May 12, 2020

From flunked out of college to Dr. Path201X

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Life these days is very interesting and quite humbling at the same time. Because I grew up working class, I can’t help but be touched by so many people who are struggling, people who did the “right” things, yet are still having problems. OTOH, I’m also touched by the numerous acts of kindness I see to. People can both amaze and disappoint at the same time.

Speaking of disappointments, perhaps the greatest disappointment in my life right now is my job from triple hell. And when I say disappoint I’m speaking of things that are unprecedented in my personal or professinal life. Things like being blantanly lied on by my boss who I foolishly stated in a previous blog post was the sweetest person I had ever met. The thing is that if I didn’t work for her I would probably would get along great with her. But insecure people are the absolute worst people to work for. Again, I can’t pretend that God himself didn’t warn me about this place so I’m going to end my complaining about that now. But I do have my attorney on stand by just in case……..

Moving on, things are looking great for the 5 year MD program, so I stay focused on taking everything I’ve learned in life and applying it in the future so that I can become the best Pathologist possible. I’ve also got to set up an interview at a major pathology facility (to be named later) so that great news for me too. It’s a parttime research position that utilizes histopathology techniques and pays more per hour than I make now. More than that, it’s just the foot in the door I was hoping to get at this facility.

One of the things I always enjoy doing is talk to young PhD’s about career options and a few weeks ago, one of my cousins referred a young woman to me who was recently laid off from her job and looking for work. The young lady graduated with a PhD in the sciences from the University of Florida which was no small feat considering it took her 11 years to do it!!! Anyway, it was a pleaseure to talk to her about getting a PhD, working, life as a minority woman with a PhD and was such a reminder for me to stay on task.

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Speaking of that, I was asked again about my decision to do what will essentially be a 5 year MD program as opposed to applying for regular admission. Well sure there are PLENTY of medical students and MD’s with my academic credentials but I rightly or wrongly, I focused on a certain school for numerous reasons and I knew that my credentials while impressive, were probably not impressive enough for this one particular school. Most importanly, I knew that 99% of the minority medical students at this school got in through the post bacc program. So I’ve talked with numerous members of the adcom at this school and I’ve done exactly what they’ve instructed me to do, a plan which has been 3 years in the making. Does this mean that I’m a “shoo in”? Of course not, there are no “sho in’s” in the med school admissions game, but because I’ve excelled at everything I was instructed to do, I’m certain I’ve got a great shot at being successful.

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In other news, it appears that I’m going to have surgery in the next few weeks for some “female” problems. I’ve been able to control things with diet and exercise but I’ve known for a while that those were only temporary fixes. The great thing is that I’ll get my full salary while out on disability to recuperate so I’m plenty thankful for that. Not being one to waste time while I’m out, I’m going to finish my thesis and get my mind ready for the challenge that is medical school.

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