May 12, 2020

Get Bulky or Get Ripped?

Pick one and stick with it until you achieve it.

Do You Want To Get Big Muscles Or a Ripped Lean Body?

Get massive or get ripped? It isn't set in stone, you can always get bigger or more ripped later.

There is no right or wrong answer.

Just what you want.

Most of what I write about is becoming lean and having a ripped body, not necessarily having huge obtrusive muscles, but that is just what I want and what I focus on.

What you want may be a different thing altogether.

It is possible to do both at the same time – but not likely.

If you are eating above your maintenance calories, having lots of protein and eating a bit meal after your workouts, + doing a good amount of cardio, it is possible to add muscle and get ripped – but it is not advised.

Here is why:

  • When you concentrate on two things, you can’t do very well at either
  • You will only make very small progress at both
  • You will find it a lot more difficult
  • There are far easier ways


In some of my work, I have made it clear I am not a fan of bulking up, because it adds fat.

However, that is only my personal opinion because I have no desire to get that much bigger – I still lift heavy weights and try to get stronger, but I do it without adding fat because I would rather stay in ripped condition all the time.

If you personally are wanting to bulk up, then I advise that you do it.

In my fat loss and muscle building book I demonstrate exactly how I put on a heap of lean muscle, and exactly how you can too.

Just don’t try and do two things at once.

In one year you could easily pack on 30 pounds of muscle if you are a relative new-comer. However if you were trying to lose fat at the same time, you may only put on 5 – 10 pounds.


This is why I do not really advise people to try doing the two at the same time.

Sometimes it will just so happen that you start eating right and lifting the heavy stuff and you will lose body fat, but it is the exception to the rule.

If I decided I wanted to bulk up – I would be eating like a horse and lifting every damn heavy thing I could find until my muscles pumped battery acid.

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There are a few things to think about when deciding what sort of body you want to shoot for, and yes, I think it is good to decide what sort of body you want before you make some plans.

What sort of sport, if any do you play?

Is weight an issue for it?

Do you want to be a ladies man with a six pack or a walking human missile?

Do you want to be able to create superhuman useable body strength?


Consider it, because most people only see one option., either get huge or get ripped.

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Remember scales are only good for measuring baking ingredients. Body fat scales are what you want to use.

Whatever option you decide to choose, let me help you.

I have the best information for permanent, fast fat loss, the best techniques for getting six pack abs and all the knowledge you will need.

Grab a copy of my book, Ultimate Fat Loss Manifesto, and if you haven’t yet, put in your email at the top and get my free book as a sample.

All the best

Johnny Palmer

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