May 12, 2020


we had the opportunity to go to a special gender reveal ultrasound where they looked at the baby through 3d images. it was extraordinary to say the least. luckily for me, the appointment was early in the morning so i didn’t have to wait long once i woke up. i was a nervous/excited mess. i had so many emotions and thoughts running through my head that morning, i could hardly sit still. luckily my mom was able to join us at the appointment and i am glad i got to experience this with her too (they didn’t have these 3d images when she was pregnant so it was cool for her to see too). when we got there, i filled out a bunch of paper work and almost immediately went into the ultrasound room. the minute i got there i felt a sense of calmness enter my body. the place was clean and organized, the people were so sweet, and there were pictures of babies everywhere. i was mesmerized.

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we went into the ultra sound room and there were couches and chairs available for friends and family to sit. there was a big screen TV on the adjacent wall where we would be able to clearly see our baby and all of it’s parts. the woman did an excellent job at making all of us comfortable. she explained what she was going to do and what we were going to see. if it was a boy, we’d clearly see two round shaped balls between it’s legs, she explained. and if it was a girl we’d see one small rounded shape but a lot less pronounced. my heart was beating extremely fast at the point and i just wanted to begin. kyle and i were the only ones in the room, wanting to find out the news first. then we invited my mom in to take a look for herself.

we are very proud and excited to announce that we are going to be parents of a little baby…..

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yay!! he was active and was very corporative while the ultra sound tech was searching for the right angle to determine boy or girl. so, thank you for that baby! once we figured he was a boy (and it was pretty clear) we spent the next half hour scanning my belly, watching him flip, twist, and do summersaults. i was in complete awe. we saw all five fingers and all five toes. we saw his legs and knee caps. we saw him stretch out his legs, pushing against my uterine wall (even though i can’t feel anything yet). we saw his arms and elbows. we saw his little ears and button nose. we saw his eyes flicker underneath his eyelids. we saw him yawn. i fell in love with him even more, if that is even possible. i squeezed kyle’s hand every time he did something new and he squeezed mine right back. i fell in love kyle even more too, if that is even possible.

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Grayson James Ertter