May 12, 2020

Green Party Global Issues: Reflecting on Global Democracy

Reflecting on democracy Tomorrow there are 35 million people in Criminal Attorney Chicago Spain who are able to choose a political party to represent them in Parliament. It is the only active participation will these people over the next four payday loan years, whether things affiliate marketing guide go well, as if they are wrong , as is the case in recent years and the years ahead ahead.

From early electronic cigarette morning to attend what the media calls ” party democracy ” . Hear the typical pre-designed script phrases for these events as “the day has passed normally and without incident”, “the story this morning has been an elder of the village who wanted to vote for Felipe González” engagement ring or the famous “to 12 o’clock in the morning and the polls have closed in the town X to electronic cigarettes have voted all the neighbors. ” Mere gossip’s own cheesy ” HELLO “will have to swallow those who have the guts to stand the pain of watching TV during the day tomorrow.

But that is tomorrow. Now playing “day of reflection” . That day the entire propaganda machine for the past week with the intention of leaving the citizen to think through their vote without influence of any kind . A real stupidity is more like a reminder to the public that we take our vote not as a right but a luxury for which we must be grateful .

My vote I have it very clear. I have it clear for years, many years. All for what has helped me today is to read what the candidates are going to eat, where and with whom. But I have thought about an interesting topic. This is the democracy, a system by which San Diego Homes For Rent power must be given to the people . But are we in a democracy? grants The people are sovereign in theory, Wire Cart Covers the Constitution as stated in its Preliminary Title. But is it really the sovereign people in practice? Did you decide the fate of the country people? Does the partners sovereignty over the central issues of this system? The answer is clear and unequivocal: no .

Not the same vote that voting

The first thing that comes to mind is the right to vote Cell Phone Accessories . Make no mistake. Strictly speaking we do not vote decisions. What we do every four years is to exercise our right of suffrage, that is to elect public officials who represent us. We did not vote. We do not decide. Simply choose. But we chose to charges that present a program are not required to implement once they have been elected. Candidates are not legally bound as if it were a contract. The programs they are still marketing campaigns , mere pamphlets. Use them to cajole, to sell. Once you buy them, they stay in power. And once they do, can do with it what they want, no matter what you may have previously sold. It’s a real scam . And what about the parliamentary voting policy . Hundreds of members of the two major parties, representing more than 9 million people each, all of them having to follow strictly the party’s decision. Is there any difference between the 9 million voters in PP? What about the PSOE ? In theory, each person chooses a representative. But no, and not elected or agents. Porcelain figures are chosen, they charge thousands of denver martial arts dollars a month, private part of their salary, they vote what they say above .

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But this does not stop there. With the electoral system in Spain, no such thing as “one citizen, one vote” . The choice of a citizen of the province of Guadalajara, for example, is as good as the election of five citizens of Barcelona. In practical terms, if a citizen votes for the PSOE Guadalajara, five citizens of the province of Barcelona should vote IU, for example, the end result was equalized. Is that democracy? No, it is not. The power to govern should reside in the village, but equally .

The people have exercised their sovereignty four times in 35 years

It is clear that we do not vote, but we choose. locksmiths I really do have voted once. In 35 years, citizens of Spain have been able to vote directly on issues whopping 4! The first referendum was made ​​in December 1976 in relation to the Political Reform Act . Two years later he held a referendum to ratify the Constitution . Several years later, in 1986, requested the opinion of the people, this time with regard to Spain’s continued membership in NATO which has been the most controversial grants of the few referendums in the country. The latest, just six years. The failure of participation marked the referendum on the failed European Constitution . Four times has sought the opinion to the sovereign. I’ve only been alive in two of them and why in the 1986 only had six weeks. Continuing the theme of the referendums, it seems important to highlight another recent scandal of Western democracy. Just over a month, then President of Greece, George Papandreou , called a referendum for the Greek people to decide on plans for setting (neolinguístico term to refer to cuts of rights and freedoms for the people) agreed with the European Union . Europe’s response was clear and their presidents and threats to the Greek government did not fail to succeed. The result we have seen. Papandreou has disappeared from the map. Many were offended todólogos television and saw an aberration that something as important as a ransom was voted on by the people . “People do not understand how important it is for them to approve this decision,” it read. Others, such as Diego Lopez Garrido , Secretary of State for the European Union, dared to give lessons in Greek law and cynicism cum laude commenting that referendums are only made ​​to the constitutional reforms . A month earlier, his party, the PSOE, had carried out a reform of the Constitution express without subjecting it to a referendum, despite the outcry.

