February 22, 2020

15 reasons how school has failed its students

Points to note…

Although modern parents are inclined towards sending their kids to schools/colleges/universities to get “better education” than themselves did, they have forgotten what true freedom and values are. The fault in part isn’t theirs’ simply because they were born in a century of decadence and enslavement, failing however to rise up against modern slavery and its education systems; i.e. school, they have done a great disservice to humanity as a whole.

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I can expand on the list of 15 and give you many more reasons of how spectacularly the school has failed its students in providing quality education and knowledge that they could have used to become better world citizens and free thinkers, but I choose to focus on 15 core ones which serve as a baseline for many other directly/indirectly related reasons.

Aside from the eager parents wanting quality education for their children, the school itself has literally capitalized on the opportunity to pounce on innocent mold-able minds who don’t know any better…

Here are the 15 reasons:

1) Modern institutions are about “cashing in” the valuable assets in time: providing an illusion of education.

We all have heard the horrific tales of how institutions have leveraged their position in the society to take advantage of people and their children wanting to get a better education by raising fees, kicking out late payers/non-payers alike, and working closely with other corporations to rip parents and their children off of their money.

Sadly, all of those horrific stories about our schools are true. The deans/principals have leveraged their position in the society by doing one of the two things:

  1. They themselves went through a traumatizing schooling experience so they decided they needed to torture others to satisfy their demons.
  2. They are highly delusional about the level of their own education and hence have great hubris in the matters of educating other people’s children in a manner that ‘entitles’ them to YOUR money.

Most All education centers have taken a new approach in milking the cash cow that is the modern society. And instead of providing quality education to its students, it simply cashes them in [FOR YEARS by the way] by organizing events that are completely unrelated to the education being provided (excluding some field trips) a fine example of this is when a teacher/professor/”educator” is given money for their time in advance and all they do is give students a ‘movie day’ in return. That is a high level of disrespect for people and humanity in general.

2) Teachers/Professors show up because they are getting ‘income’ per lecture

And even when they are taking their days off in the middle of school year! The whole point of being an educator is to provide quality education to students in the light of the educator’s own experiences and dilemmas in life. Instead of taking humanity seriously, they take their paycheck to be their ‘God’ that comes around once a month to feed their own luxurious lifestyle.

Classical educators lived off of the money that was given to them by the students themselves, they were hand-picked by people who knew something about their background. Granted they also charged their students per lecture, but the charges incurred at the beginning of the lecture – effectively binding the teacher to give full attention to their students at all times. Also, they taught in their own homes or in a community building.

Modern educators couldn’t care less about your attendance (except in the case of junior schools where they check attendance to make sure the student wasn’t kidnapped or anything).

3) Teachers at retiring age don’t retire even though they can’t teach anymore

This is a big one. There are many professors in colleges and universities who are over the age of retirement yet they cannot retire because they would stop earning for their family due to recession and a broken economy. The schools either don’t care or can’t pay them their pensions due to cuts and budgeting; in the end, they are left with very little choice in their next step forward. Some choose not to retire because they love being a teacher, but most really don’t care about their students getting the attention they need and deserve.

The system is effectively setup against both teachers and students as to not afford them any advantages, or the monopoly over, education itself.

Humans start degrading after a point in their lives which puts the future of humanity at risk when given into the hands of an 80-year-old who can’t even stand or hear their student properly. It all goes to show how little the system (and to a very large extent the teachers) only care about filling their own pockets instead of fighting for their right to survive (by providing quality education).

4) Colleges/Universities are showing signs of assimilating into conglomerates…

Classrooms are actually becoming billboards for many soul-sucking corporations to lure in the sucker who will give his/her money to them in exchange for a dangle of a false promise for a future and a “job” in this horrendous job market.

Every company and/or business (small or large) are feeling the effects of illegal Atlantic wars in the Middle East. The entire North American economy has taken the shape of a bubble ready to burst at any second, yet these “institutions” are continuously suckering their students into illusions of grandeur and a “bright future.” Despite knowing the fact that more than 80% of their graduates might never even get to start their career with any company at all!

This is happening all the while they are ripping us off of our money untiringly, sending each and every one of us who has gone through their education system into a never-ending abyss of incredible crushing debt and robbed of our sanity.

