May 12, 2020

Five Reasons We Fail to Eliminate Stress During the Weekend

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We need to confront stress nearly all the time and we are supposed to eliminate it during the precious few weekend days. Ironically, this unfortunate mental state can actually more visible on Monday, instead of on the previous Friday. We should take a look at these five possible mistakes that could cause us to start the week feeling even more stressed out:


1.Not enough sleep: Busy weekdays could have ruined our sleep schedule, making us feeling increasingly tired. With more grogginess comes less productivity and in turn, this could lead to more stress. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to go to bed early enough during the weekend. Busy professionals should learn how to settle their after a stressful week. They could spend an entire day at home and unplug themselves from technology. No access to Internet and phone calls. The goal is get out of bed when we feel fully rested. It is also necessary to stop tapping the snooze buttons during the weekend, because our body deserves the much-needed rest.


2.Focusing on negative thoughts: While we are sitting on the backyard or other places during the weekend; we often close our eyes, let our mind wanders and think about things that could stress us out even more. When negative thoughts appear, it is usually a good idea to counter it with deep breath practices. People with stress tend to inhale shallowly and shortly. As an alternative, we could practice to inhale and exhale for 5 seconds each. Slower breathing pattern could ease a mind that’s often overwhelmed by stressors. While not everyone could take a yoga class each week, spending half an hour each day during the weekend could produce positive results.


3. Forgetting to exercises: Although having enough rest during the weekend is important, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we only sleep, eat and watch TV throughout the day. Exercise triggers the production of endorphins, a stress-relief substance that can ease our stressed out mind. To achieve this, we should aim to perform at least 3 types of exercises each weekend. It is advisable to do outdoor activities that we enjoy doing and love to do even for the next weekend. Before we know it, we will completely forget negative thoughts because the physical activity can effectively ease much of the mental tension.

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4. Unbalanced meals: Each of us enjoys good food during the weekend as much as the next guy. However, when it comes to relieving stress and attempting to feel our best; we should eat enough nutrient-packed foods. Try to eat more vegetables and fresh fruits during the weekend to compensate for the rather unhealthy foods we eat during the workdays. Cleaner food could help us feel more energized and it is a good way to release tension in a much healthier way.

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5. : Many people fail to unplug themselves during the weekend, which makes them harder to release tension during the weekend. Between the Internet and our smartphones, it is quite hard to detach ourselves from digital world. While this technology has become very valuable to our daily lives, it would be important to focus more on our mental health and turn everything off; even our smartphones. Unplugging means silencing our smartphone for much of the day and using it only when necessary. It is also important to limit the use of laptop during the weekend and spend more time outdoor. Regardless of the intensity of our job, we should allocate at least one day each week completely detached from our job and the rest of the digital world. So when it’s time to go to bed to prepare for the next Monday, we will notice that our body is much relaxed as it’s enveloped by the essence of calmness. (Photo Credit – Viewminder)

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