Democracy passive or inability to stand as a candidate

Another interesting aspect of this “democracy” we have is that not everyone has the same easy to stand as representative of the citizenry . Since we can not vote directly, at least allow us to choose who cash advance loans we want to website development represent us in parliament. Nothing, not even that. Obstacles such as guarantees, an inflexible Administration as the case of the electoral boards and the ability of parties to form historical machinery media propaganda financed by banks is impossible to beat the average citizen with political aspirations. Or enter the party system or do not have any opportunity to develop this project. The major parties are corporate giants that control the media’s hands waving in the bank to implement all measures that may benefit you . Of course, from time to time, we must give the citizen any right or freedom to not question anything, so do not criticize the system. Lest you suspect. While you have the TV, while watching two candidates faced each other as if they were opposites, will be more or less secure. Believe that there will be someone, either of those, who try to further their interests.

Everything for the people, but without the people

Also of note is the work of “democratic” governments that carry out unpopular measures without a pulse shake them . We are currently witnessing a redesign of the West in which the true architect is being banks, public money ballooning, swelling their coffers, while politicians whole life insurance quotes as intermediaries we impose the same measures of adjustment (another term neolinguístico) that All they do is harm the people. We have been listening to the famous “they should tighten their belts” by those with yachts, private jets and a fleet of cars worthy of exposure. The fact is Denver Divorce Lawyer that the people no longer have money to buy those belts have to be tight. But we do have to work longer hours for less pay. I also remember another famous unpopular he has left behind millions of displaced and hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. I mean the invasion of Iraq , that of Afghanistan . Of Libya was not unpopular. The propaganda machine did its work.

The televised debate as free advertising in prime time

I will finish this long reflection talking briefly televised debate between Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Mariano Rajoy . It is a scandal for democracy that the grants main parties benefit from the electoral system, no access to sit at the table other policy options . It is a scandal that the law allows the mafia trick. As if that was not enough, in the following discussion , which itself could be other political (but not all) be returned to the faces of representatives of the PP and the PSOE. And last but not least, the first debate cost 540,000 euros . RTVE, public broadcaster, but not all, defrayed that cost 300,000 euros . Another scandal for the list: the main political parties, which receive more funding from banks and the system itself for their votes in previous elections, receive 300,000 euros from a public broadcaster to freely expose their candidates in prime time on several networks for more than 100 minutes .

