March 25, 2020

Be Good at One Thing and You’ll Conquer the Hunting World

Get ready because today you’re going to begin taking over the hunting world.

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Today the world is moving in so many different directions thanks to the Web. I’m a big fan of people who aren’t afraid to try changing their strategies, their mediums of communication, their approach to reaching their audience.

What this means is that whoever is #1 in the hunting industry (Cabela’s, Mathews Inc., Realtree, HuntingNet, etc.) might not be #1 tomorrow.

The companies I just mentioned have, however, done an extremely great job at adapting to the changing culture of the Web. In fact they’re some of the best in the game.

But their success stories should be an inspiration for others (like you) that it’s possible to take over the hunting world.

It won’t happen overnight, but the Web is a medium of connection and exchange that levels the competition so anybody can come in and reach the hunting audience in a superior way than the present industry leaders.

This is your challenge.

Create content, products, and services that deliver more value to the hunting audience on the Web and you can conquer the hunting world.

The Web is your most valuable tool for accomplishing this challenge.

Conquer the Hunting World

The Key

The key to conquering the hunting world is to focus on one thing.

You could be the ‘How-To Hunt in Southwestern Wisconsin during the Rut Guy’. Create a blog and write articles with this one focus. I know from experience that there is a big audience for just the people that hunt in southwestern Wisconsin, but the tips you have may also help others who hunt in areas all over the world.

You could be the gal who creates a hunting video series with women hunters hunting across the country. It would be a unique view into how women enjoy hunting, how women have improved products and services in the hunting industry, or the history of women in the hunting industry and the future of women in the hunting industry.

You could focus mainly on conservation and how land conservation affects the hunting world. Kevin does a great job of this at (I’m liking the new video podcast series).

Think small. Look at what small niche is being ignored. Focus on being the best in this small portion of the hunting world and you’ll catch the big competitors off guard.


Regular print media (magazine, newspaper, etc.) are simply not making an effective transition to the Web. As their prominence fades in the hunting world you’ll be able to conquer the world of content distribution on the Web.

I’m a big fan of the freemium model and I think it has its place in the online hunting world.

Focus on a certain aspect of the hunting industry (bow hunting, goose hunting, deer hunting, etc.); actually focus on an even smaller aspect of the hunting industry (bow hunting for deer in southwestern Wisconsin during the rut, elk hunting on public land in Idaho with a rifle, etc.).

When you start your blog write down a series of articles displaying the content from your knowledge. Continue to educate yourself on the topic and continue writing. If you run out of ideas interview experts in your area of expertise. Look at the articles that make magazines like Outdoor Life, Deer & Deer Hunting, etc. popular and use their basic formula while developing your own voice.


If you reach the point where you’re able to expand your business don’t lose focus of what you were originally. Only add features to your product/service if it fits your main focus.

If you’re the ‘How-To Hunt in Southwestern Wisconsin during the Rut Guy’ only add features to your blog if it focuses on how to hunt in southwestern Wisconsin.

If you think this will paint you into a corner and you run out of ideas use these tips for expanding on your niche. (I like Mind Mapping).

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The ways you provide your products and services will probably change over time. In fact you’ll have to be able to change this if you want to stay in business. But your focus and your expertise on your one subject should not change. Don’t try to change who you are. If you’re known as the number one women hunter resource don’t change that fact. You can change how you deliver your knowledge, products and services to your audience, but don’t change who you are.

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No matter what you decide to do in your quest to take over the hunting world make sure you focus on doing one and only one thing. Keep your focus on the one thing you can truly master as it relates to the hunting world. You might not be able to do everything the competition does, but if you focus all of your energy on being one thing for your customers and being the best in the industry at that one thing you can take over that little portion of the hunting world.

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