May 12, 2020

Confessing my sins.

In my absence, I never lost focus on my fitness and actually ran/walked intervals of over a mile for the first time ever, but boy did I have fun for my Birthday this past week. To the tune of +6lbs!!! But, I’m not worried, it’s a small setback and worth every single minute of fun I had over the weekend with all of my friends. I didn’t get pictures Friday night, but we went out with another of my bestie’s to have dinner and ice cream. Even though he wasn’t feeling well, he still came and we had fun eating BBQ and hubby’s favorite Cold Stone.

My Birthday Party

Me & favorite boy in the whole world at Rum Runners. A lady came up and asked if it was okay to touch his mohawk. It was hilarious!

Me & Hubby at Lilly’s Pizza

My Bff Amy and her hubby David.

My and my other bff Bryan at Lilly’s. I totally love his face. LOL!

My gift from the Hubby. I was totally surprised and I LOVE them!!!!

David with his “Stolen” beer.

Amy bought everyone cupcakes from my favorite place in Raleigh, The Cupcake Shoppe. And, a t-shirt that says got cupcakes.

I shared my birthday weekend with special little girl, Paige who turned 1!

Other Photography

Hubby and I at the Bon Jovi Concert which was my Valentine’s Day gift.

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My Kitties

Food for Thought

So, I took a short hiatus from blogging because I was having a really tough time with balance in my life & the above picture was a perfect segment into my food for thought. Sometimes, life gets really overwhelming and especially when a huge change is involved. My husband has decided to go from freelancing to trying to find a full time position which means resumes, interviewing and most of the time, staying at home. He will continue with his own business, but we’ve decided it would be best for him to be part of a company again. This has thrown my whole schedule and anxiety level for a loop. The good part is that I’ve grown a lot and gained a lot of independence over the past few weeks, the bad part is that we both have had severe separation anxiety. With trying to stay on course with diet and exercise plus huge projects due in my graduate course, I felt like everything was falling apart. The good news is that I feel stronger because we’ve made it through this, and while more stressful periods are coming until hubby finds the right company, I feel better equipped to handle it.

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Being away from my blog, made me realize how integral a part, this blog, has become in my success. Yes, I may show you the same foods all the time, but it kept me accountable. Lately, I haven’t been eating enough, to the point where sometimes I forget until nighttime and i’m exhausted and nauseated that I haven’t eaten all day which is the completely opposite of where I need to be. So, all that stop today. I’m turning over my new leaf and getting back to where I was before. I stumbled a little, I haven’t completely given up and that’s the important part. Almost at the end of March #gothedist I have decided on my reward. A weekend at Myrtle Beach with my hubby after we see Jonny Lang which was a present from my Mommy for my Birthday. I am so excited, but I sure have got some miles to put it in before I get it.


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  • For all the Birthday wishes. Y’all are all the best ever, seriously.
  • For all my friends who came out to celebrate my birthday this weekend. It was awesome.
  • For all the awesome gifts. Each of you know me very well and you have no idea how much I appreciate it.
  • For my husband, who I don’t often say enough, I appreciate so much.
  • For everybody who has been so amazingly supportive through this confusing period for me and made me laugh until I cried, or listened when I needed to just cry.