Spain: The PP victory has given the PSOE

It was more anger than enthusiasm. The discomfort of the voters of the PSOE party has opted for this more general elections that the very enthusiasm that may have resulted in the PP between citizens According to the analysis of the data, the degree of fidelity of Socialist voters, which was below 40% according to surveys of Metroscopia, has resulted in a transfer to other units, rather than demobilization. Until now, when the PSOE was punished by their constituents that situation resulted in an increase in abstention. In such cases, simply, what specialists call “voter exquisite hcg diet plan left” punishing the PSOE staying home.  On this occasion, as estimated by Metroscopia, there have been 3, 9 million people who voted for the PSOE in 2020 and have chosen this time to support other options. In addition, another 500,000 self opted for abstention, to complete the 4, 3 million voters that the PSOE has lost over 2020. Of those voters who have lost the PSOE, 2, 4 million have gone to options such as the United Left and UPyD, especially. The first line has won 700,000 votes having to do with left-wing voters, angered by management that the PSOE has made ​​the economic crisis. The second formation has received the most votes of the PSOE is UPyD, who has won 800,000 votes. Of these, all are not of the PSOE and there are some that come from the PP, but most are old voters on the left. The emergence of Rosa Díez party has served as a platform to capture PSOE voters upset with this game, but not enough to vote for the PP. This is what some experts call “options refuge.” Even so, the estimate is that 1, 5 million from previous PSOE voters have gone to the party of Mariano Rajoy . In contrast, the PP has remained faithful to virtually all voters. The funny thing is that the PP has won less than 600,000 votes over the 2020 general where lost and only managed 154 seats, 32 less than now. And besides, the PP absolute majority achieved his best result of the democratic history with 459,000 fewer votes than did the electronic cigarette review PSOE in 2020, when only won 169 seats, seven of the majority. In percentage terms, the DB has only 0, 7 points higher than did the PSOE in 2020, ie, serves for an absolute majority vote loss PSOE, to abstain and to other options, rather than its own result . In 2020, the PP achieved greater share of the vote, 45, 24%, but had fewer seats, 183, because the PSOE did not fall as much as now. Then he had almost 500,000 votes less than now, but the census was lower and therefore can not compare these absolute figures. Another advantage of PP is now cast their votes and, more specifically, its rise in Andalusia, where for the first time exceeds the PSOE and if extrapolated to a regional data achieved a clear majority. The rise of PP is more homogeneous than ever and in Andalusia is where most seats at stake. Raises the PP in Catalonia, but less than what the polls showed. In this community has produced a curious effect, because the survey did not foresee the dramatic rise CiU , among other things because, according to experts, the nationalist vote was a vote has not been to confession hidden in the polls. In the case of the Basque Country, the extrapolation of data to regional elections left the political scene more complicated. For starters, the PP would not be decisive in any of the probable combinations and yes there are two different scenarios: a government following an agreement between Amaiur and the PNV or, alternatively, an Executive fruit of an agreement between the PNV and the Socialists. The PP would add or the PNV and the PSE. The maintenance of these data would imply that the PSOE would stay in this legislature without autonomous governments. Another conclusion of the results is that the adoption of cuts in a territory does not in itself wear at the polls. CiU is the case of PP in Catalonia and Castilla-La Mancha. Experts often say that no events involving themselves wear, but wearing it is if handled badly. For example, explain that the 11-M did not end with the government of Aznar , but the negative way in which the PP managed the crisis in 2020. In the case of CiU, despite the cuts and protests in the community, he has made ​​nearly 300,000 votes with respect to its 2020 results and a remarkable increase compared to the regional. The same thing has happened to the PP in Castilla-La Mancha, which has reached record 55, 85%. Another conclusion is that the enormous punishment tip the PSOE voters in the municipal and regional authorities must have seemed to them little, because now I have repeatedly increased. Then he pulled the PSOE PP less than 10 points and now that difference has been 15, 89 points, ie 50%, the biggest difference in all general elections in history. In 2020, when Aznar’s PP achieved an absolute majority, the difference in favor of the popular was 10, 53 points. And when the PSOE of Felipe Gonzalez in 1982 reached the mythical 202 seats to the AP Fraga, the advantage for the Socialists was 14, 36 points, ie lower than that recorded now.

A Spain hit by the crisis hastens to carry the right to power

A Spain, hit by a crisis that has caused nearly five million unemployed, is quick to bring to power the right, considered a favorite against the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) The PSOE and the conservative Popular Party (PP) veil their weapons Saturday, a day of reflection, hoping that on Sunday the 36 million Spanish people who are called to the Discount Judaica products polls go to vote to renew the 350 deputies and 208 senators. The latest survey, published last Sunday, predicting the worst defeat of the Socialists since the return of democracy, with only 112 seats, while the PP would be between 192 and 198 seats, well above the 176 seats that make absolute majority in the Congress of Deputies. The socialist candidate and two government exnúmero, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba , is unlikely to reverse this trend and aims in recent weeks seems to be aimed at preventing an absolute majority on the right. Composition: Rubalcaba / JAVIER SORIANO / AFP – Rajoy / AFP PHOTO / Lluis Gene “There car insurance is only one party that can stop the absolute power of the right, which is the PSOE , “Rubalcaba told his followers on Friday, but the austerity measures implemented by the socialists against a crisis that forced the chief executive Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, to advance the elections four months-still working against him. Pension freeze, delaying the retirement age from 65 to 67 years , 5% casino reduction in the salaries of officials, tax increase, are some of the initiatives that sank the popularity of the Socialists, who came to power in 2020 in a time of economic expansion driven by what would eventually become the housing bubble. “This crisis devours the rules, does not matter whether right or left,” says Anton Losada, a professor of political science at the University of Santiago de Compostela, emphasizing weight loss pills that the Spanish Socialists may become the next victim of the crisis, after the Greek and Italian governments. The PP leader, Mariano Rajoy , 56 years after their defeats in 2020 and 2020, said at a rally on Friday it was “prepared to be president of the Spanish government.” However, the likely future prime minister will have little respite in the harsh economic situation in Spain , under pressure in recent days to increase their market risk premium (difference between the yield on the ten-year bonds from Spain and Germany ) above the 500 basis points. “The new government will not have the usual grace period of 100 days must pass specific targets and measures, even before his inauguration” in January, said Bankinter. “The priority is to give a message of confidence to the markets,” Rajoy said, promising to quickly present a “first economic action plan” to show that “Spain is serious about the issue of budget deficit,” which promises car transport more austerity and probably more citizen protests. “The forecast in the current and future performance of the PP is an increase in protest s, whether of origin ‘outraged’ union or corporate, “said Antonio Alaminos, Professor of Sociology at the University of Alicante, the AFP. On Thursday, thousands of students and teachers in Spain demonstrated against cuts carried out by regions such as Catalonia in education, where doctors are also mobilized by the savings in health care.

