February 19, 2020

Academies – A Glimpse

“Education is what we remember, once we forget what we were taught”

To cultivate the growth of a nation in intellect, education is the most important tool.  Schools, of course, play a significant role as apparently the strength of a personality depends on fundamental education, which teaches us tolerance, compassion and humanity. We see people around us estranged in many difficulties and as a society we need to help them out but oblivious of our surroundings, we remain indifferent. The ultimate goal of life has become ‘money’, and I believe, somehow, our system of education is to be blamed.

Education has lost its true meaning. It is taught us that we are learning just to earn a pretty job. It remains true, but certainly not always, that the building of one’s career stands on the foundations of the degree pursued but, invariably, the true objective of education is to make what is essentially an animal, a human being. The perspective with which a learned person views day to day affairs and even the trifling ones is positively distinguished from the one who has no education.

Education, no doubt, is alarmingly turning into a business. Academies, aka coaching centers, running at every second doorstep in any street are business cum educational institutes. They have become compellingly mandatory for a student, since the schools and colleges, which are truly meant for completing the session and syllabus each year, do not accomplish their jobs. Schools have in fact no excuse to be blamed, however, colleges start quite late each year and the delay is caused by the overdue declaration of matriculation result. But at the same moment we see heavily charging private colleges doing the need full in the equal, limited time span. Nonetheless the syllabus coverage and acquiring good grades have turned quite problematic in the current world of fierce competition. Going to the academies and running them might not be an offence but keeping a student from – creativity and mental growth is a savage crime. What can you say apart from ”You’ve got to be joking?”, when a second year student standing in the courtyard of his academy, witnessing and admiring the sight of a dramatic lunar eclipse breaks out all of a sudden, ”What’s a moon eclipse? How does this happen?”. It is indeed a threat to the true essence of teaching and learning both, when a student who is just at the door step of his professional education cannot recall primary school stuff. Furthermore as a result of the propagation of the same thought of becoming an affluent overnight, for which the academies are working quite hard, the problem of ‘brain drain’ remains a constant alarm. The induction of native top skilled professionals in developmental projects can be of great benefit, adding to the pride of the nation. However our country faces a progress gap due to the absence of a great number of them.

The students of today have also become ignorant of their manners towards a teacher. Respect is word which gets deleted from a student’s dictionary as soon as his parents start to pay heavy dues at an academy, where he sees his teachers as his servants, since his complaints against them are heeded fervently.

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Academies are doing the so-called noble deed of syllabus coverage, however, depriving a student of all the activities and then spreading the pessimism that ‘losing a single mark would push you to eternal failure, and in turn with it, unemployment’, may not be appealing traits but appalling. And the most dangerous situation occurs when you are told in a quite pretentious tone, “Your College teachers are guiding you wrong, follow us! We know the path to your success”. Cultivation of such primitive thoughts must be discouraged. A professor having an experience of almost fifteen years or more cannot be obnoxiously denied by an academy teacher, who is not even a lecturer at any recognized institute.

The list of the demerits of academy culture goes on and on whilst it is also easily imaginable that how is the everyday social life of a student devastated when he gets deserted by a duty from eight in the morning till nine at night.

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The ownership for such issues at official level has never been seen. And how could it be, when a unified education system for all, is not present. Education is provided here discriminating on the basis of class. Every office wants some other office held responsible for the duties of public service as this. For example, a new amendment in the name of revolution was introduced and then implemented which divided the education department each to its province. This fuels provincialism while the necessary unidirectional movement of a nation is dependent on the mental approach of the new generation, which can only be molded through central system of education.

Arguments upon such discussions conclude to the only inevitable: The passion of learning and in connection to it, of teaching, needs to be revived among us.

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