May 12, 2020

Allergy Test for Kids

A few months ago, we decided to send the boy for an allergy test when he went for his annual check-up at the pediatrician’s.

We decided to go for it because:

i) he broke out in hives (at least THREE times last year) and

ii) had wheezing episodes (quite frequently especially during a terrible cough in 2020) and twice in 2020 (no cough or flu,which freaked me out a bit coz I could hear the rattling breath when he sat next to me!!!)

At the hospital, we found that he had to take the allergy test for 20 items, which costs a whopping RM200+ (sorry, I forget) because he had indicated an allergy for clams.


The kid *clearly* remembered the last time he was at the paed’s because he had to take one of the booster shots and he firmly told me, “I don’t like injections, ok? I don’t want an injection today!”

My reply: “I know. Do you think I like injections?”

He laughed. I have a crazy kid.

I continued, “But you need this injection to help you grow strong and healthy, ok?”

(I decided NOT to explain to him the fact that inoculations are actually the introduction of GERMS into the human body to help fight other types of germs.)

He’s quite a clean freak and I’m sure he would freak out even more…).

“Also, we need to check what you are allergic to.”

He didn’t reply and I left it at that.

Then, his ears perked up when he heard the paed talking to the nurse and even though my paed (a wonderfully compassionate and intelligent lady) used mostly medical terms, he sensed that he was going to get an injection.

Of course, I turned to him and told him so.


I ran after him and left Hubby to handle the toddler. The pest ran around the waiting room yelling,


You can bet it’s one of those days I want to either strangle the kid, bite off a huge chunk of the wooden desk near me  or wish that I could just melt into ground and disappear.

Darn it, I forgot to wear my sunglasses too!  -_-

I did NOT want to chase him round and round the waiting area and give the waiting parents a real drama.

I stopped running and looked at him with my “you better not mess with me” Mom look:

“Stop running. Come here.”

He looked at me and shook his head.

Taking a deep breath to contain my anger, I said, “Did you hear me? Come here. I want to talk to you.

He paused for a bit and decided it’s best to obey his Tiger Mom.

“You need an injection. If you don’t take that injection, we won’t know what types of things you’re allergic too. Remember the…(details about the hives)”

“But I’m afraid!”

“It’s okay. Do you want to sit on my lap? Mummy will hold you and you won’t be afraid, ok?”

“No…I want you to hold my hand.”

With that, I held his hand and we walked down the corridor to the treatment rooms where the paed and the nurse were waiting.


Since he had to be swaddled up, he had to get up on the hospital bed, which was a problem because he’s quite a BIG boy for the 3 of us petite women!!! Hubby and the tot were nowhere to be seen.

I told him I’ll give him a boost and so, I held him under the armpits and told him to “JUMP!!!”. Phew, I didn’t break my back!

When the nurse told him to lie down started swaddling him – he started to panic.

I held his face, called out to him and told him to look at me. Seeing my face, he calmed down.

“It’s OK, it’s OK. Look at Mummy’s face and think of what you want to do after this.”

“Do I get a present?” The smart aleck. Even the paed and nurses laughed when he said that.

“Let’s see. Remember I said that we only get presents for Christmas and birthdays?”

He nodded.

“Where do you want to go for lunch?”

“I want to eat in the hospital.” He loves the hospital food, which actually serves Chinese-style porridge.

This made the paed laugh again, “Oh, you like to eat in the hospital? What do you like to eat?”

“Porridge, tau foo, vegetables and orange juice!”

“Wow, that’s very healthy. Good for you! Ok, that’s it, we are all done. You are a very brave boy.” the paed said.

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“Is it over, Mummy?” I looked at the paed and she smiled. Both of us were surprised at how fast it was – talking to him really helped!

On our way out of the hospital a while later, he whispered to me,

“I’m not very brave, Mummy. Only just a bit brave.”

Poor kid. I think he was trying to tell me that he was frightened. I gave him a kiss and whispered back, “You were very, very, brave! It’s okay to be scared, alright?”

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RESULTS: Allergic to egg white, dust and food colouring/dye. No allergy to clams or shellfish!

We are quite perplexed with the results because he’d shown a pattern of hives / rash *almost* every time we eat at Japanese restaurants or anything with dried scallops in it.

The strangest allergy episode was to Del Monte and Hunt’s spaghetti sauce.

Anyway, I am boosting his immune system with natural, unprocessed foods and monitoring his diet carefully.

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