March 14, 2020

Creating websites for mobile HTML5 Mobile Boilerplate Mobile Sites

More and more users are using mobile devices to surf the web is becoming critical for developers to optimize their mobile sites to display correctly browsers these new devices.

HTML5 is an excellent choice for developers who want to create a site compatible with most modern mobile devices and begin to offer new and innovative services using all the new features of HTML5.

However, this language is currently only in its infancy and still has many problems of implementation and compatibility on different mobile platforms. To create a mobile optimized website using HTML5 is indispensable to apply a series of tricks and best practices to ensure consistent results.

Fortunately a group of professional developers aware of this problem created a project that offers everything you need to instantly create a mobile site HTML5 professional quality.

Mobile Boilerplate Mobile Sites


This project is a derivative of the legendary HTML5 Boilerplate. Using the same principles, the Mobile Boilerplate is an optimized version for smartphones and other high-end handsets.

Mobile Sites

Includes a lot of tricks and techniques to ensure compatibility, consistency and performance of your website, its main features are:

Created using best practices for development, both in structure and in the CSS code Optimized to run on major smartphones and high-end devices (Android, iPhone OS, Symbian, Blackberry mobile sites) Settings viewing area or viewport to avoid problems of scale involuntary Site Media queries that allow to adapt the site based on team size and resolution Favicons multiple resolutions.

Technical tricks … and many more, that will give you a solid starting point for any mobile site project.

Important to note that this template is planned to give the best experience on smartphones, cell phones and modern high-end equipment, to give support to low-end computers and mobile essentials, it is best to apply other techniques.

How to install Mobile Boilerplate Mobile sites

Installation takes just minutes, all you have to do is download the file available on the official website of Mobile Boilerplate or if a member of github, you can make a fork in your repository

Once downloaded simply extract the file and you have a group of files something like this:

You can copy these files mobile sites to the database direct to your web project and begin working on them immediately. The index.html file and is ready to be the basis for your project, open it and start to edit it from the tag <body>.

In the CSS folder find a file called style.css based on the principles of normalize.css (standarizar standardize and graphic elements for all browsers) but adapted specifically for mobile site browsers.

Finally in the img folder, there are 3 subfolders with the names “h”, “l”, “m” each home favicons and home screens for computers of different resolutions (high, low, medium) you can edit these pictures with your logos and icons for display on the navigation bars and startup screens IOS and Android devices on their mobile sites.

Bonus: you can use Mobile sites Mobile Boilerplate PhoneGap project basis

Mobile Boilerplate already thought about the appearance of a structure and consistency HTML5 file running on mobile devices and that is precisely the basis of a PhoneGap application makes no sense to duplicate the work to create a mobile application.

To use Mobile Boilerplate simply have to add the script PhoneGap to index.html and you can use this template as the basis for robust PhoneGap projects as well as mobile sites that were deployed successfully in multiple screens and platforms.

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Mobile Sites And How to steal passwords and prevent theft of keys in Internet

In the first article of this series of mobile sites we show the options of an attacker trying to do with our data, either on your PC, intercepting them on the network, or on the server where the ship. On the second analyze in more detail the attacking options in the mobile site networks, especially wireless.

In this third and final article we will see what data is most likely to be stolen.

The mobile sites we visited, the images we see in the browser, cookies, chat conversations, FTP accounts, usernames and passwords …

Ettercap, once it is interfering with traffic, much of this data shows, doing nothing, but also but it is possible to obtain more specific data capture traffic filtering:

A MITM attack not only lets you hear all these data on mobile sites

, but also change them. So it is possible to have a chat conversation, every time someone types “hello”, the caller read “goodbye” … and less innocent examples of mobile sites.

Only HTTPS sites are saved.

What is HTTPS and why it is safe on mobile sites.

HTTPS is a protocol that combines hypertext protocol (HTTP) with cryptographic protocols (SSL / TLS) that try to ensure that the message be encrypted end to end, so that someone who could not understand intercept.

