May 12, 2020

Benefits of Going Online for Generating Contracting Leads

The old way of generating leads for your contracting business is costing you time and money. Learn about a new and less expensive way to get all the leads you need.

Generating high quality contractor leads for your business is crucial to ensure the success and profitability of your company. Up until now, it’s likely your main source of business has come from offline sources. These sources include television, radio, newspaper, and the yellow pages. For contractors leads, these sources of been reliable for many years. Each has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to generating leads.

So what are the best reliable offline methods? Television is available around the clock and reaches just about everyone. The idea is to pay for a spot and get a block of time to promote your business. The costs of landing a desirable timeslot can be high. The other option is to have your advertising commercial on during off-peak hours and hope they result in contractor leads even though most viewers are bleary eyed insomniacs at those hours.

The radio can be another great source for generating leads for contractors. The amount of time people spend in their cars commuting to and from work is increasing and so they often tune in to pass the time sitting in traffic. Maybe as they change stations they happen to land on your advertisement. There are always people listening to the radio and it can be a great way to reach them. They might not be looking for you, but at least they might get your message and become solid contractor leads for you.

Participating in seminars and trade fairs conducted those in the contracting industry will also boost your chances of getting quality contractor leads offline. You’ll be able to socialize with your suppliers and other contractors who are available all in one place. Seminars are a way to make connections and get marketing ideas. This can be powerful, but attending seminars takes a lot of time away from being spent on the actual work that you do.

Attending a neighborhood homeowners’ meeting in select subdivisions or neighborhoods is another great way to stumble upon contractor leads. By listening in to their home renovation concerns, you can be on hand to offer a free consultation and generate great business.

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So what about the internet? Could leads for a contractor business be found and cultivated online? The internet might seem so vast and overwhelming and appear to be more of a hassle than just sticking to the tried and true methods of offline advertising. But it’s a great place for generating leads, even in your local market right now. Local businesses like contractor work are going through dramatic changes in the way they operate. What used to work well is losing its effectiveness – but if you’ll learn what works now you can profit.

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Generating contractor leads going into the future is going to be much easier, more predictable, and more cost effective than the methods used in the past. Expensive yellow pages, direct mail, and newspapers are vanishing or aren’t being utilized the way they used to. It’s great because those methods were hit-and-miss and very expensive. Online contractor lead generation works smarter and is more effective, reaching more people that actually want to reach you.

Chris Marentis is the Founder of GenNext Media and Marketing, and is an expert in online lead generation for contractors. His Surefire Social system is becoming a well-established system for contractor lead generation and increased profits.

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