Not only are colleges/universities organizing such events at their premises, they are doing so with full knowledge of what’s to come for their students, that’s why they are cashing in while they still can, so when the entire status quo goes belly up, they would be able to live comfortable lives while all the other peasants stumble around in the dark trying to make ends meet.

5) Grades are hard-pressed upon a student who isn’t very good at that subject in the first place

This is especially true when it comes to mathematics and sciences. Most students aren’t very well acquainted with the taught subjects. Those who are getting hyper GPA (over 4.3) are the ones who already have some sort of advantage coming from a background where they already had the knowledge being taught, or they were test takers in their country of birth, hence going into a state of being “hyper sheep” to support the system: these are the ones who are taking over all the jobs so fast in the first place.

But for a student who was never made aware of the universe around him/her by his/her parents (or otherwise) is at a distinguishable disadvantage. These types of students need special care by first sending them off to institutions where all these subjects are taught in detail from conception, but of course there is no money in that and who cares about a “handicapped” human being after all?

After being labelled an idiot and lethargic, this type of student is typically sent to community college or factories to work in. Causing severe depression, trauma, and years of rehabilitation that this person would have to go through all the while being milked even more before dying off silently in a corner.

6) A student is bad if he/she doesn’t behave a certain way

This is the ultimate form of absolute disservice done to some very brilliant minds. I happen to know this because I was labelled a brilliant mind by my peers and teachers alike, but when I would do something a certain way alien to them, they would just turn around and shun me as if I had done something bad/wrong.

The result is again severe depression and lack of self-confidence. Situation for these types of people is so dire and so very sad that most of them will never get to be something they could have been or wanted to be had it not been for the school that tried so hard to fight with their free spirit (their inner nature) to make them into obedient slaves.

If they really luck-out and their parents are smart enough to support them in their areas of interest, then either they become brilliant entrepreneurs or join the military to fight for the defense of their people and country; becoming experienced veterans who always lead the “girly men” (to be a bit more cliche) from the front in civilian industries. Orphans aren’t at a disadvantage here, they need more support from the society, but even without it they can do wonders.

7) No special attention is given to those students who display a special talent

I have never been able to understand why this is, but my working theory is that the teacher who sees this is leading a very unfulfilled life and upon witnessing greatness, shoots it down to satisfy his/her own ego; just because he/she wasn’t able to do what he/she wanted, means that others don’t get to do it either.

A perfect example of this is my music teacher from grade school (not naming him). He would consistently shoot down so many students who “showed promise” of being great musicians one day. Being extremely pissed off at him, I wrote and played a guitar tune that blew his mind off, but the jackass only said “hmm, it’s okay…” only to be found out later that this asshole ripped off my tune and played it as a showcase for an event later in the school year. To a satisfying end however, his computer was found with pornographic images which led to his eventual arrest and defaming.

These are the types of monsters students are facing in schools today: narcissistic, self-serving, jealous mongrels hell-bent on doing “one up” on anyone even remotely showing promise and talent.

8) Teachers expect to teach “everything” to their students

From admission to graduation, a student is seen as a molding clay for these people to be shaped into carbon copies of themselves. Though an educator a couple of centuries ago would encourage and nurture their students’ ability to grow and exhibit their own personalities, today’s teachers are absolute narcissists thinking that they are the sole fount of knowledge and progression.

Seeing this, home-schooled people turn out a hundred times better and more knowledgeable than these so-called “founts of knowledge” in the modern era. They have better command of their language, values, and personality; they also know exactly what they want to do in life compared to a shadow that we call “college/uni grade.”

9) Has become a propaganda house for the policy makers

If you don’t believe me, go ask your child what he/she thinks about global warming and you will have your answer. This planet is more than capable of healing itself, and has seen ice ages and droughts alike for millennia! What makes the taxman think that just because he/she want to impose a carbon tax on everyone, makes it “okay” for them to lie and deceive everyone about something as trivial as “global warming”?

These students are also taught that somehow being unique or multifaceted is wrong and should be absconded from their lives. They would be suspended for even the most trivial of things such as questioning the school’s policy of teaching a curriculum based on untrue and untested theories!

Things have already gone too far…

10) Are “teaching” children/adults to hate themselves

By effectively ignoring a student’s talent(s) or way of doing things, they are already sending a subtle message that “you should hate yourself for not listening to me! I am your master and you shall now hate yourself for the rest of your life!”