Simplified terms, is based on both user and server have a public key and private. And the same in the other direction. The user knows the public key of the server is saying by using digital certificates, which are integrated with the browser on a mobile site:

Someone who is placed in the middle, could send a false certificate to try to see the information on the mobile sites. The browser is responsible for rendering a security alert when this happens, unless, taking advantage of a mobile sites vulnerability, you pass the certificate is false for good. While in Firefox fills the screen, and calls for further express confirmation in IE6 is one of those alerts that you say OK without thinking.

The passwords and hash functions on Mobile Sites.

A hash function is one that has a single input (data encryption) and produces as output data from which, in theory one can not deduce the original, but each input produces a single output. Some sites (not working with HTTPS) as Myspace and Facebook passwords encrypted by javascript, with the MD5 algorithm before they are sent to the server. So if the password was cute, the server receives something like a mobile sites error 654db8a14a5f633b9ba85ec92dc51f7c. Thinking a moment, we can deduce that this is useless, once you have captured the hash.

Simply generate a request to the server, in which instead of the password is send the hash of the password, and other data (user name, date, time zone …) are equal.

With Mobile Sites, However, there are situations where the use of hashes is useful to save files of passwords, or passwords in databases. Of course there are different ways to break these functions. For example, if you do a search of the MD5 hash of “monkey” in Google on a mobile site, you will get several entries apart from where it relates to your original word. Vulnerabilities have also been found in many of these algorithms (MD5 also, though which is still used), which calculate the solution using precomputadas tables (rainbow tables), which reduce the time needed to solve the problem, coast to occupy memory. A password is more resistant to such attacks is the more complicated. To maximize time and resources needed to decipher, the mobile site used a lot of letters and numbers, and above all special characters (which makes the problem has a much more complex).

For example, is a free utility to break Windows hashes (which can be obtained with Backtrack), provided they are only alphanumeric:

¿Paranoid enough?

The truth is that in addition to the direct channel we have described, there are many mobile sites and indirect ways of obtaining information from a computer. Data have been obtained (with meaningful information) of the waves emitted by keyboards and monitors, printers, noise, or an astronomical telescope that observes a monitor … reflected in the user’s eye.

Mobile OPtimize Now

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How To Hack A Hotmail Account On Mobile Sites

Recently we received some emails from a young person without many friends, who promised to get passwords to any email account that was Hotmail or Yahoo, or mobile sites, according to him, through an exploit, then gave evidence that the account was in his possession and charged to deliver the desired password.

Yes, the mother who bore him.

Mobile optimize now

mobile sites

Say hey, this does not bother me, it seems ridiculous and I could play with mobile sites, come on, a child who is believed juaker to use a program to fool people with no computer skills, no mobile sites or anything, it is also a process sooo sooo familiar and common that there are even mobile sites only explain how to do, now is that there are people who fall … especially that his life revolves around Messenger.

The boy in question have caught, and you can not be more stupid, only to catch him should go the way of money (The same way you catch the spammers) or alert directly to GMail (Place where he had Contact the account for “juakear” passwords) of the user; going against their policies (The GMail) having to review logs, from your IP, know your internet service provider and give them your name and address and … well … not get into that of mobile sites.

What it bothers me, it really touches me the eggs, is the title of the news announcing their capture and that the same people get:

The arrest of Hotmail Hacker of mobile sites..

But that Mobile Sites.. HACKER?, That’s not a hacker, it is not having the most  idea of ​​what a hacker, and this Hacker is the definition, what is, is a Script Kiddie and over!

It is well known that the word Hacker will never recover and its meaning is lost forever, along with its mysticism and members now come to life in the free software developers. Ironically, the same website published an article trying to reclaim the word, though a little thin on content.