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” The change of government will be the same or even worse, “Jaksic said in Madrid website hosting Alexandra, a student of Art History, 19, saying that” the socialist government has no socialist. It takes two years making cuts and others will do the same cuts or worse. ” Alongside them, the movement of the “outraged” which came to claim against the consequences of the crisis and capitalism without limitation, it remains a background noise, but in recent days have been able to mobilize only a small part of the solar power thousands who marched in May. “They’ve created themed activities, such as avoiding evictions, for example, Phen375 Reviews and an awareness of how widespread it is the crisis and its effects. In this regard continues to be a high potential for future mobilization, “said Alaminos.

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas: Good or bad end so no discounts

From early assumed a wonderful day weekend Hidalgo Street, but the “Good End” became a nightmare of high prices Misleading and penniless people wandering around the shops, just watching and adding more sadness because they can not afford shoes, a $ 600 dress, a coat of a thousand pesos. The pain of seeing Victoria seeing increased impoverished people without engaging in begging asked to pay for a passage home, almost fainting from hunger, the boys in the group have begun to speak out against painful situations which we live and That at know what? also had Relevant Life Policies the need to disburse some of our very scarce money because we got her singing to the soul. It’s 9 am and Hidalgo in the street of the capital of Tamaulipas still beautiful girls-washed sidewalks with soap payment protection insurance and water leaking through the pairs of walking shoes looking illusions, something cheap and cheerful . The few businesses that decided to go to the “Good End”-because the President had ordered to give money to big business that move the economy display their posters in the windows. The discounts range from 10 through 50 and 70 percent, although it is out of season clothes and some flaws. A simple blouse and even traces of powder has an original cost of 400 pesos, and a 50 percent discount will be in the 200 pesos, too much money. Or you are, you understand that they, the merchants never lost, least do him the favor to the scrabble word finder people.

There are more police and soldiers in the street in retail customers and businesses. There are more people in the market, looking for costumes for hcg the parade in shops affiliated with the Kanak. More people in the street, more people without money. The color of the windows with fashionable clothes, everything is very nice but for the people is like a fairy tale of where they will get money to buy those not working in government, employees, the 500 pesos per week. Do they walk naked? Because it is known and was to spend on underwear for women eg in Hidalgo means employing nearly one thousand pesos, when a “bra” in the New Springtime costs 500 pesos, 250 pesos Del Sol, a coat for the cold thousand pesos, and only offer 10 percent discount on all merchandise.

“No one has stopped to buy, the people have no money, no money rather. This is a city where money disappeared, “said one of the young clerk in a boutique.

In the windows anxiously await Christmas trees and all well-known motifs. Delivery is day bonuses, but few will buy the illusion of wealth and comfort, or become fools because illusions only survives. And if you just will not buy it in January with cash in their wallets, so many doubts in front of the windows: to enter or not enter, borrow or not. Count to ten, more fear may eventually run out of money.

“Better then your shoes endure still more. And the clothes are very expensive, if not complete spending. We’d better go home. ” And the long faces again. And the sadness, deep sadness. What causes Don Money.

More on Che Guevara Another nightmare for parents buying toys is also very little discount, bicycles, games, laptop, because now things are asking Santa expensive, although they know that the oven is not for buns.