Parents are thrown in the mix when they are told that their child is “bad” for displaying a sense of freedom or having free thoughts in their minds! If that isn’t taught-self-hatred I don’t know what is?! A distinct quality of humanity is being forcibly eradicated and in its place, self-loathing and school shootings are being promoted as part of a sickening culture.

11) Destroying the sacred culture of family and values

Education centers are now promoting something called “secular education”…since when did education become secular? A very sinister ideology is at work here which is trying to discredit family and/or lifestyle values (sometimes known as “religious” values) and choices. Personal beliefs and family standings are being thrown under the bus as if having them makes you biased towards another idea or concept.

Sure, some people are bigoted racists and religious fanatics, but a vast majority of people having family values aren’t very fanatical in the first place! And mocking these values is promoting a culture of violence that is now impossible to reverse thanks to violent video games and mainstream media.

12) Spreading intolerance and hatred towards a certain behavior and/or outlook

It is said that need is the mother of invention. I want to add to that by saying “progression is the sister of invention”…we have seen repeatedly in history that spreading intolerance and hatred towards a certain behavior or outlook of a group/person/ideology only backfires on the person spreading the hate, whereas those victims who listened to this hatemonger feel betrayed and robbed of their future in the aftermath; eventually coming to grips with the realization that they have wasted their time and future chasing their tail, whereas the progressive behavior would have saved both for them.

That hatemonger instinct has now penetrated in the deeper levels of the school system. Often people are led to believe or feel a certain way towards a behavior alien to their own. Even an idea resembling of the behavior is shunned and detested. In the end, I am sure that people will eventually realize how monstrous of a disservice the school and themselves have done to their future.

13) Spreading the idea that defending one’s self in times of need is bad

This is self-explanatory. Guns, knives, nuclear bombs, and technology act as a deterrent towards mentally ill retards wanting to kill everyone around them. More so, a woman fearing for her chastity would lose it if not carrying at least a knife to fend off her attacker.

A man defending his family from murderers will get himself killed and later on his family if he isn’t carrying a 12 shot pump-action shot-gun (or the like)…

I can give here numerous examples of the real bastion and genius of humanity, but you get the point.

Switzerland has laws in place that requires a family to pass on a father’s battle riffle to his son before dying so that he can pass it on to his, this tradition is in place to make sure that its citizens are well armed and defended against any threats to their safety in case the law enforcement isn’t there to protect them.

Similarly, Pakistani society has always been a martial one at heart, its citizens boast a strong love for their guns and can fight off major threats to their country and safety. Recently, a law was passed in Peshawar (after 144 kids got brutally murdered in their own school) for teachers to carry a 9 mm Beretta pistol for defensive purposes.

Even in martial arts the first base covered is self-defense!

14) Using material for studies that will never be used in practical life

Material for studies such as complicated mathematics and algorithms sounds alluring in theory, but in practice, it isn’t very ‘practical’ at all. In fact, by the time you figure out the square root of double integral of Fourier rule, someone else would have made a fortune.

The current curriculum leads you on a fool’s errand that doesn’t really end even after your graduation. Purpose of knowledge is to make the person known of a certain aspect, issue, or idea and how to use it to better their life, but here, it’s just a dog chasing its own tail. Learning programming would infinitely make people’s lives better as compared to how big the solar system 4 million light years away from Earth is…

15) Pragmatism is slowly dying off

Part of being human is also being pragmatic in solving problems. If pragmatic approach was to die down, no one will be able to solve any real and dangerous problems by taking corrective action(s). This is literally disarmament of the mind.

And for the bonus one, since you’ve been a good sport and read all the other ones:

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16) Fresh content isn’t produced every year to ensure that teachers aren’t overburdened

Which they are by the way! They are so overburdened by their own family problems plus the snotty kids at school that they hardly get time to formulate responses to each one. They aren’t rotated on different part(s) of their job to keep the content fresh and interesting for students to absorb and formulate own thoughts off.

This isn’t particularly a long list [though it could be longer], but for the sake of time and readership experience I had to shorten this list to only 15ish reasons.

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A possible solution for all of this mess is for parents to insist on homeschooling their kids and for the current generation enrolled in colleges and universities to drop out and find their own entrepreneurial spirit. Younger students can also support their parents and learn everything at home including calculus and electronic systems analysis.

Though I am not sure if that day will ever arrive, one thing I am damn sure of is that I will give enough respect to my future children: give them the education and time they deserve to become world-class citizens.


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