Now, to explain more thoroughly what their modus operandi, illustrate two techniques … obviously focused on lusers

The Messenger Trojan

We included in Messenger like someone of the opposite sex wants to talk on mobile sites. After the standard chat-style talk-of-tie, at some point or your going to ask him to send you or show you a picture The picture itself is an executable file, the common luser does not realize that is an EXE, but should not be as “common”, proceed to convince you it is harmless, which is a Flash animation or any bullshit like Once you run the mobile sites it, the program logs out of Messenger (very easy with the Microsoft API release) and gets you out a window with an exactly equal to the login window Almost always the fish strikes, you put your data into the program and using the new API loggea Messenger and sends a message to the “perpetrator” with your password

The email / deception This was the most common in ancient times where the script kiddies even know to program in PHP (or at least copy a script and configure MySQL)

You get an email “supposedly” saying any stupid mobile sites, your account will be canceled, if you want to increase the size to 2GB for free, which … etc. For what is offered by mail, it gives you a form to fill data Take it now, actually form data are sent to a server on Lycos or wherever a scripting language support, keep your password in your database and … and this

So there are many techniques, all based on social engineering, some advanced, others less so, but all are the same, no technique, no mobile sites, nothing at all, much less “protection” for themselves when they encounter someone who actually has level ( And the traps and take them to the authorities, … as a BOFH, for example).

The “little programs” like that, swarm in the network, so it’s a matter of downloading it, learn to use and is over. Some programmers charitable including viruses, spyware or keyloggers (programs that record all activities on your keyboard) into these programs “juakeo” secretly, God bless them because if not kicking ever learn Mobile Sites.

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Mobile Test

Feb 28, 2020 by Marvin Dockproduct function rating_stars(rating) { var stars = []; for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) { if (i < rating) { stars += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(“2605″, 16)); } else { stars += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(“2606″, 16)); } } return stars; } Get your Free mobile sites preview within 24 hours.


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Expected of mobile marketing technology for mobile sites in 2020.

You can not imagine advertising and marketing activities designed for sellers who do not take into account their Mobile Sites, means that are using which users are directed to them, as neither can not use the best technology that exists at the time to get to it and keep their attention focused while waiting the business proposal as a way to achieve a good result from them.

The trend of using mobile sites to surf the Internet continues to grow and is unstoppable, so the focus has to respect this reality and align to it and on the other hand the use of technologies that are innovative and attract the user by originality, sense of innovation and its operational friendlier.

Given this, in 2020 is expected to continue with further enrichment of mobile sites and  the potential of QR codes and appearance strongly market marketing mobile sites augmented reality. These two technologies substantially alter the world of advertising, offering new possibilities and creating fertile mobile sites ground for creativity.


Mobile Sites

A. – QR CODE Mobile Sites

This two-dimensional web-bugs was created to store more data than bar codes, resurfaced with the great development of smart mobile phones (smartphones), as the ease with which possible to find on an Internet facilitated the action of eliminating user typing the same, hence the name QR (Quick Response). In 2020 it is expected that the creativity that is promoting mobile sites and their use and become an element of everyday life, participating in advertising campaigns, marketing tools, such as contests and promotions interfaces and many mobile sites.

QR codes will continue to evolve with technology and more and more brands and markets will adopt and use for many years. But should be fun at the same time, because if not, these codes could end up being indifferent to consumers and mobile users, so it is essential that companies use them to deliver real value to customers.


Augmented reality for us to focus on what we’re talking about is an interface between the real and the virtual or technological. To put it simply, the recognition of an image using a smartphone, is the trigger of programs that can have different degrees of complexity, from the mere appearance of a text that identifies the image that has been recognized, until the execution of a specially designed video and rich applications that help the client to consume a product or a service.

Mobile sites are needed desperately

3. – NFC

Finally, promoted and NFC (Near Field Comunication), which is being included in the latest models of smart phones and aims primarily to securely transmit data between two devices that are equipped for mobile sites  the same within a short distance from approximately 4 inches, we present the leader in the popularization of electronic wallet, and that by including NFC POS installed in shops can pay with your mobile phone and on mobile sites.

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Mobile sites are user friendly

Mobile sites are user friendly

Google launched its browser, Chrome, mobile site. The Mountain View company yesterday launched a mobile version of its browser, Chrome, for smartphones operating under the latest mobile sites version of the Android operating system.

For now only be for users of smartphones and tablet with Android 4.0, the latest operating system with mobile site. The truth is that the new mobile site version of Google Chrome was released yesterday with some improvements over its sister desktop. It seems to be very compatible with having a working mobile sites, which will make the consumers happy enough for now.

