May 12, 2020

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Fossil fuels have been an energy staple for a long time, supplying us with heat and electricity as well as fuel for our cars. We’re using significantly greater amounts than before, so it’s really no wonder that people question if we’ll deplete the supplies. Obviously, it’s difficult to tell exactly how much is available as the majority is still underground and it is not easy to determine who is telling the truth. It certainly is true, that the pollution that is caused from making use of fossil fuels is causing problems for the planet. Making use of green energy sources is something that folks can do to make the world a much better place to live.

Maybe it is not easy to switch from fossil fuels to green energy immediately, but even learning to use them together will start to make things better. It might be true that green sources of energy would not supply all the energy needed for the world, but doing anything is better than doing nothing. Imagine how our world would change if hybrid cars or trucks replaced those fueled by gas. In every case where a car or truck utilizes something except a fossil fuel, our air quality improves. Nothing dangerous is created by the different green sources of energy, like hydro-power, wind, solar, geothermal or wave, and the planet doesn’t receive any damaging effects from them.

The reverse is what happens when the energy originates from a nuclear power plant or one that is coal. Utilizing coal releases carbon dioxide into the environment, which might seem trivial unless you consider the fact that there are 50,000 coal plants worldwide. Later on, even more coal plants will be built and so the problem will increase. If the nuclear power plants don’t run into any difficulties, no pollutants contaminate the air, yet there is still the problem of doing away with nuclear waste. Should an accident takes place, many problems will certainly follow. Eco-friendly sources of energy may have several problems of their own but they’re less expensive to maintain and eventually cost less to operate.

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One excellent reason to utilize environment friendly sources of energy is that they are renewable. In the event the sun stops shining at some point, hardly anything else will be important in the grand scheme of things. Though many locations have little or no wind, other locations are really windy year round and could definitely benefit from wind power. When the fossil fuels are depleted, something else will need to be used, so why not begin right now, as opposed to leaving the problem for the next generation. Although almost all of our energy issues have available answers, most people still continue to talk but not do something.

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Unless we’re ready to take measures to improve things, there’s no point in repeatedly talking about environmental problems and alternative fuel sources. More than likely, absolutely nothing will happen if we leave it up to the individual. It’s going to only happen with the leadership of governments and huge businesses.

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