March 24, 2020

Best Android Launchers

If you are an Android user than you must have been familiar with the customisable options that the Android,A Google OS provides its user.You get the option for customizes its setting with its customizable UI. We usually get bored by the default launcher provided by the company for its smartphone user,hence we are showing you the best android launcher that will give your smartphone a whole new look. Now-a-days any work can be done by your smartphone,you just download the app from the Google Play Store.In the Google Play Store user come up with millions of app and get easily confused between the genuine and fake apps.You should know about the must have apps for your device.Many user get fed up with the factory launcher provided by the company,and look for the launchers in the Google Play Store.But Google give you back with box full of theme and launcher and a normal user will get easily confused.Hence We are helping you out by giving best android launcher for you smarty.

What a launcher is…??it is an app which replaces the factory homescreen with their customisable home screen.Mainly the Launcher provide you with the default theme provide by Google because it is easy to use.But some launchers are a step ahead and provide you with the custom screen and are highly customizable.

Choose one from the best android launchers given below and download it from the Google Play Store.

1.Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher

Google now is the stock launcher of Google that Google provides to its user.It bring you the feel of the original android UI provided by Google and provides easy access to the Google apps,mainly Google now.It transparent bars make you remember about the Windows vista,an OS from windows.

This launcher is mainly compatible with the Nexus device and all the Google play edition devices and can easily be downloaded to your device.The app is light and do not lag while using runs smoothly on the low specs phone even.And suited for the user who want an easy decent launcher for the Smarty.

2)Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova  is one of the most popular and the best android launchers in the Google play store.This standard launcher mainly gets its competition from the Apex Launcher.(BELOW).In many thing both the launchers are same But gets the attention when we talk about premium quality,as it also has an PRIME version.Nova launcher is one the best android launcher because of its enough features and highly customisable platform.User does not have to search Google to get the settings,as it does not allow its to get bored in searching things in the setting option.

Its free version is decent enough But the prime version provides more stability and works little faster.

3)Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Same as the Nova launcher, Apex one of the best android launcher stand in the 3rd place.It is mostly same as the nova launcher in the field of providing smooth performance to the user and giving an easy access to the setting.Its highly cutomizable UI make user do desirable changes and make their OWN homescreen. Apex makes difference when we talk about using a launcher in a Tablet,as it has a Amazing tablet mode which make the tablet experience to a new level.I also has an Apex notifier which sends your notifications to a widget in the homescreen,making easier to access but on the other hand it drains out battery.Apex user can also gets the PRO version but its worth downloading the free version.

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4)Launcher Pro

Launcher Pro

According to me Launcher pro is specially designed for the Phones who are not able to feel the taste of Android,It provides and Android 4 UI to the Smartphone who are yet to get the update.This theme is mainly downloaded by the Gingerbread user who die to feel the amazing UI of Ice Cream sandwich.

But this launcher lacks some feature and customizing option that a launcher should provide to its user.

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5)Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launchers

Buzz Launcher,the best android launcher if we talk about becoming famous in the short period of time.One the main reason for becoming popular in such a short period is that it has a theme gallery in which user can submit their own created theme for others to download it.It is an highly customizable launcher which change its shape and size according to your desire. Their are many popular launchers Float in the Google Play Store but is you are user who wants its home screen to match with the color of its mobile or its clothes,then you are going Right.


This Is What we are providing you know with.The best android Launchers to make your homescreen look amazing.Download the best android launcher according to your choice and have fun. For any queries and question comment .We will surely help you back.Hope you will like it.

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