May 12, 2020

Do Not Provoke the Vampire

By Bloodcopy Staff, on Thu Jun 4 2020, 429 views (Edit post, , )

We'd like to take a minute of your time to thank all of you Bloodcopy readers for reading and for so vigorously commenting on our posts.

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We've received all manner of e-mail and submission, from the vitriolic to the, dare I say, enthusiastic, and it's made our first week at Gawker Media quite a whirlwind. So we wanted to share with you some of the most interesting e-mails and pictures we received since we went live last Wednesday. Thanks to all...and keep them coming! As always, you can reach us at or Enjoy...


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Date: Wed, May 27, 2020 at 6:08 PM Subject: Thanks for standing up for the rest of us! To: Hi From the Vamps in Virginia. We love BloodCopy, and were happy to see the it return . Welcome to our ranks good to have someone who cares about telling our stories in a respectful maner you did this even before you were one of us! Thanks, VAvamp1757 —ravenclaw Date: Wed, May 27, 2020 at 11:49 PM Subject: BloodCopy To: Dear Andrew, I have resently discovered your site, and have found it most interesting, and yet all the while disturbing on account of some of the tings i have seen on your blogs, and videos. They are not disturbing because of your discovery of vampires, but of all the anti-vampire groups there are in the world. I had no idea so many of them exsisted, i suppose it is because of where I live, but because of the fact that I myself, am a vampire that thought scares me even more. the reason i send you this message is becaue, in some of your video's it says you want to know people who are in love, or who are crushing on vampires. And you want to know other vampires. Well, thats the main reason i send this, I do not even know if you will reply to this e-mail, but that doesn't matter much to me. Well i end this note to you with a thanks for letting me take up your time, and also to say that I am very skeptical of sites like these. There are so many roll players out there and people who just wish and/or think they are vampires, so for this reason I haven't yet decided what is true and what is fake. But for now, I will enjoy the site, and I hope the people on your site are better than alot of the others out in the world, Sincerely Emilie (EmiLynn) Date: Fri, May 29, 2020 at 1:54 PM Subject: I was wondering friend. To: What do u think about the reality that vampires may very well exist. And also, do u think that poking fun at their existance would anger them or maby even insult them? I think maby you should think about the possibility that they are as the show implies real and still in the "coffin" so to speak. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Anonomous. = ooshadygirloo has made a comment on Vampire News Show: if vamps do exist, i hope they never surface so as not to have a vamp reality show along the lines of the MTV Hills and Beaches and ew... but i would watch it, vamps my guilty pleasure. *shrug* honest to god i am hooked. i have found many names that all link. its the chain of the vamps. but i wont say anything exact yet as i need to proove it first. enjoy shaolinwisdom has made a comment on Just Say No: V wont Kill you, it could get you killed by a vampire. Only the Newly made vampires give V for real Human Blood. The older Vamps will kill you if they sense you've been takin it. SO DONT BE DUMB, Just say no BUT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. CUZ THIS VIDEO is Propaganda THe Fellowship is behind the misconception of vampires! shaolinwisdom has made a comment on Human Trafficking: The Vampire Buyer will probably will probably have his fangs pulled at a Vampire Tribunal for exposing himself so carelessly here. I mean Your a vampire able to glamor people in to giving blood willingly & you waste money & Risk negative exposure doing thing this? There will be a heavy price for this vampire 6 months of starving waiting for fangs to regrow! MySweetSelf has made a comment on Man On Trial: All the witnesses are dead. The DNA is non existent. The artists rendering is not sufficient circumstantial evidence. Poor case, bad form D.A.! Unless..... There is a surprise vampire witness who was present at the time of her draining death, or was told by Nessing, her murder was his doing. BUT NO VAMP WILL DO THAT TO ANOTHER FOR HUMAN COURT!!! Date: Thu, May 28, 2020 at 8:08 PM Subject: contest for ipod nano To: Dear Sir, From the perspective of the scholar, I choose No.5 . Good enough for Chanel, good enough for me. Possessing a nice smile within a winsome face, the young lady in question may well be a daughter of dark times. Pax in sanguine, Bethany F Date: Fri, May 29, 2020 at 12:04 AM Subject: Guess the Vampire To: Dear Andrew, I believe man-on-the-street #2 is the true vampire. You didn't ask why, but I'll tell you: it's the timeless (and dapper) attire, coupled with the world-weary and slightly wistful expression. Plus, I think vampires like to keep us guessing, and some of the other folks just look too vampy (check the intense come-hither expression on #3, and the pasty undead complexion on #6). So that's my two cents. Thanks for entertaining it. Sincerely, Nicole A