The Google engineers and programmers tried to give a solution to the problem of large fingers on a relatively small screen on mobile sites. There will be an option called “Link Preview” (Preview link back), it will zoom on the link to prevent the user selects the wrong one. It will also, as the mobile sites version, a version for browsing incognito if the user needs more privacy.

A good mobile sites


Getting your mobile sites have never been easier.

But the biggest difference is in the ability to synchronize Chrome content. The mobile version of browser you can sync bookmarks and personal settings with the desktop browser Chrome. Thus there is no difference between surfing in a tablet or do behind the desk at home. If the user wants to open 14 windows at the office and continue working on them on the train back, you can do with this improvement.

The idea behind Chrome in its mobile version does not provide a user experience that is different from usual mobile sites, but give you exactly the same through replication. This is something no other browser has done so far.

While it is true that Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer, still the leader with a market share of around 40.6%, the Google browser Mozilla Firefox managed to pass last November, becoming the second favorite browser in the world with 25.5 %. The options of Apple Safari and Opera, are back with 5.9% and 1.8% respectively. It is for this dominance on the desktop that the war in the mobile web is so fierce: almost 8.5% of users now access the Internet through their cell phones and companies like Google and Apple want to become leaders in this market. Announcing Google launched its browser, Chrome, mobile site, I am sure this will become a big game changer.

Mobile sites are becoming necessary.

A trial version of the Chrome browser can be downloaded from the Android Market, but Google plans to pre-install a full version on their tablets and phones with Android 4.0 in the coming weeks.


Get your mobile site

Mobile Sites

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RIM has moved to the makers of BlackBerry’s  mobile site.

It is no more and less, to compete against Apple, the creature left by Steve Jobs. The task was entrusted to German Thorsten Heins, the chief operating officer who joined four years ago from Siemens. The director will take over as president Barbara Stymest board, while the charges disappear Lazaridis and Balsillie. The first, founded RIM in 1984, down to vice president, the second is in the directory but without executive.

The cimbronazo occurred when it became clear that former co-directors failed to stop the advance of Apple and Google with their mobile site preview. Both have turned the computing market with devices like iPhone and iPad. During 2020, shares in the stock RIM Ontario fell 75%, while sales fell apart (67%). Lazaridis and Balsillie were subjected to sharp criticism for taking products without the minimum requirements to compete with the giants with a mobile site. RIM has moved to the makers of BlackBerry’s  mobile site. Apple looking to cope with the Canadian Research In Motion fell off two co-CEOs. James Balsillie and Michael Lazaridis BlackBerry led the division for two decades. Now the challenge for a mobile site is very different. There is also no applause for the new mobile site. “Heins is an expert in the implementation of products, not a visionary,” finds Ehud Gelblum, an analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York. “The first thing to do is give people reasons why you need a mobile site. Going to cost a lot, “adds the skeptical.

Once the best capitalized company in Canada, RIM gave 3.2% on Friday to U.S. $ 17 title on Wall Street. This means a market capitalization of U.S. $ 8,900 million. That is, the company lost 88% since its peak in 2020. At that point, a wave of sales pushed its market capitalization to over U.S. $ 80,000 million. During the last quarter of 2020, sales were down almost 5% and totaled U.S. $ 5,170 million.

Lazaridis, Balsillie and Stymiest held the inevitable: these decisions are due to internal, not external pressures (few believe them). The displacements, they said, reflect the evolution of the company and the introduction of new technologies like the mobile site, that will improve competitiveness, dreams Lazaridis. Undeterred, announced “the beginning of another era. Thorsten is the ideal person. “


Mobile Site Technology

The numbers do not say the same. For example, the portion of RIM in the global market for smart phones went down 11% from July to September, compared with 15% in the same quarter of 2020. This is indicated by data from the consultancy Gartner. The reason is clear: a mass of customers have defected to iPhone or devices using the Android mobile sites. This includes Samsung Electronics Galaxy.

The company has a deadline, until day 31, to disseminate the findings of an investigation into its management structure. RIM agreed to be audited by the Northwest Ethical investment firm. This is the source who advised the elimination of double co-management. “The company had its fifteen minutes. Now it is very difficult to regain market share cell, whatever the changes at the top. ” That says Mitsushige Akino, who manages a portfolio of U.S. $ 600 million in Ichiyoshi Investment Management (Tokyo). “Android or iPhone is too well settled into place.”