If the “Good End” of Calderon. Or what is the same: while a few have, many more suffer dui lawyer chicago from lack of circulation. Poverty then.

Other citizens as Doña Juanita took to the streets to see what we find. With an empty stomach and walk in the sun of noon, the elderly lady almost faints, wants to get home in the colony but do not bring Pedro Sosa for the minibus. To his bad luck is with us, which only managed to give 10 Bankruptcy pesos to return home. Anger grows. It’s a housewife, maybe grandmother, perhaps mother, middle-class appearance, in doing so. But later is something else also students, professionals also suffer the same malady of extreme poverty.

The bad weekend continues and in the micro, home. Two young students, educated, custom t shirts trained, educated, chanting, shouting, protesting the same situation. Working the way they can think of. Its song is a portrait of reality, that if Mexico is in the hands of a dictator that if mothers are sad, others are happy because their children give them money, but ill-gotten, that if the death of Rodolfo Torre went unpunished. People tremble, admires, is portrayed in them. Youth brave, you need to h …. That only. Skin Enchin, some tears out, the girls open their eyes frightened by the boldness. Although youth is always brave.

The boy Che Guevara-style beard, another almost a child, with bakery very white skin and traces of a good position once stretched his hand to get paid for telling the truth. People give them what little it takes, is another coin to the cause. They say the show will go to work, who are also in “Face.” Who knows if they are a kind of dynamic duo as they sing reciting or singing now the kids, talking things in real life. They have to go down … but there is something that strikes: blame the media, more television, hide the truth, the real news of a people who are dying of hunger.

The “Good End” is deleted in everyday reality and what is left is what you get: a “bad end”, which discounts a while changed names and became what we want to hide in a direct … descontón and cunning.

Wins Right In Spain, the insensitivity of the Markets Overwhelming victory of the PP, with a strong decrease in the PSOE , and place of other policy options in Parliament, both national (UPyD, IU) and nationalists (PNV, AMAIU, CIU, ERC ), which qualify an absolute majority of the right winner of centripetal tendency toward centrifugal peripheral positions are not always cooperative action Estado.El electorate has How to Unlock iPhone punished the mistakes of the previous Socialist government, especially the failure of economic policy has had a strike of nearly five million people, that beset debt markets, have put the ropes on several occasions, and that the right wing opposition â € “winning elections, has not missed unarmed opposition for their continued work wear, seeking electoral confrontation, aware of possible revenue that could bring him, as indeed has sido.Ahora, once legitimately acquired power, so ample, the PP has before it a hard work because there will be difficult to internal and external balances, not to stress the situation social policy with the necessary financial cuts, and while earning the trust of Spanish debt creditors, to stop a crackdown on the Spanish economy, and enable its viability with consequent actual.Así out of the crisis, Rajoy will win a consensus national leadership of the Spanish company, enabling it to implement an effective surgical cuts in public spending and reducing government to the point of having to rebuild the autonomic system unworkable generated in the political transition from the end of the seventies of last century, but at the same time, it will earn the respect of European leaders, especially those who have direct influence on bank creditors, especially France and Teacher Clock Hours Germany, to allow him to do readjustments, but painlessly without altering the social peace interna.Y so, while Rajoy said yesterday that did not fit miracles, it is equally true that spread a kind of assumptions during the election campaign, according to which a change government suspension lift kits to give more seriousness and rigor, would calm markets and give confidence to the country. But this hypothesis has proved wrong the first day after the election relay, where markets have kept the risk premium on the 460 points on the German bond and the stock market has fallen more than 2%. Therefore, no nothing. The money only serves to economic reasons, only policies, and less sentimentales.Por therefore waiting has been more successful in their other hypotheses about the economic recovery â € safety defensive driving “for the sake of their own country, we must be attentive to the adoption of real and effective measures to provide security in the midst of instability of an economy in a couple of years has been falling apart without having to come up with a solution of restablecimiento.Además once that you make arrangements the country, it would denver personal injury lawyer be appropriate to begin by agreeing an electoral law reform, if only in consideration of the state as single constituency, it is grossly unfair to a country that boasts of being democratic, that groups like Amaiur with 333,628 votes (1 , 37%) have 7 deputies, PNV with 323,517 votes (1, 33%) have 5 deputies, CIU with 1,014,263 votes (4, 17%) has 16 deputies, while IU-LV with 1,680,810 votes ( 6, 92%) has 11 deputies, and UPyD with 1,140,242 votes (4, 69%) have 5 members â € “unable to get its own parliamentary group. These sound differences, with a different treatment, and therefore unfair. It assumes that in Spain the personal value of the vote of each citizen has the same value, and that is very serious in a democracy, it represents an important and unfair split of representation, which also promotes autonomous parties â € “which incidentally are less interest manifest-national state, which is harmful to awkwardly española.Así because the policy itself, the PP has an enormous task ahead of government, not simple, that shall be managing tactfully acknowledging potential allies in defending the State, which will need for the necessary economic and political changes, and for the administration of the “Basque peace” that the PSOE in their political inclinations did not materialize, as neither the ETA has provided weapons , no more than a vague statement of intent to abandon the armed struggle in exchange for which, the Zapatero government opened the democratic political sectors for those Basques who are above hyper-represented in Congress. Given that the new government must act in a delicate balance between a fragile peace, and low political integration approaches given their stubborn determination, to make matters worse they have a contagious effect on Catalan nationalism, more mercantile than military.

