggy love story with vampires, but there is no denying this guy is in great shape.

How Taylor Lautner Got Six Pack Abs

Can you get the same results?

I am the first to admit I do not like the Twilight movies.

They are for teenage girls.

But I can’t get over the fact that one of the actors, Taylor, has just seemingly popped up from nowhere and now is a world wide heart throb for teenage (and older) girls everywhere.

It can sometimes seem that guys like Taylor are just born that way, the good looks, the lean body and the six pack abs, and part of that is true, Taylor does have a lot going for him.

1.  He is a teenage who is in the middle of puberty and his testosterone is literally going through the roof.

As soon as someone his age starts working out, it is not a question of if, but when they will get in great shape, and it is normally faster than they would expect.

2. Don’t accuse me of being a man lover, but he is just a naturally good looking guy, so of course if he goes out and gets into great shape, it will accentuate everything else.

3. Taylor has got great work ethics, procrastination is not in his vocabulary. He is an actor, he used to practice martial arts and has a busy schedule, but that doesn’t stop him from working out.


Although he has all of these things going for him, that just means that you can do it too.

He is 18 for crying out loud.

If he can do it, God knows you can too!

This guy is a celebrity, sure, but that just means he is busy as hell. I bet he doesn’t get much time to sit around and watch tv, and I bet he doesn’t want to either.

He has set goals, and he is achieving them, just like you can too.

According to most sources, for the second Twilight movie, the director was considering replacing Taylor with someone with a bigger build, so what did Taylor do?

He went out and got bigger. He put on 30 lbs of muscle.

That is a lot of muscle to put on, but when you have something to work for, you can do anything.

Before you go claiming that he had personal trainers, all the right foods, the best gym etc, just remember, this kid still had to bust his ass harder than ever before in his life to get the body he has got now.

Sure it would be easier if you had all those things, but the fact is, you probably don’t have a butler who can cook for you, a personal trainer to get your butt out of bed and an extensive gym in your own home.

Even though it will be a little harder for you to do this, it is still easily within your grasp.

Here are the steps Taylor took according to all the information I have found about him:

  • He ate when he was supposed to, not when he felt like it. To put on that much muscle, you need to eat a LOT, and often. He also ate WHAT he was supposed to eat.
  • He lifting weights, not just any weights, damn heavy ones. If you aren’t lifting heavier weights, you aren’t going to lose weight and build muscle or get stronger.
  • He supplemented his diet with a good multi vitamin, fish oil and protein shakes (being an actor I imagine he is rather busy and can’t be eating all day.
  • He drank heaps of water.  No explanation needed – water is the life blood of a good body.
  • He never missed workouts or meals
  • He made NO EXCUSES

No matter what else is going on in your life, know that if some punk celebrity kid can do it, you bet your own mother you can.

This guy is only 18 years old yet he has what you want, are you going to settle for that?

Every time you think about making up some b.s. excuse to skip a workout, think about this guy, Taylor I think his name was.

Think about how this cheeky 18 year old boy has exactly what you want.

Don’t settle for that crap, hit the gym and imagine he is that boxing bag, although he has trained in karate since age 6 so I guess you had better hit the gym right now.

Do NOT accuse me of actually liking these movies


Celebrities come and go, one day it is Arnie, the next it is Sly, then it is Pitt, now it is Taylor, but one thing remains consistent.

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All of these guys have killer bodies and are a MAJOR hit with the ladies.

Same goes for female actors, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, all of these girls are a mega hit with the guys and are the sort of girls you would kill to even be seen talking to.

The one thing all celebrities have in common is they get the information they need, then they take action.

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Hit that boxing bag now

Johnny Palmer

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