However, other investors, led by Jaguar Financial Corporation, are pressing for changes in driving and asked RIM divide or, alternatively, directly managing a merger or offered for sale. The company “rule suffers from lack of managerial and executive oversight,” held in October and Victor Alboini, director of Jaguar. Leaving consumers to watch as RIM has moved to the makers of BlackBerry’s  mobile site.


Best Practices For Your Mobile Site    Mobile Site

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Apple invades a market of U.S. mobile sites. Without much effort itself, the company Steve Jobs left by moving swiftly on the segment of wholesale demand. That is, the classic land of Microsoft. Naturally, the key is iPad, which has become standard business tool.

After years of following behind another legacy of William Gates of Microsoft, Apple is ahead.” So says a report by the consulting IDG Connect, which provides 51% of executives expressed iPhone users use the device and another 40% do so occasionally. 79% of respondents to the survey also used outside the office iPad. With the emerging need of mobile sites, it is increasingly changing the landscape of mobile sites.

Even with Fire Kindle, tablet and the like in the retail market, “iPad faces little competition in the employer plan. Especially in financial services and pharmaceutical and chemical. Apple’s device-Contact-IDG stresses reached the top in sales and undertakes to take operators to handle it. Thus, the computer is making its way into Mac hardware.

In the opinion of Matthew Wallach, co-founder of Veeva Systems ( produces software for pharmaceutical sales), “we have seen come and go many devices. But none has been adopted at the rate of iPad.

Microsoft and Intel have dominated the market for office technologies for decades and account for nearly all personal computers running. The seeds of the Wintel hegemony dating back to 1981 when International Business Machines both companies joined to create the PC. This prompted a computer industry that ended up generating $ 3.8 billion annually, estimates another consultancy, Gartner.

Microsoft and Intel have made strenuous efforts to compete with iPad, a newcomer. This may change this year by debuting a version of Windows 7, akin to a tablet. Meanwhile, Windows PC is under attack. Ergo, while sales in this segment yielded 5.9% in the fourth quarter, Mac rose nearly 21%, also according to Gartner.

But “the real threat will come if Apple resolved to face the market more aggressively,” says Frank Gillett (Forrester Research). “The company can leverage its popular iTunes and App Stores platforms to distribute software supports its users. In turn, this will promote the company’s hardware. “

Apple sold 3,800,000 Macs in the financial year 2020/11. That is, 3% of the market, with a huge amount beginning to go to having a mobile site.If I wanted to raise the figure to 18 million (level similar to number three, Lenovo), should reach U.S. $ 23,000 million

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The Internet And Other New Mobile Site Revolutions Underway

“As we evolve the experiences on the Web, smart phones will be in everyday life, with the internet and other newrevolutions underway. The mobile business strategies will gain in importance and depth. So say Richad Lee and Bengi Korkmaz, the McKinsey Global Institute, whose trial has been an important innovation for companies and users: the HTML-5.

This will accelerate changes in the way contents are absorbed and used phones or tablets. In any marketing platforms, either as productive tools on mobile site.

The next generation of guidelines on the Web, essentially allow all mobile sites to run in Web browsers, not via specific operating systems. That means the user can access programs and files in the cloud (cloud computing) from any device-computer or laptop, smartphone, tablet, because the form will act as a common platform. This ability to operate without limit of time and space may alter the balance of power in sectors such as mobile telecommunications, media and technologies. Undoubtedly, both experts say will create opportunities and pose challenges: the Web as multiple operating center will arrive sooner than expected for a mobile site.

Centralized Web

Get your mobile site


Mobile Site Technology

Somehow, this evolution in mobile site technology resembles that of the 80 battle between manufacturers of personal computers (PC). Today it is assumed that the operating system Windows (Microsoft) supports the hardware of most people, but has not always been so. In prehistoric times were the Commodore 64 (the century’s best-selling PC 20) and the Apple II.