Camila Vallejo “I decided not my physical appearance, but my political project”

The right has tried to highlight his undoubted physical beauty, and attract the fold of good behavior. It has everything to ‘succeed’, hypocritically says She did not leave. “It is common to divert attention from substantive issues to raise questions as priorities surface. Objectively I’m vps hosting pretty and I have no problem in say, but I did not decide what would be my appearance. What I decided is what my political project and my work with people , ‘”responded to a Chilean magazine’s” heart “, also aimed some of his musical tastes: the trova, Serrat, Chinoy, Ismael Serrano.

Is the second woman in the history of Chile, his country, to be elected president of the Federation of Students (university). Militant of the Communist Youth, a graduate of Geography, Camilla is at 23, a girl who breaks all the schemes.

And since the media can not co-opt, then try to reduce the social significance of the movement’s leadership (perverted or opportunistic) of a person, then demonized. On this topic also responded: ” The personification of the movement is due to politicians and the media . It is a strategy that is used very frequently with those who rise to social demands. In Chile applies a lot, and I think in other countries too. In Cuba, Castro talks, Chavez in Venezuela. Everything is personified with the supposed leaders, and is not a process that is shared by a majority “(BBC World). Camila participated in the so-called “Revolt of the Penguins” in 2020 (Chilean high school students received the nickname for the uniform black white and used), and is the spokeswoman for the current protests against the neoliberal model in higher education, wedding ring a student movement that has shaken the entire Chilean society. Although some of the same premises, the resistance to privatization model and the need to build an alternative world-, the Chilean Unlike other seemingly similar outbreaks, such as Madrid or New York:  ” The student movement is not part of the Chilean outraged , told the BBC Camila. There is a spontaneous movement, but a long process based on a thorough analysis of what happens in Chile, of injustice. We understand the struggle of outraged, but in Chile we passed the stage of discontent. Now, you have to look in front and build an alternative for the country. ” Despite his busy schedule for mobilization, Camila Vallejo agreed to answer questions exclusively Middle Street sent him to Cuban readers. ‘Some’ experts’ 90 auto insurance quote used to say in that new generations of Chileans, after years of dictatorship were conformist, passive, individualistic, is this revival of youth social movements in Chile is unexpected?

-Indeed, much of the youth for a long time assumed the role Container Store model he wanted to impose noeliberal, acting in full compliance and disconnected from the national reality of what happened in politics or in the social world, coupled with the fear demonstrate publicly inculcated, because of strong threats of repression that the government still unleashed on the population. However, e n Chile also have an extensive history of social struggle, in which young people have consistently been an active and motivator, but so long was against the Storage Bins current. However, this year the need and desire to manifest , to participate and hold a space in decision making permeated deep into the youth, which brought the unprecedented element of the mass mobilizations, overwhelming public places like never before seen in the country. That is new and very encouraging, since it seems that this individualistic youth is leaving aside that kind of attitude and is understanding that we are called to make changes and work to build a better future for our country. So that we realize that in fact many young people have an opinion, they were not demonstrating, but were waiting for the chance to make known. ‘You’re part of a generation with various experiences mobilized since the days of the so-called’ Rebellion Penguins “in 2020, how much the student movement has matured in Chile?; of that first experience, what lessons learned from this?

