May 12, 2020

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Many homeowners have questions about how rain gutters protect your home during Arizona monsoons. This very rainy season occurs from the middle of June until the beginning of September. Without adequate devices to propel water off of the roof and away from the house, there could be severe damage.

The most common question asked is whether or not it is true that they help to protect a house’s foundation. That answer to that is most definitely yes. Water can be destructive. If it is allowed to pool around the base of the house, it may find its way inside. Flooding can, and sometimes does, happen quickly. Before you know it, many of the items inside are ruined.

Another query is if water puddling around the yard is really an issue. Again the answer is yes. You could find your backyard area a breeding ground for harmful pests, such as mosquitoes. This can cause illness and disease. Water being carried away to another area prevents this from being a concern.

Mosquitoes, and other potentially harmful bugs, are kept from using the yard as a breeding ground. Stagnant water allowed to pool for extended periods of time is something that these pests thrive in. If there is no water, they will not be drawn to the space.

The types of damage that can be done if one does not have the best gutter for their residence is another thing on many minds. There are a variety of issues that can crop up in addition to the ones already mentioned. Drips can come in through ceilings and walls. This leaves a mess that must be dealt with. It usually will involve primer and repainting. Mold is another danger that can occur. This happens when there are damp, humid areas with little sunlight. Such as when precipitation leaks into the basement or attic.

Rain gutters help to ensure that walls and ceilings stay pristine. Leaks and drips can quickly turn a sparkling white ceiling to a dreary, unattractive brown color. Even once the area is dry it remains off color. A new paint job, with stain hiding primer, is the only way to fix this. However, it is pointless to fix if it is only going to happen again when the next storm arrives.

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One final question that should be answered is how to maintain the gutter on a residence. It should be checked and cleaned twice per year. This should be done in the spring and again in the fall. These are the two times of year when most of the dirt and debris find their way in. This clogs areas and results in precipitation not being directed away as it should.

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Having the answers to these FAQs on how rain gutters protect your home during Arizona monsoon season should help homeowners be more aware. The more you know, the more likely you are to give your residence the care that it needs. One way to do this is to ensure that the gutter on the house is at its best.

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