Before Microsoft DOS, then Windows, users faced the dilemma of choosing games that established technologies and services available on the PC. The same happens now with mobile devices. You must weigh the merits of hard or software before making a decision, for example between Apple, Research in Motion (RIM) and the growing range of style options Android (Google), and soon, a combination Windows-Phone 7 This is Microsoft / Nokia.

This generation HTML-5 uterus shrinks differences between the mobile websites and innovate decisively on Web standards. Its object is that every program run by the same browser, complete with video and other multimedia content now require external software. In theory, this makes the search on one universal platform. Without abandoning it, users can do everything from editing documents to enter social networking, watching movies, playing or listening to music. They will also have access to remote files “in the swarm,” regardless of location or devices on a mobile site. That’s the first reason why the centralized Web holds promise for searches on a  mobile site. The second is that power will help overcome the relatively weak, smart phones and tablets compared to computers. This deficit has actually fostered the explosive growth of applications (“APS”) to optimize the performance of specific devices: the average mobile site user takes more than 11 hours per month to use aps. So, rather than searching in cyberspace or the conversation, as noticed in March by research firm Zokem. HTML-5 is capable of improving mobile experiences, as their specifications can store 1,000 times more data than before.


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First came digital, then social and now the mobile revolution is taking the world by storm.

In many countries, there are more mobile phones than people, homes with electricity, even toilets. There are more mobile users than all the TVs, PCs and landlines in the whole world combined! And everyone knows that mobile search will surpass desktop sometime in the next 2 years.

Despite these figures, many marketers are still struggling to figure out what to do and how best to address this emerging channel.

But you do not need to be overwhelmed. There are 4 simple steps you can take right now to take advantage of the amazing potential of the mobile marketing trend

Here are some tips to help you with setting up your mobile site.

Creating a mobile-optimized website should be job  for marketers in 2020. Some items to consider are how to allow for mobile usage scenarios. Mobile web users are probably not looking to navigate your mobile site  or read lots of text. They likely want to find something quickly, email it to their inbox and go. Think about creating a simple mobile navigation “veneer” stripped of all text. Ensure the search experience is optimized. Add click-to-call and click-to-email functionality and include social sharing buttons to enable connectivity. We should all mobile optimize our site.

Development also needs to consider the platforms that will be supported. Android, Apple iOS, the re-emergent Microsoft and the declining Blackberry RIM platforms should all be considered. Google estimates that 79% of the largest search advertisers do not have a mobile optimized site. And as much as 25% of all web search is conducted on a mobile device.

Mobile Advertising

With mobile search growing at rates like 5-6 X per year, and as much as 25% of all searches happening on mobile devices, not having mobile-optimized search landing pages is simply a huge missed opportunity. Mobile site search advertisers report higher click-through rates and higher levels of engagement with mobile search. Some studies even suggest it is as much as 4-5 times more effective than other forms of online advertising.

And of course there is the opportunity to combine geo-targeting and mobile search marketing. Airports are one great example of an opportunity to reach a captive professional audience with mobile ads.

Games, Apps and Tablet Ads

With apps, advertisers can gain a significant increase in the amount brand affinity and user engagement but I would suggest thinking long and hard whether that can be achieved without venturing too far afield from a B2B Marketers core value or brand proposition. According to Comscore, the mobile web user has come to expect both mobile search and app interfaces almost equally. So marketers should consider whether gaming or other apps can provide some unique value to a particular user scenario for your target audience.

And finally, marketers should consider advertising on tablets, which are projected to continue growing in adoption at unprecedented rates. Popular vendors to consider for tablet advertising include iAd, AdMob and Flurry.

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The use of mobile devices and the real-time expectations of today’s consumer is putting downward pressure on the length and size of content. The trick to this step is not necessarily to create mobile content, but to think about mobile across the entire content creation process. Terms like “chunking” and “modularization” need to be considered in your content supply chain so that content can easily be used on mobile landing pages and your mobile site.

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And marketers should consider whether their mobile users are willing to give up personal identification to access high-value content like white papers. Asking for an email might be an appropriate request due to the common user scenario of wanting to consume the content later on their PC. But asking long-form registration questions could be tricky. Marketers should test the content and registration approaches to determine the right balance between quantity and quality of leads.

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