More on Salvador Allende Federation of University Students ‘First of all, something that constantly stands for learning differences and the movement of the Penguins 2020 is the broad sense and a citizen of the present movement. That is, we now assume that changes in education will be made ​​by the joint action of many social organizations can join forces in support of our goal, and not just the isolated act of the students, therefore, these changes are a national concern , not just union, as I wanted to believe in previous years. On the other hand, in terms of experience on the relationship between governments and the social world, n osotros we learned that unity and mobilization are two indispensable tools at the time to act, because the right always look so divide we are pay day loans the students themselves divide us about unnecessary debates. In addition, we now know that before any offer of the Government should demand guarantees that allow us to have a minimum level of confidence to start conversations that lead us to resolve any conflict. So today the dialogue is paralyzed because of the intransigence of the government and its inability to yield to minimum applications. However, we mobilized, 100 day loans because we will not stop until we see concrete results, which is another learning: no arms down too early. -media transnationals continue to speak of the “Chilean economic miracle ‘, how the students live” miracle “?

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‘Unfortunately, what some call a miracle, for many it was and still is a nightmare. Both the toughest political sense which meant the dictatorship in Chile and the lives they took to implement free ipad the current neoliberal system, as in the economic sense, as to the violent transformations suffered our economy and even our State, so to perpetuate business millionaires to a few families in this country, at the expense of impoverishment and growing inequality in the distribution of wealth for most people, besides affecting public services were privatized almost entirely, from the water to health auctions online and education. In this sense, the existing universities until the coup took them almost 70% financing and had to start charging higher tariffs in order to finance themselves through the payment of the families, which made ​​entry into the higher education were determined by the economic level of students. In addition, at that time permitted the establishment of private universities and technical institutes whose main purpose was to profit and not educating, prompting the proliferation of hundreds of low-quality facilities, which profited from the dreams of progress of entire families. To this we must add that the impoverished public schools and also permitted the establishment of schools with “shared funding or subsidized”, which are allowed to open private schools and receive state money and families to support both The school and the owner’s pocket, which severely weakened public education meant that poorer people could only access a low-quality education that allows you to enter college or to improve their living conditions. Faced with all this is that today we rebel as students and society at large, presenting our demands, reflecting a social conception of how it should be education in Chile. -For the slogans flying students, it is clear the return of Salvador Allende, his truncated dreams, do start young Chileans to reassess the past, how Chile would be your dream? ‘I could make sure that happens all the movement, but I think among many in the movement there is a high value as the Allende only president who held a government project popular . That’s a very emotional, because there is a meeting point between the younger generation and past generations who lived through that beautiful effort to build the Chilean road to socialism, severely restricted by the dictatorship. However, those gestures that allow us to remember, reflect both the current need to have a government closely linked to people to keep a citizen and non-functional program to national power conglomerates and transnational corporations that dominate the country. In that sense, beyond just revalue the past, I believe that today we are part of building a different future by presenting a social project for education and for all other load requirements with which our hcg country. This clearly involves STD Testing all kinds of players, spa covers from students to workers, residents, housewives, etc.. who have the wow gold duty not to abandon this process is in the ascendancy, what we now call “The People of Chile Spring,” which rightly we are strengthening, as here to stay. – Have you received the backing of other Latin American federations students? The Federation of University Students of Cuba also issued a statement of solidarity, do you feel part of a continental movement?

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Fortunately, international support from young people around the world has been unconditional and very rewarding, has allowed us to determine the scope of what is happening in Chile and also has opened many doors of international solidarity . We have learned from the experience of many partners around the world and Latin America, we exchanged insights and knowledge of both education and experiences in social movements, mainly through instances of communication such as social networks, but also specifically, as in the (meeting of) OCLAE, congress attended by hundreds of fellow Chileans intended to raise awareness chiropractic marketing of our struggle, but also to strengthen the feeling of Latin American unity often difficult to practice in our country, but in times like these is so necessary and seems to come naturally to the surface, to recognize that many students believe that the struggle that we are giving in Chile today, tomorrow could be in any other neighboring country, and no doubt in the measure of its correctness we will mutually support one another.

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