March 18, 2020

7 Common Website Mistakes that Makes you Lose Customers

Your website is your 24 hours per day salesperson.  But like a bad sales person your website can make you lose potential customers instead of converting these prospects to sales.  Here are 7 things you should be aware of to avoid losing potential customers.

  • Slow Loading Website
  • Although most internet users have high speed internet connections today, still a great percentage is accessing internet via 256 KBPS slow connection. You must always keep this in mind while developing your website. While building your website, try to avoid using heavy graphic files. Also, make sure that your website code is optimized if you’re doing database access with your site.  You should have a website that can deliver information fast and at a constant and instantaneous rate. People do not have time or patience to wait while your website loads. You only have a few seconds to show your value so let’s not waste it. If your website loads slowly it will cost you potential customers.  These customers will leave your site to visit your competitor’s site and give them business that could have been yours.

    2.  Ambiguous Navigation System

    No one has time to figure out how to navigate your website.  You should have an easy to use navigation system for your pages.  If your website has a complicated menu bar, many people will not like it and will not visit your site again. Make your visitors comfortable by having many pages and interlinking them in a logical way. Your website should be easy to explore for all the visitors.

    3.Low Quality Content

    People log online to seek information they need.  If your website contains unique and high quality content, it will provide a reason for people to choose your website over million other similar website. They will also share links to your site with other friends and colleagues who they believe will benefit from your content which will bring more traffic to your website.  People will not visit your website again if it does not contain valuable, unique and useful information.

    4.Lack of Proper Keywords

    Keywords are the real key to drive traffic to your website. Keywords are those terms which people search on when they are looking for some information. If you do not know how to use the right keywords for your target audience, you will not be able to attract your audience to your website. Moreover you can rank your website higher in searches by using the correct keywords.  So you should have a good understanding of keywords used by your customers to find you and integrated this with your website.

    5.Not Recognizing Your Target Audience

    Understanding your audience needs is key to targeting your audience.  Take the time to research your targeted customers and understand their need, wants, and requirements.  Your marketing strategies and offers should be targeted towards acquiring customers based on your target audience needs.  If you do not understand your target audience and their needs all your marketing plans and strategies will be wasted.

    6.Lack of Focus

    Focus of a website content and offering is a key for web designers when they design a website. It is easier to focus on a single topic rather than two or more topics. If your website focuses on several, unrelated topics, it will confuse your potential customers and drive away your visitors.

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    7.Not Monitoring Social Media

    Today people are using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter to communicate with you for their complaints, suggestions and inquiries. If you are not monitoring these social media websites properly, you will lose website traffic and could damage your online reputation.  You must include ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons on your website to make it easy for visitors to share your content with their network on social media sites.

    As your 24 hour salesperson your website needs to be in top shape.  Avoid the above mistakes and this will take you further along the way to building an online audience with the ability to convert this audience into sales for your business.

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    Rohan Hall is the author of Stop Working, a book that teaches entrepreneurs how to use technology and partnerships to build a global businesses. He is the founder and CEO of Cool Mojito a social media company, and rSitez a leading provider of social networking software. He blogs at

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